Sep 20th, 2010

That security hole that no one got fidgety over has been patched up by Adobe today. You can find the now-should-be-more-secure version in the Android market as version There’s really no changelog to be had as this is only a quick fix for that critical flaw. Some other bit of news might have squeaked out of Adobe’s camp, however, and it concerns AIR for Android. According to a tip by one of AC‘s forum members, Adobe AIR will be out October 8th in the Android market for users to download.


The email seems to have been sent to a developer as they’re letting AIR developers know in advance in order to ensure proper testing against their latest, near-final build. After they’ve finalized AIR and pushed it to the Android market, developers will be given the green light on uploading their cross-platform wonders. I sure can’t wait, can you?