Motorola Team Already Hard at Work on Update to Fix Messaging Issues in Droid X Froyo Update



The Motorola Droid X was updated to Android 2.2 and the world rejoiced. Rejoiced until the bugs started showing up, that is. One of the most glaring issues that many users have been experiencing involves the ordering of incoming and outgoing text messages. Instead of displaying messages from the top down in order of latest sent and received, texts remain static in the position they first appeared on the list. Compounding this issue are reports of intermittent SMS notifications. There is a developing thread over at the Motorola support forums that details the issue further, and it looks like Motorola heard the moans of X owners as a response has been issued on third page of the thread that a fix is already in the works.

Of course, there is no further information available other than that Moto’s engineering team has isolated the issue and devised a fix. When that fix will be available via update isn’t known at this time.

Have any DX users out there experience this text messaging issue? Sound off in the comments below.

[via Motorola Support Forums]

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  1. I’ve been getting the notifications in the top bar pretty consistently but sometimes my new message threads aren’t at the top. Not really worrisome to me!

  2. and this is precisely why the manufacturers and the carriers need to stop effing with Android… FroYo works GREAT on its own – add MotoBlur, Sense, etc… and it gets all mucked up…

  3. We have 4 and those that have upgraded (2) have this issue. I am glad Moto is reading their own forums for feedback. It annoying to have to scroll to read the latest incoming txt.

  4. unlock the bootloader and void our warranties. otherwise, i won’t buy another moto android phone.

  5. Mine is going back to Verizon this weekend. Keeps locking up after the update…….have had to remove the battery 3 time so far today.

  6. Having problems loading my music and my camera doesnt work. Help please. CX

  7. Let’s hope you will get fixes sooner than us, Europeans for random music playing, nonworking alarm and random reboots (it took them 5 months).

  8. I use handcent. I have no issues.

  9. @chaos you are an idiot. we have had a method of unlocking the boot loader for months. the locked boot loader is not an issue anymore.

  10. I switched from my iPhone back to Verizon. Data is slow and unreliable. Starting to regret the move although the phone call aspect is perfect. I assume the Droid X is to blame?

  11. So far my DroidX 2.2 update has been a disaster. Gmail has been super slow (like 5 sometimes 10 seconds) to load, same for Talk. ChompSMS has some weird timestamp text issues which I believe is related to this story (tho standard X text messaging does not have the timestamp issue). So, i have reformatted and have experienced a nice boost in speed but still. 2.2 has not been seemless as of yet!

  12. P.S. the buggy Froyo update isn’t making things better (experiencing the messaging issue along with browser problems). I have a replacement on the way that I am thinking about selling. What to do?

  13. Hope they can also fix the emails with attachments that state: cannot be viewed.

  14. “unlock the bootloader and void our warranties. otherwise, i won’t buy another moto android phone.”

    Really? Do you do a search for “Motorola Android Droid” and come post more emohackerrage about how Motorola is so evil that they wont let you turn your phone into a digital spork?

    You have anything worth while to comment about the topic or are you just here to gripe about something that Motorola isn’t ever going to fix because xda hackers represent less than 5% of consumers.

    Personally, I’m having issues with SMS’s not being sent properly. Hopefully we get a fix soon and this shows Moto why they should just leave Android alone and put Blur out to pasture.

  15. no texting issues yet and I’ve been hitting it pretty hard since the update.

  16. @Tad,
    that’s precisely my point. i don’t want to wait for motorola to fix such a small issue. but thanks for playing.

  17. @tad QFT very well said.

  18. looks like i’m getting double on the recv end / one with the correct time/date another backstamped 4 hrs….

  19. I want the green android men smiley faces too! Really bad!!!! Yes, I use handcent, but it doesn’t have the green droid men. All the other droids have the green droid men; I feel so left out and they are so much cooler!

  20. @chaos
    Then you have a plethora of options in the SMS application market in which you could go invest yourself.

  21. Only thing I noticed was a few messages that took a half hour to come through but not sure if that is a bug or just a network issue.

  22. @tad
    take it easy bro; you’re the one having the problems with sms lol. i’m a gv user.

  23. Is anyone else having issues with sms thumbnails not matching what they are in you contacts? I have OCD and that’s killing me. I think I hate the out of order of messages more though.

  24. I use handcent as well no issues with sms. I was not happy about the swype keyboard change though.

  25. @chaos, loser is more like it!

  26. @chaos-apparently Tad was spot on in the first place, your just here trolling.

    Seriously, if your not going to add to the discussion (on topic) go away.

    As to the texting issue. I’ve started crankin out multiple text sessions at this point and still no bug…maybe I dodged a bullet.

  27. Use Chomp on my Droid X, slight issue for awhile with the order of sms messages in the log, but they seemed to have resolved themselves. Had widget and Marketplace problems, did a factory reset, and all seems fine now.

  28. i think basically the sms issue has been there since the very first android… i had a european htc hero (android 1.6), same problem. i dont know if they got it fixed it yet in the later versions of android… so its bound to resurface…

  29. Give the Milestone 2.2 you worthless bastards. Fulfill the commitments you already made to us before starting new projects. After 2.2, I’ll never ask you for another thing. Especially when it comes time to buy a new phone. You aren’t even going to get a consideration.

  30. Texts delete but threads don’t.

  31. How about fixing the motoblur issue with the contacts app not supporting your google contact groups..?

  32. I have not had sms problems, but my DX is far more touchy with gyro sensor after 2.2 update. It is ALWAYS shifting from portrait to landscape when I first unclick it from holster. Also, why does Moto phone dialer not search contacts by name when typing on dialer keypad. EVERY other smartphone out there does this. Reason enough to get a galaxy or wait for HTC Desire HD. Hate Bing, though!

  33. WELL THERE’S YOUR PROBLEM! (Shows motorola’s M logo, points, laughs) haven’t you nerds heard? It’s Epic/Evo or gtfo. Best network in terms of value, shares Verizon towers so please stfu about coverage. Oh, and Samsung and HTC know that when we pay $200 plus for a device, we’d like to do what we please. Too bad so sad Motorola. 5% is STILL numbers, and they’re dwindling.

  34. they should be working hard at getting the 2.1 update for the cliq

  35. 2.2 since the first night, no problems here and i’ve been doing quite a bit of messaging

  36. This has been around since the initial FROYO leak about a month ago…

  37. No problems im using Google Voice, screw verizon and there 20 dollar texting plan =)

  38. @Rob, um yeah they share towers but can’t get 3g so kiss fast data speed goodbye. For voice that may be good but nothing to brag about. Yes HTC isn’t locking their bootloaders and that is great but the X is superior to the EVO in many ways regardless:

    -More internal memory. Yes I know there is apps-to-SD but it’s still a pain compared to 8 gigs dedicated.

    -Better screen with a higher pixel count and color dept.

    -Much easier to live with Blur in the background while running a different launcher than Sense – a memory hog (yes I’ve had to setup several EVOs for corporate email and they were all bogged down by sense). Plus sense isn’t needed when there’s a treasure trove of good mostly free apps in the Market. Don’t get me wrong, Blur is crap too but at least it’s not heavily entrenched in the OS.

    -Better battery management and definitely longer battery life.

    -Better video quality.

    -Overall a tougher phone with better build quality. The EVO feels and looks cheap by comparison.

    -No FF camera but who uses that anyway? Right – no one as of yet.

    Sorry, but I’ll stick with my Moto and its locked bootloader. When HTC steps up their quality on don’t skimp on features, maybe I’ll give them a second look.

  39. Moto should really roll out 2.1 or 2.2 update for the cliq and cliq xt. They are really letting a lot of costumers down.

  40. A couple of tips to help out. I have a Dinc and was having similar issues with text as well as even worse battery life than the incredible is notorious for. I did a factory reset and all seems back to normal. I would suggest backing up everything so a refresh is not as painful as mine has been but when discussing the overall issues this should help. I noticed that Mike mentioned it earlier but thought it may have been overlooked. I do realize my phone is not the same and you may have different results but other incredible users experienced similar issues with their update to 2.2. Hope this helps!

  41. So I’m officially fed up with Motorola. I had bugs in my phone before 2.2, but I still didn’t have anything that was serious enough to take away from my enjoyment from the device. Then I started getting frustrated with the delay for the update. Then the update arrives and ruins my phone! Seriously! It’s slower, it has more bugs, I have to restart it for things to work, I have to battery pull because it freezes, I ripped the pull tab because it doesnt help in getting the battery out and I pulled it too hard–finally got the battery out. I have too many bugs to mention, I’m going to verizon tomorrow morning.

  42. Motorola seem mildy incompetent when it comes to firmware – they often need to ‘patch’ it a few days after a final release. If you couple this with the locked bootloader policy, it makes their devices more risky that those of say, HTC.

  43. I have a Droid X I picked up on opening day. It had always been running stock 2.1 until the 2.2 update. I have noticed the issue of mixing up the order of incoming and outgoing but I definitely get all my notifications right away.

  44. my phone rebooted 2 days after the 2.2 update. that wasn’t fixed from 2.1! they need to fix that!

  45. @Tom: few days ? Hm… Tell that to us, UK Motorola Milestone owners. Reboots from April 2010 till September 2010. Few days :).

  46. @F. Augusztin, I was being generous :-) I AM a UK Milestone owner but I am aware that Motorola only really care for the US users, which kind of explains why they don’t really do well outside the USA. Droid users get their fixup firmware a week later, Milestone owners get it a few months later.

  47. I use Handcent – no text issues. However, a couple of things continue to tick me off …

    How ’bout turning off the screen when you listen to voice mails? My ear is constant taking control of my phone – come on, Motorola, the screen should be turned off any time voice functions are working and the proximity sensor detect something.

    Last one … geez! Will you guys (Motorola/Google) do something about MMS! I am so sick of only being able to send or post horizontal pics! The phone has an orientation sensor, use it!

  48. @non americans.

    the reason moto is coddling verizon is, it’s 45% owned by vodafone.

    if they bend over backwards and fix the droids asap vodafone might buy some of their hardware in other places.

    normal marketing strategy.

    i’ve given up on my cliqXT ever getting updated and am pretty happy wallowing in 1.5.

    because i’m vehicle centric i’m going to go with a plain vanilla phone for calling and a samsung TAB for the heavy lifting.

    perhaps even wait s’more and get a 3.0 tablet as they are on the way.

  49. Cool…maybe they’ll fix this
    I swear though…this is my last Moto phone. They’re lucky i got this one for free! The locked boot loader, bloat, this shit…..i just can’t take their products any longer.

  50. @Rob:

    “Oh, and Samsung and HTC know that when we pay $200 plus for a device, we’d like to do what we please.”

    Considering Samsung had to fix the GPS bug on the Captivate, I wouldn’t really call that doing what I want either.

  51. The only issues I’m having is ever since the update I haven’t been able to listen to the music on my phone, and everytime I try to visit YouTube.com or watch any sort of movie on it, it says it cannot play that file. It’s very frustrating. Also any new camera images I take don’t show up since the update. Texting hasn’t been a problem, but these other screws seem to be. And I’m using the basic programs that came with it. Grrr.

  52. But why is only the texting being addressed?? I’ve been having issues with awnsering and making phone calls! Also my music app has been freezing and locking up my x like everyday. All since the froyo update

  53. Yeah, the sorting is a bit weird on the SMS. It sorts based on the latest outgoing. Not a big deal but annoying.

  54. again, give us access to third party roms. the droid x devs are smart enough to fix all these niggling issues moto can’t take care off.

  55. No SMS issues here. 2.2 since the day it released and loving my X with the help of Launcher Pro Plus and other top notch apps.

  56. Awesome, I just bought an X on Friday (coming in the mail next week). Glad to know I could have some small issues popping up.

  57. my music app is freezing too. Did cat log in adk – visuallization software seems to be spamming my phone.

  58. I have had a dX sence day 1 and only problems I have had (besides lacking knowledge to make it do what I want once in a while)
    is the wick was crap untill I got 2.2 and used static IP. Now I get wick 15 mbps and I connect from in my yard 100 ft away through 5 walls. So im now a happy peanut! DX ROCKS btw the x has”real hdmi” in the market. It blows the evo away in cpu, gpu, screen, durability. And so much more! dX all the way.

  59. Correction* wick=wifi

  60. yeah i have been having problems with the texting/sms. I am not getting my text except for those on my contact list and even that not all of them. I am not getting text from twitter or chase mobile and they are both on my contact list. I hope moto come out with their update soon. I tis very important that I get my text. grrr this really sucks/ please let me know via email when the udate for the texting/sms comes out thanks!

  61. oh btw just to let u all know if u don’t know, verizon has a promotion going on right now for socal residents. unlimited nationwide calong and texting for $69.99 for single lines only. I need to go to verizon and get my family plan taken off for my 2 lines. Its cheaper to do both lines separately.

  62. My iPhone has never let me down. Sorry you guys are having problems. An Apple a day…….

  63. The only issue I have noticed is I have had two random reboots. Other then that everything is great.

  64. Hey phanRoids….there’s a cream for that!! Lmfao


    Not that this has anything to do with the article at hand, but neither do most of these comments. Since the Sprint roaming was brought up, I am going to correct the person that doesn’t know what they are talking about.

    Sprint customers do get 3G coverage from MOST of Verizon’s towers. If you are out in the woods, it is only 1x. However, in and around towns of I’d say around 1,000 people or more, you do indeed get 3G coverage from Verizon’s towers. I’m in Arkansas. I hardly ever have to roam, because even here, I have Sprint coverage most everywhere I go. But, when I do roam, it is 3G 90% of the time. So, this crap about Sprint not getting 3G is just that, crap. Not that it really matters much, as I rarely ever need it, and there’s a 300MB/mo average over 6 months limit of 3G roaming data use. If you go over that, Sprint will warn you, then disconnect that line.

    Ok, now to John’s other mis-informed comments.

    – X has more internal memory than the EVO, yes. But, that
    is overkill. I have 70+apps installed on my EVO, and
    still have 303MB free for more.

    – Better Screen? Really? Have you compared them side by
    side? The differences can’t be seen by the naked eye.

    – Sense, a memory hog? Sense is the cleanest running
    ui out there. Sure, you could go Vanilla, but then you
    miss out on all that HTC gives you in Sense. If you
    decide to run an alt. launcher, all you have to do is
    clear Sense’s data, and it runs at like 48KB.

    – Better battery? Really? In case you haven’t heard, no
    smartphone with the capabilities of the X and EVO
    running a 1GH processor are going to have a battery that
    lasts all day with heavy use. I’ve tested the X against
    my EVO and saw no difference.

    – EVO looking and feeling cheap? Ummm, that’s a matter of
    opinion, not fact. I prefer the look of the EVO. What’s
    with that ugly tumor on the back of the X? Reminds me of
    the damn razr.

    – No, FF Camera, but who uses that anyway? Great way to
    excuse the lack of a feature, right before dissing HTC
    for skimping on features.

    – HTC Skimping on features? HTC phones, especially those
    running Sense provide more features of any other phone
    available. The new Sense provides even more.

    – Can the X connect to a 4G Network? I didn’t think so.
    Before you even say that oh, it’s not in enough places
    yet. It is in close to 60 markets already, with more
    coming by the end of the year. Verizon has ZERO markets
    covered now, with only 30 coming by the end of the year.
    The speed of WiMax is the same of LTE, before you start
    with that speed shit.

    That’s all for now.

  66. @Tim

    No, Sense is a memory hog. I have an Eris (waiting on the X in the mail) and it lags it down terribly. If I switch to running on Home, there’s a huge difference in how 1. my battery performs (a couple of more hours of life, give or take and depending on use) and 2. the performance of some of my apps (particularly games, but all of them run quicker). Sense is great, and I will miss it, but it’s a massive resource hog. It’s just not as noticeable on devices like the Incredible or EVO.

  67. Tim the fact that Sprit uses Verizons 3g as you say shows that Verizon is better the Sprint. And I don’t think Verizon would let that happen with out being payer…I mean that makes no sense Verizons out for the money aggressively

  68. I means I dont think Verizon would let sprint use there 3g without some kind of payment agreement. And its ok that you lovee your phone but-that does not make everything you say about it true going toe to with the X-and same goes with your Sprint love

  69. @Mensah: Sprint and Verizon have roaming agreements with eachother and do pay eachother for use of the other’s tower. Everything I said was true. Unless you can prove otherwise, please stfu. Hey, I said please.

    @Lewis: Sense is not just a launcher, it’s entrenched into the system and provides most of the phone’s function. It runs, even when you are running an alt. launcher. Menu>applications>manage applications will verify that for you.

  70. Even if you force close sense, it starts back. It’s not sense that slows the eris/hero down…it’s the processor.

  71. I’m just happy with my droid incredible. Honestly, its the best phone out there, the droid x and evo are huge, like mini ipads, and the epic and galaxy are Samsung, which Is not reliable. The incredible is the best phone there, especiallyafter the last update (2.2), wucg h enabled 3g mobile hotspot., and I can take 720p video now, Go incredible, droid x and evo sucks

  72. The screen should turn off when your listening to voice mails. I guess the proximity sensor is not being used.

    Phone seems sluggish at times. Swipes seem slow to react to the first finger slide.

    GPS does not seem as quick to get a good fix.

  73. @Tim

    I understand that much, but when I run “Home” as my default over “Sense”, the Eris runs a lot faster and the battery lasts longer. The processor sucks, sure, but Sense doesn’t help it.

  74. My messages get threaded with oldest on top, newest on bottom. Not the most annoying issue in the world, but it does mean I have to scroll down or clear my keyboard out of the way to see the latest message.
    Worse than that is that several of my sent messages sometimes show garbled text, mostly question marks, in place of the actual sent text. That makes me unsure of what actually got sent to the person I was messaging.

  75. @johnc42510 you are an idiot. we do not have had a method of unlocking the boot loader. the locked boot loader is just as locked as it always has been, and likely always will be.

  76. why is moto so hot to fix this yet they won’t even acknowledge the issue with the constant signal drop of the mobile hotspot? I was holding out hope that 2.2 would fix this. I have no idea if it’s being fixed. If I new the Incredible didn’t have this problem, I might switch.

  77. @Tim you know someone made a good point on here recently by saying that many people on here have no life outside of Phandroid and so this is why they have such a hard on about there little beliefs and so I wonder if you are one of these guys? Sure fit the description …but anyhey your a Sense lover so there is no point in putting up facts about it and such but as fare as Verizon vs Sprint well…test have been done time after time and only one stood on top signal wise…which one? Well you have a Google phone with sense right? Well to put this little birth argument here to rest why don’t you Google who is the biggest and badassest of the cellphone providers. But to save you alittle time it ain’t Sprint buddyboy

  78. And to think I was upset that my Droid X wasn’t able to pick up the Froyo update, even when I tried to force it. And I did for several days. Looks like for me, it’s a blessing in disguise that I still have 2.1

  79. Has the Froyo update on Droid X caused anybody else’s camera and camcorder to no longer function?

  80. Kevin I can’t lie there’s been some nutymess with my cam…perhaps its not just the new adaptors who suffer from the upgrade….

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