Dropbox Updates their Android App


dropboxDropbox is updating their mobile apps across the board, and the latest version for Android brings some welcomed enhancements to the already awesome cloud file-sharing app. According to the folks at Dropbox there are currently about 100 mobile apps that use Dropbox integration, but the new version for Android also includes the built-in ability to send files to Dropbox from other applications. Other new features include enhanced photo galleries and multi-photo upload support. A progress bar and notifications for uploads round out the bigger additions to the latest release.

If you aren’t using Dropbox, what are you waiting for? The infinite usefulness will instantly become known in both your work and home life. Dropbox has bailed me out more than once. Oh, and if you want to take a look at some of the apps built with the Dropbox API head over to


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  1. truly one of the must have application for any mobile smartphone!

  2. It must be getting hammered because three download has failed all morning.

  3. Geez, I’ve been trying to upgrade this since 7am and it’s now 2.40pm and I’m still getting a “download unsuccessful”. What’s up with their servers?

  4. Just wanted to let you know it seems it’s not working anywhere in at least Europe..
    Users/friends in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, UK and Holland all report the same issue..

  5. Dropbox has saved me a few times too.

  6. not working in usa too

  7. Download unsuccessful on incredible 2.2. Hope they fix it love this app

  8. i had to remove it from my phone. i couldn’t get any files on my PC from my phone app. Contacted the developer, but not answer yet.!!!

  9. Not working for me either. I’m in the US and I have the Droid Incredible.

  10. Not working here either on my Vibrant.

  11. go to and download and install the .apk from there.

    that should work

  12. i just started using drop box this morning, but the update is very nice since you can now upload multiple photos at once. that was my only frustration after about 5 minutes of playing around with drop box, having to add each photo individually.

  13. Downloaded fine for me, USA Tmobile N1

  14. Unable to download – CM6 D1 – just hangs

  15. Download wasn’t workin for me either. Grabbed the APK off their website, worked fine.

  16. I was eventually able to get it to load from the Market. Guess it was just really busy.

  17. Unable to install. Stuck on downloading.

  18. FYI for everyone who is having issues installing this!!!!!

    Check out this website: It gives a direct DL link because the market is having issues today.

    This comes straight from the Dropbox Forums!

  19. Anyone looking to sign up can get a 250MB storage bonus here:

  20. I went to the sight listed above on my X and Dinc with 2.2 and it works great. Thanks.

  21. By the way from my previous post on this issue I love the Android community. Lot of helpful people. I myself try to when I can. Thanks to all!!!

  22. Awful app, I’ve never managed to upload anything with that.and why the hell it can’t just upload files and requires third party apps for that? With all respect to Phandroid team, but this app is 100% crap!

  23. Aux is dead wrong.
    DB is one of the best apps out there.

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