Sony Playstation Looking For a Senior Developer, Here’s Why I Think It’s For the PSP Phone


Sony’s looking to hire a senior developer to join their PlayStation team, and you already know which rumor we’re about to entertain. While the list of qualifications and experience needed is lengthy, one line stands out from the rest: “experience in mobile development, specifically Android is a plus.” Hmmm… so you’re looking for someone who has a mind for mobile development, specifically with Android experience. A supposed PSP Phone is mobile, is it not? It’s also rumored to be Android-powered. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though, because Sony could just be wanting to make an Android app surrounding their gaming experience. I have reason to believe that may not be the case, though.

First of all, why wouldn’t Sony be looking for an iOS developer concurrently? It’s not uncommon now to see big names head to the Android market first before Google’s major competitor, but it’s something to think about. I’ve searched their jobs site looking for any mention of the words “iPhone,” “iOS,” and “iPad” and I came up empty-handed. You might argue “they might already have an iPhone developer,” and you’d have a damn good argument.

sony android hire

But then we look at the location of the job: Soho, London. If we know that Sony Ericsson’s headquarters are in Hammersmith, London and we know that Sony has several SCE – ie, video games – stations throughout the UK, then one might assume that they’ll be bringing someone into that area to work on the rumored PSP Phone that Sony has yet to officially deny. (This scenario would be backed up by the fact that one of Sony Computer Entertainment’s European Research and Development locations are located smack dab in the middle of SoHo and is reachable from Hammersmith – Sony Ericsson’s home – in less than a half of an hour via automobile.) Location can always tell a big story, and I think this time it’s telling us to keep on expecting what we’ve been expecting.

So now we wait, and to pass the time I’ll ask you guys: do you think this is the first true indication of a PSP Phone coming to light? If not, what do you think they have up their sleeves beside the obvious assumption of it being a PlayStation-centric Android app? [Droid Gamers]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Likely a PSN Android app, we can assume Windows Phone 7 will have some XBox Live functionality, at least as a downloadable app (in the vein of the Halo app), Sony need to compete.

  2. Id get a psp phone only if it ran Android

  3. Finally!!
    Probably there looking to make a remote Play App for their Android phones!

  4. Well, if it is only one programmer they are looking to hire it won’t be anything ground breaking or too near in the future!

  5. @Swampfox, The posting is only for the main guy, I’m sure once that person is hired they will have to get a full team together before anything is done.

  6. I would even consider buying a PSPhone if it ran Android… and that is saying something. Never owned any other Sony gaming system… kind of hate them.

    But, if Sony subsidizes the phone themselves, like they do with most of their gaming devices:
    – runs android
    – has lots of power, decent battery life
    – not locked to any network
    – comes in around the $250-$300 dollar mark without a cell contract…

    I’d get it just for the phone and might end up buying a few games too.

    But, since I don’t really see it all going down like that, I will probably not be seeing this in my future.

  7. Phones don’t last nearly as long on the market as game devices do. Considering Sony has had trouble pricing their PSP devices competitively over its launch period and now with the phone-sized model, I really do doubt SCE would be so eager to push a “PSPhone” out at this point in time. There were talks in the past of Sony exploring the idea of taking the Playstation Network (with its Movie/TV store) to other devices and it seems more likely this is a step in that direction.

  8. Hopefully they will debut this at CES 2011. Cause I didn’t see them showing it at TGS 10′.


    If you read the actual job description, this position is not at all someone that will take a lead roll in hiring or managing other Android developers. Hell, android is not even listed as a required experience and it says C++ or Java…

  10. If they release a PSP android phone I’m ditching the Incredible to get it. Can not wait.

  11. They’ve removed the Android bit.

  12. They’d have to make this thing completely upgradeble. Phones become obsolete in a matter of months. I would imagine this PSPhone would cost a fortune because…it’s Sony. So they’d have to be able to justify the price by making it upgradeble so the phone didn’t become obsolete in a matter of months.

  13. One thing you guys are doing is jumping to the conclusion that there will be an android based PSP2. I think you fail to realize that what actually is happening is that Sony is adding support for Android, iPhone, and other mobile OS. for the Playstation Network aka PSN. So you can purchase and download with your phone then use your SD card to put it onto the console.

    I will note that I am not saying the PSP 2 wont have android, however I think the obviousness of the PSP2 being a harecore game system. Android will most likely not be an OS. A company who lost so much in sales due to piracy would not risk such an open platform for a PSP.

    However Sony Ericson may yet move to Android 3.0 and it will have PSN. Very similar to the Windows Mobile 7

  14. What if they have a new app that turns your phone into a move controller??? That could and would be awesome!

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