Adobe Flash Updated for Second Time this Week



It’s only been a few days since Adobe issued a critical update for their Flash Player for Android to patch a pretty major security hole, but something must have not been sitting right in that version as a new update has just landed in the market. The changelog for version isn’t known yet, but the assumption is that it is tidying up a few loose ends left after Adobe quickly pushed the first update to save face after the security exploit was initially revealed.

If you already have Flash player installed you should get a notification to update, but as that can sometimes be delayed its best you head over to the Market yourself if you want the update right away.

[via Android Community]

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  1. make the youtube controls usable first.

  2. This is to be expected as there is still some work to be done on this platform.

  3. Works great for me. My advice is to turn off background data and auto sync before using the flashplayer, it will run much smoother. Droid1, BBV.4 soon to be BBv.05, once I I have time to install the new Rom from Pete Alphonso! Thanks Pete!

  4. I hope they fix the problem with videos on The Daily show website, video quality is good but the sound is in super slow mo speed and it’s unwatchable.

  5. Welcome to the wonderful world of Adobe. If it’s a day that ends in “y”, there’s a new security hole in Flash.

    Apple is wrong to cripple their platform and disallow unauthorized apps (including Flash), but they’re right that Flash sucks so bad it’s more of a liability than a benefit. Android users should proudly use their freedom to refuse to use Flash.

  6. I’ve got .95. and I can’t play ESPN videos

    other websites are fine…espn…notsofine

  7. ahhhh….I see now….I had 95.1 there is a 95.2 out.

    I’ll see if it fixes the espn issue

  8. 95.2 does not fix the espn issue

  9. If only adobe and Google can fix the problem I have when I browse to a flash site and then back to my home screen and my icons disappear for 15secs. If only

  10. yeah matt~~~thing is buggy for sure! maybe why jobs was not going to mess with it in the first place… seriously though still better than not having flash at all!

  11. @matt-thank God!!! I thought my phone was broken or I was just a psycho. I’m the only one I knew who couldn’t play ESPN vids, they used to work fine. This blows

  12. As long as no one starts bombing Adobe for security problems, as if there is a such thing as a secure system.

  13. My flashplayer plays espn videos just fine no lag no issues HTC Evo 2.2 not rooted running current version of flash

  14. what about ability to move to SD? I had to uninstall before.

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