Motorola Milestone Now Available at Alltel



Alltel just got a second, though aging, Android handset to bolster their lineup which up until now only featured the HTC Hero. Just as reported, the Motorola Milestone has landed at Alltel stores bringing along the stock “Google Experience” and all the hardware that made the phone a huge success under the Motorola Droid branding. And what you will get is the same exact device, so if you are on Alltel and have been longing to get a piece of what was the first breakout Android device, now is your chance.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Better late than never I guess.

  2. Alltel is still around?

  3. alltel is owned by verizon i’m pretty sure. and doesnt have or sell any phones, and we try to switch them from alltel equipment to vzw equipment when they come in. i’m confused

  4. The majority of alltel was bought out but the fcc would not allow verizon to take over all markets so alltel is still around just in limited markets.

  5. I would gladly trade in my Incredible just to be back with Alltel. I had them for 8 great years, and now I’m stuck with Verizon and their douchebaggery!

  6. AT&T has purchased the remaining Alltel markets and is in the process of switching them now. Alltel should be completely gone by this time next year.

  7. Some of us in “divested” areas that got bought by ATN will remain Alltel for the next 28 years. At least that’s how long ATN was able to license the Alltel name for according to reports. Very limited markets though.

  8. There are certain areas where the FCC wouldn’t allow Verizon to take over Alltel and they had to sell Alltel to another company AT&T bought up most of the areas and a new company ATN bought up the rest.

  9. Alltel is still going to be around in 6 states. The 100+ markets that were excluded from the Verizon Market are either going to AT&T or a new network owned by ATNI, but has purchased the Alltel brand and rights for the next 28 years, and they plan on using the Alltel name. So, I’m proud to say I work for Alltel still, thank god. Alltel is still around. Just smaller.

  10. Finally, it’s up.

  11. “Milestone” and not “Droid?” So, this is going to have a locked bootloader? Or is it just a CDMA Droid with a different name?

  12. i just got this phone and it will not allow me to update to android 2.2, it says the device is unable to connect to the server. help me out if you know what’s wrong

  13. Does anybody know if Froyo will become available for alltel and the Milestone?

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