CyanogenMod 6 Update Bringing Support For More Devices


Team Douche might have been a bit quiet on their CM6 developments as of late, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been working. Steve Kondik – Cyanogen himself – updated us on their roadmap a few days ago and it looks like we’re jumping straight to a 6.1 release. He promises new features like touch-to-focus in the camcorder, the ability to dismiss notifications by swiping (woohoo!), overall improved performance, and more. Not only that, but their list of targeted devices has been updated to add the Acer Liquid, the HTC Wildfire, and the Samsung Vibrant (and the T-Mobile G2 is on their radar, though the device isn’t out so he can’t say for sure when they’ll get started on it. He also mentions other HTC phones as being on his radar, as well, so you can probably expect international offerings such as the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Desire Z.)


So there you have it! As we said during our Phandroid LIVE live podcast Tuesday night, the machine that CyanogenMod has grown to become is unbelievable and we wish them the best as they continue to bring the after-market AOSP goods to some of our favorite Android devices.

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    Maybe they can address the numerous bugs before working on adding “new features” or support for more phones. If they can’t support the ones they already released 6.0.0, then I have no idea how they will support even more devices.

  2. I heart you Cyanogen.

    And HUGE thanks to Koush for the development on the Incredible, amazing work.

  3. What wasn’t mentioned was apps2ext option. I downgraded back to CM5 just for that reason, and don’t really miss Flash in comparison to the massive amount of app storage I gained. It’s been stated that he was going to add that feature in 6.1 so I’m hoping it happens, just think it odd it wasn’t mentioned.

  4. Vibrant? Surely it’d be more efficient to write for the international version and then port from that?

  5. I use cm nightly on my nexus one and it works perfectly. some reboots here and there but is expected for bleeding edge alpha code. Have my vibrant in my drawer ready to load up cm as soon as it comes out.

  6. What about epic

  7. No x10 mini pro support??! :'(

  8. @j drake

  9. Does Vibrant support mean the thee GSes are coming soon? How about DX and D2? Good work in any case. I have the DInc on 6.0.2, nightlies literally can’t get past the lockscreen.

  10. @curiant

    they build for the devices they have. Someone on their team has a vibrant so thats their reasoning.

  11. Yay! Cant wait to see a nice Vibrant build on the market. Will be picking it up in a few weeks myself.

  12. What about galaxy 5? I really love it if cyanogen make a custom for this baby too

  13. @Curiant, There was a POLL conducted at Cyanogen/Galaxy S forum a few weeks ago in reference to which Samsung S should be the focus to receive CM6 next and the Vibrant won by long shot.

  14. Yeah dats right the muthafucking vibrant! Its funny how people that don’t help make these custom roms or even own the damn phone. Would sit they bitch ass down at a computer and ask why make a vibrant version. maybe because we supported his ass since the g1 days. And one of his team members “wes” have one. So if you mad he’s bring out a vibrant version, kick rocks bitch and worry about your own damn phone!

  15. @ #14. cwalker

    Wow, are you a groupie or what… Its not that serious, go outside and get some fresh air.

  16. @cwalker

    Is English your first Language? From the last time I checked they don’t owe us anything.

  17. Lol its so funny to me! English? it got to be if you understand it! uh I’m not in no class and I’m certainly not tryING to impress you fucks. But my point got across uh! LOL English 101

  18. @kizer bets believe if I give you some money… you going to give something back! really really think about that:) if not you wouldn’t want to know me..ok world peace and love. LOL

  19. @cwalker
    Aww, the retard is learning how to use a computer.

  20. Woohoo I finally rooted a few days ago when I saw the stable CM6 froyo rom available for my Sprint Hero. Ironically enough Sprint shortly thereafter released a “minor” update that is supposed to fix the dialer lag, which is one of the many things that drove me to finally rooting after months of frustration. I used to Universal Androot method, and I’m loving the speed and customization a whole lot more than I miss the sense UI!

  21. Wes Garner has made no decernable progress on this. So, I’m not holding my breath. I hope to see it available for the G2 though.

  22. @cwalker – lol, was that a reply to my question?

    “Its funny how people that don’t help make these custom roms or even own the damn phone. Would sit they bitch ass down at a computer and ask why make a vibrant version.” –

    Because I think it’d be more efficient to write a ROM for the base version, and then port to its derivatives rather than the other way round? You find that funny?

    “I’m not in no class” –
    Does that mean you are in class? Because if you’re not, then maybe you should start.

  23. Vibrant over epic? Really ? tmobile sux balls compared to sprint, plus epic is better than vibrant. Give us epic owners some love please

  24. so, if it supports the Vibrant… will it have a GPS fix? or do I have to restore my phone and wait for Samsung’s fix that may or may not ever materialize? It took an hour for my phone to lock on to GPS on Friday, very annoying b/c I was wandering an area I didn’t know and could have really used the help.

  25. Samsung promised us a GPS fix for the Vibrant sometime in September. September is almost over. Still no fix. I have been holding off on rooting because I wanted to see the Samsung GPS fix…along with the other bugs they plan on fixing. But if this update never comes, I’m rooting. And if I end up having to root my phone in order to make it run like it should, then I will never buy another Samsung phone again. Samsung fucked me with the terd they called Gravity, and now it appears they might be fucking me with the Vibrant. Don’t do it Sammy, don’t you fucking do it.

  26. It amazes me… how many times do people have to get screwed by Samsung before they stop buying their products. Promised upgrades that never materialize is par for the course with them…. Can you say Behold II? It was specifically marketed as “upgrade to Android 2.1 when it comes out”…. and then months later after we all were locked into contracts…. “Oops… sorry, just going to give you a Donut and nothing more.” Why the hell would anyone give Samsung another chance after they’ve burned their customers time and time again.

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