LG Vortex is the LG Optimus One for Verizon?


A new Verizon phone has just showed its face and it looks to be LG-donned. The button configuration doesn’t immediately tell us this is simply an “Optimus One for Verizon,” but it’s not uncommon to see a phone’s externals get shuffled around a bit for release in another region. The name of the device will be LG Vortex according to our good friend The Droid Guy who was tipped with the information earlier today. The specs seem to match up almost identically with the Optimus One, including its 3.2-inch HVGA touchscreen a 600MHz processor, GPS, Bluetooth, FM Radio, and Android 2.2.


It’s looking like a holiday launch for this phone if T-Mobile’s accessories roadmap for a similar phone by LG is anything to go by, but nothing is confirmed at this point. We’ve been wondering what phone Verizon would be adding next for their mid-range fans, and it looks like LG’s going to provide that filling once again as the Vortex would sit up next to the QWERTY-enabled Ally.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. 600Mhz is so 2008

  2. Another droid eris? What’s the point?

  3. @pimpstrong wat probably is the best android phone, and still holds its own is a 550mhz arm a8 and came out in 2009…. the droid.
    Imo its more about which processor vs frequency, ie look at the new droid running under 1ghz and getting similar benchmarks.

  4. No doubt. Just givin this phone a hard time

  5. @dan, Lets be clear LG is no comparison to Motorola. Look at the 600mhz LG Ally, that things sucks ass, and I’m sure this probably will to. LG obviously just doesn’t get it, they have no idea how to make a truly innovative smartphone. Just kill yourself LG cause until you go “balls to the wall” on a real smartphone no one is going to be impressed!!

  6. What disgusts me most is the horrible designers at these companies. How many more of those ugly designed smartphones are we going to have to put up with?!

  7. I look at this phone, and I think, “hmmm, a step back from my old G1 that is now sitting in a drawer…in its original box…ready to be sold or rooted.” After buying the Vibrant, I can’t even look at this LG crap in the same category.

  8. looks like the kin

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