SCEA: “No New Mobile Launches This Year”


A bit of gaming news for you folks familiar with Sony and the rumored “PSP Phone” that might be coming with the Sony Ericsson banner: Sony Computer Entertainment America’s marketing extraordinaire Peter Dille was asked about the momentum Sony’s enjoyed in their gaming business and whether or not that’ll continue with any mobile launches. His response? Simply: “No new mobile launches this year.”


I hate to be the guy picking apart quotes to uncover their true nature, but the “this year” part of that sentence suggests Sony could still be planning for what we think will be an Android-powered handset with gaming being its primary marketing  bullet point. The question itself didn’t mention mobile phones specifically, but the word “handheld” is usually used in the context of gaming when speaking about a portable device. It could just be the reporter of the story – from Seattle Times – not being entirely familiar with the scene, leading to an improper discernment.

Whatever the case is, we know Sony more than likely has more moves in store for their mobile and/or handheld gaming fork of their Sony Computer Entertainment division, but it will be a while yet before we can confirm or deny (my hat is tipped to Kevin Butler) Android’s involvement in whatever they do.

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  1. This phone will be the shit…if it ever comes up. I would trade up in aheartbeat my Epic $g for a real gaming phone. Sony is only maker besides Microsoft capable of a true gaming portable, maybe Nintendo. Just not enough computer gamers out there, but the console makers have enough following to want to play games on here they are use to such as playstation titles. Not to mention a gaming phone will require the beefy horsepower, maybe dual core ?

  2. What would make this phone completely awesome is if it could also slide out the other way to reveal a qwerty keyboard.

  3. @kevin, where would they fit that? the slide out alread looks like it would break off if it slid out anymore. i really am considering this phone but my concern is if it can handle the roughness that comes with handheld gaming

  4. If Nintendo made an Android phone- GAME OVER. Android gaming would be the best.

  5. @Mike… thats a mock up that someone did in photoshop, not an actual prototype. but I’m sure the PSPhone would have a large screen, so softpad typing probably won’t be a thing to worry about.

    The only reason I like Qwerty is because its better for gaming than a touchscreen only. *shrugs*

  6. Well, a mockup does give the imagination a boost for what a Sony android phone *might* look like. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dense people who will either think this is a real pic or will scream ‘fake!!!’ since Sony will definitely not make something that looks exactly like this, if at all.

  7. That’s great, but why Sony Ericsson don’t release a Remote Play application for all of it’s S.E. phones …
    I have an S.E. Experia X10 and I’m still waiting for that App on my Android to have access to all my files on my PS3!!! Do that first then the phone!

  8. Sony would do well in this market if they were to release it on Android and they were to have some sort of private game that would only have distro rights by them. It would be interesting to see if they would do well with a Custom UI as well. I know that the phone doesn’t look the most eye catching, so the price should match what we see, and who knows what kind of guts the thing will have.

  9. It’s just a matter of time. I don’t care if it is Sony or not as along as someone comes out with a phone with a slide out gaming pad. I think apple has proved that only a touch screen qwerty key board is sufficient, but a touch screen game pad is not.

    So in my opinion, slide out game pad (with 2 analog sticks) and a touch screen keyboard is the way to go.

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