Adobe Updates Flash For Android; AIR Coming October 8th?


That security hole that no one got fidgety over has been patched up by Adobe today. You can find the now-should-be-more-secure version in the Android market as version There’s really no changelog to be had as this is only a quick fix for that critical flaw. Some other bit of news might have squeaked out of Adobe’s camp, however, and it concerns AIR for Android. According to a tip by one of AC‘s forum members, Adobe AIR will be out October 8th in the Android market for users to download.


The email seems to have been sent to a developer as they’re letting AIR developers know in advance in order to ensure proper testing against their latest, near-final build. After they’ve finalized AIR and pushed it to the Android market, developers will be given the green light on uploading their cross-platform wonders. I sure can’t wait, can you?

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  1. Isn’t CTIA during that week? I can see it being announced during the trade show along with the official release of the G2.

  2. Install to SD, Adobe. For f’s sake.

  3. Air ?
    Why do I need that ?

  4. @going_home because there are going to be a ton of mobile apps written directly to Air, especially now that Adobe is working on their direct to iOS compiler. Why would a small shop ever take on supporting a separate app for every mobile os when they could write it once for air and have it run on iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, etc….

  5. I can no longer watch videos on, this is the only website on which ive ever used flash. Anybody else having this ridiculous problem? Espn is the only website i watch videos on so naturally its the only one that flash inexplicably stopped supporting. Ive tried everything, stock, rooted, radios, firmware versions, settings….flash hates me

  6. @Dave is flash like girls with you? Lol.just playing man I don’t know what’s up with that…I just wish it came out on the X already so I can talk about its problems…y0

  7. @going_home you need air to breathe…

    I bet you did’nt see that one coming.

    but for real, what @joe said. I have made a few apps in air. its a lot simpler for me in the hopes I can get it running on multiple platforms.

  8. I was watching MNF on Running soooo smooth on my Liquid (768MHz Snapdragon).

  9. Interesting, got my T-Mobile Froyo upgrade for my Desire over the weekend and it came with this very version of Flash. Clearly HTC included the update pretty quick.

  10. The mail I got (the exact same one) says, at the end:
    “As a reminder, all of you are under an NDA that prevents you from disclosing any of this information publicly.”

    Guess that’s it.

  11. @Joe

    The reason they probably don’t install to SD is I’m sure that most of the Flash is just one or two big *.so library binaries. According to the documentation, native libraries will never be installed to SD even if the app goes there – android still installs them to internal. So you probably wouldn’t save much space then anyway.


  12. espn suddenly stopped working for me too!!!! The best reason to have flash other than for porn is now broken. And WTF is up with adobe? There is no email address to ask questions, just a phone support option for $40. Does Adobe know that its 2010 and you have to at least provide minimal support if your product blows?

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