Galaxy S Saying Hola To 2.2 Froyo Near Halloween?


Hopefully this isn’t a trick and is only a treat, but Samsung Mobile’s Facebook page in Spain has posted a status update saying that the Samsung Galaxy S will be getting Android 2.2 in late October. These releases are definitely regionally oriented so its impossible to know if all Galaxy S owners can expect the same, or if only certain pumpkin baskets and pillow cases will be filled with Android’s latest sweets.


Despite the fact that people speak to me in Spanish at least once a day… I cannot speak Spanish and have no clue what any of the above actually says. BUT, feel free to leave YOUR comments below, preferably in English, but I’m not picky- we’ll take what we can get.

[Facebook via Engadget]

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  1. You know i really wanted to get this phone this weekend but i think ill change my mind cuz if its taking them this much time to get froyo on it then i dont think theyll ever bring gingerbread or whatever on it…… to bad really like it, just gonna wait till the desire hd comes here if it actually does

  2. it saids, a lot of us are asking about the date of the galaxy s Froyo update, finally its going to be at the end of October via Samsung kies.

  3. Weren’t there “officially unofficial” comments last month that we’d be seeing it in September? I’ll believe it when my phone actually receives an update.

  4. hahahaha you aren’t missing anything, they are claiming the same as all galaxy S owners

  5. I just posted an update on another Galaxy S here on this site. The release is true for the base galaxy S as per my talk with a Samsung rep yesterday and at the end of October the 2.2 build will be done for the base model and will be reviewed by the US carriers for modification/approval. If a carrier says good then it’ll take no less then two weeks for that carrier to push the update, but if they want it modified then it could take longer. So the 2.2 release for the US models are mid November and the Euro Galaxy S is end October. The rep sounded very confident in there info.

  6. I’ll believe it when I see it. Us Vibrant users are supposed to see an update in September to fix a bunch of the bugs as well. But that hasn’t happened yet, and it’s already September 22. Only 8 more days Sammy…better get moving. I want my f***ing GPS fixed.

  7. 2.2.1 was released today… but that was pointless did absolutlely nothing we need froyo already..

  8. A friend of mine told me I should get the EVO and I am starting to think I should have listened. It appears Sammy still can’t fix their support issues. I still have 7 days to take the phone back and exchange it and I’m thinking I just might do that. The community support for HTC seems to be far superior to that for Samsung. If it’s going to take this long for Samsung to get Froyo out for the Galaxy S line, I have NO faith they will ever get it done for Gingerbread. I think there is a good chance the Epic ends up being EOL before the Gingerbread update just like Moment users got left behind on Froyo. Still got a few more days to decide.

  9. 2 weeks for the carrier to release it? haha that ain’t gonna happen.

    If the US carriers release this in Nov I will be surprised.

    I seriously considered the Galaxy S line but I made the right choice in waiting to see if Samsung has changed their ways in support and of course they have not.

  10. you’d HOPE that they stay true to their word for fucking once.

  11. I think if they don’t bring out the 2.2 update for my phone, I will have to bring a class action lawsuit against them.

  12. Unbelievable!!! I’m the only idiot who purchased my Vibrant because of the update. Back on July 7th. I had a choice to pick either Nexus or Samsung Vibrant. I went with the 1grz processor Vibrant. DAMN!!! I should’ve went with the NOW updated 2.21 Nexus. Back then internet rumors stated we Samsung Galaxy S owners were to get the update in August. Waiting… waiting… Then in September, waiting… waiting.. Then the end of September, waiting… waiting… Now end of October, waiting… waiting… Now, there’s word about it coming in mid November??? WTF!!!! Honesty, there is REALLY no TRUE official statement from ANYONE that us American Galaxy S owners will EVER GET THE UPDATE!!!

  13. BTW, one of my biggest reasons to get the update is for Bluetooth (handsfree) dialing. Can you believe those fu**ing idiots at Gooogle never implemented Bluetooth dialing until 2.2???? Do they all TAKE THE BUS TO WORK? Some states (looking at you Hawaii) make it illegal to drive with your phone out in the open. Driving while fumbling with your phone to call out is not only stupid, but dangerous! And, don’t even get me started with the GPS issues!!! That’s another whole can of worms! Right before my 14 days T-Mobile return policy went up, I thought about returning my Vibrant for a HTC Windoz mobile phone! Hell, my 12 year old Sony Ericsson phone masterfully handled Bluetooth handsfree dialing wonderfully. COME ON SAMSUNG!!! I thought the Galaxy S series is Samsung’s mobile flagship? The Samsung Tab (which is just a Galaxy S with a much bigger screen) is coming out with 2.2!!!

    Nuff said!

  14. Just an FYI, the GPS fix (JI5) is out for the vibrant and available via Samsung Kies!


    Put phone in KIES mode
    – settings – applications – usb settings – Samsung KIES..

    Back out to Home screen or KIES connection will not work…

    Start KIES…plug in phone….you should begin to see an MTP mode screen on the phone….

    After a bit (KIES takes forever to start) you should be in. Assuming your running a JFD derivative firmware (I was running Bionix 1.3 when I updated) you should be ok.

    Your mileage may vary…

  15. do not do the Samsung (j15) update via KIES!!!! i will brick your phone

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