Logitech’s Harmony Remote App Hits Android Market for Registered Testers


Logitech’s just slyly dropped a beta version of their remote application in the Android market today that we all suspect is the companion application for those scooping up the Logitech Revue (rumored to come September 29th). The app is simply listed as “Remote” in the Android market by DHG and the description reads “By invitation only. App will not work unless you are an authorized tester.” Of course, thousands of Android users didn’t heed this warning before downloading (resulting in the app getting two and a half stars from 14 raters, though I’m sure Logitech couldn’t care less.)

Could this be for those 600-odd attendees at Google’s Zeitgeist event last week who received “Google TV units”? Late September still sounds good from where we’re standing and this app coming out 10 days before the rumored hard date might mean there’s truth to a Revue launch before October rolls in.

[via Androinica]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I want this soo bad. The rumored price tag better be wrong or it will be awhile before i can pick one up.

  2. as an avid harmony remote user, i love it.

  3. This is great news! Looking forward to seeing how well it all works together with existing A/V components.

  4. Just seeing the screenshots : why does a company betting on Android TV design their app like an iPhone one ?
    I mean, look at this bottom icons bar (ie not tabs) and this iphonesque “quit” button…

  5. “Just seeing the screenshots : why does a company betting on Android TV design their app like an iPhone one ?”
    I hope they get some good early feedback and make it look like a real Android app.

  6. Just to preemptively clear the air before the ‘derp’ spills into the comment section; regarding why they put it in the Market versus just emailing people a link.

    Some phones *cough* will only allow for installation via the Market, and anything outside of the Market is blocked, unless you want to mess with ADB.

  7. I think its awesome that this is coming out, I hope that the devices don’t cost a whole lot. If so I will have to find a way to purchase it. I need to consolidate all my devices down to one single google goodness.

  8. yeah.. that iphone skin ruins the interface. no one wants to see anything iphone related on a android phone.

  9. How would this work on my units if i didn’t have googletv? there’s no IR port on my android..

  10. This article and everyone’s response is totally meaningless. Ok so the app says “remote” What does it actually do? Is it a wifi bassed control your pc with the phone? If so it’s been done already with Gmote. I doubt it can do anything with my DVD, Xbox360, VCR, or TV as a remote. Phones don’t have IR.

  11. This is to control the logitech revue box which, I believe, has wifi built in. I assume it works similarly to Gmote in that it connects via wifi, but talks directly with the Revue box controlling input. In other words, you cannot use this until you have the Revue.

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