Samsung Galaxy Tab Offered By Amazon UK Starting November 1st, £599


Amazon UK’s updated their listing for the Samsung Galaxy Tab to include a lower price and a hard date. According to their new listing, the device will definitely be released November 1st and will be offered for £599. That’s down from £799 we’ve all seen before. It’s still quite the investment, but at least it’ll be a bit easier to swallow for those of you who were going to be picking this one up anyway. This will be the version with both WiFi and HSDPA support for connectivity.


[via SlashGear]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. hopefully im wrong, but currency exchange comes to around $933 USD??

  2. It comes out to 788 U.S.D

  3. Yeah right!
    I don’t care who Samsung or Amazon think they are there is no way I am paying that much for this device.
    I was looking forward to seeing them, but at this price forget it.

    I’ll wait until there are more tablets out there and maybe until Google make Android really tablet ready.


    I get 929.64, which saves you three dollars and change!

    This price is every bit as ridiculous in pounds as it is in dollars, by the way.

  5. Andy, that’s what I got, too. I’ve seen some preorder sites as high as $1,100, down from $1,400.

  6. My mistake Andy, I put £599 in when it’s closer to £600. $931.20 then. What can you buy with $1.80?!

  7. Im guessing the large capacitive screen is what is making this cost so much. A resistive screen would have been cheaper, although not as nice.


  8. that’s device only which is expected, with UK network subsidies it will probably be around £100 with a contract

  9. @Brad 2: You guess wrong. Surely, a capacitive screen is more expensive, but it does not justify the pricetag..not even close.

    The price of this thing is nothing short of disgusting.

  10. Don’t put too much into the exchange rate. Typically a device that retails for $599 in the US will retail for £599 in the EU. Its europeans who typically end up paying more to cover tax etc.

    This would be on par with the iPad

  11. i’ll wait till the holiday season b4 i fork out any money for a tablet,and it must be atleast 10″

  12. wonder what t-mo USA’s subsidized price will be?

    i hope $250 when the dust settles a bit.

    if it does i’ll keep a plain jane UMA handset and do my heavy lifting with this.

  13. I was excited to learn about Samsung’s Tablet as I picked up the Samsung Epic 4g and absolutely love it. BUT if its’ going to be that expensive…I’m now serioulsy looking at the Archos 7o Internet Tab.

  14. What Kurt said. It has always been like that.

  15. Folks, you are forgetting about VAT tax. The price should be 15% less, so 510 quid times exchange rate. Whenever I buy stuff from Amazon UK, they always take the VAT off.

  16. mikeeeee, still will cost out the butt, since $250 + 720 of data fees over two years equals $970.

    Unless folks have money to burn, wait for the wifi only versions and more competition to drop prices.

  17. @rushmore, why?

    i want it to replace 2 phones i’m carrying now.

    a UMA phone that works where i reside and a motorola cliqXT that works everywhere else.

    this way i don’t need 2 numbers and do all my voice on the phone and all the ANDROID stuff on the tab.

    i love having a one handed phone and a two handed ANDROID.

  18. Get it cheaper here ;-)

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