HTC Optimized New Version of Sense to Boot Fast, Shown Off on Video


As much as HTC Sense users love their devices, there’s one thing you can’t deny: boot times on a Sense device are significantly longer than on other devices. HTC thankfully noticed that, as well, and they’ve optimized their boot process on the latest version of Sense – featured on the Desire Z and Desire HD – to chop it down to under 10 seconds every time (as we learned before). Here’s a quick video showing you the real deal on a Desire Z, and here’s my formal request to HTC to get this new version onto the rest of their devices. [Android Police]

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  1. This is great…….. will it see it on our current devices? Evo 2.2

  2. It’s not really booting from “off” though. It seems that the default “power off” on these phones is the equivalent of a hibernate mode in Windows. So if you run out of battery, you still have a long boot time.

  3. @Chris: you don’t really know that – depending on how they implemented power control and how much battery this hibernation needs. It’s possible that the 1% juice left in your device is enough to keep hibernation going for a while.

    A battery pull – that’s definitely going to result in a cold boot though.

  4. My question is “Can we boot to recovery with hibernation mode?”

  5. @Artem
    If it really is hibernation it shouldn’t use any power…

  6. It is most likely just Sense doing this, I believe this can come to any other Sense device… mainly because it isn’t the processor, it’s sense

  7. Am i right in saying

    Hibernate = Ram to rom. (back to ram on start up)

    Sleep = low power to keep whats in ram. (ready to power up again)

  8. If I could get rid of the Sprint 4G advertisement on my EVO, I could cut my boot time in half(I am guessing that is just a screen saver while it goes through the boot process and scans for service). Seriously, while this is cool, I only power off at night and boot from power off or hibernate or whatever it is once in the morning, I can give up the 30 seconds extra it currently takes. That is usually the time it takes me to walk downstairs to get my coffee anyway, so, I am using that time productively. the rest of the day I only put into sleep mode so it comes on instantly when I press the power button.

  9. I’m hearing XDA Forum Developers are hard at work getting this on rooted devices. Hopefully this will be updated on current HTC phones such as the EVO.

  10. Is this update coming to DInc?

  11. The feature shown off here has been referred to as “HTC Fast Boot” and people have been all over this since last Wednesday. Normal sleep modes in phones generally keep the radio on so you can receive calls and notifications. This seems to be more like a “hibernate” state, but still keeping the system in volatile memory.

  12. Did I just see “HTC” and “optimize” in the same sentence? I recently upgraded to CyanogenMod 6 on my HTC Hero. I’m so glad I did because the old verions of Android with Sense were just WAY too slow. I dont know if it was Android 2.1 or Sense (or both) but it was just unbearable. Now that I’m Sense-less (lol) I don’t ever want to go back.

  13. Do we have any idea yet as to what this special hibernate /sleep mode is going to do to battery life, as the Desire HD does not have a 12500Mah batery like the Evo 4g, and I am wondering if this new mode of being always on is just going to make the phone eat up battery like there is not tomorrow.

  14. Is it just me or does there have to be a Cyanogen troll in every single thread about Sense. We get it. You love CyanogenMod. I am happy they are here and they do a lot of great work. They bring new versions of Android to handsets that otherwise would not get them. I’m happy they are here. I’m not blasting them at all, but every time somebody writes something about Sense here comes a comment about how CyanogenMod is so much better. Some people love Sense. I don’t need my phone to best everybody in benchmark scores and I am perfectly happy with the way it works. Everybody is entitled to their way of thinking, but I for one would rather have Sense.

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