Verizon Giving Away the Motorola Devour Free with New 2-Year Contract



Verizon hasn’t given up on the Motorola Devour yet. Either that or they are trying to clear their inventory shelves of in-stock units quickly to the tune of some new two-year activations. Either way you can snag the Devour free right now as part of an online exclusive when you sign up for a new two-year contract. You will need to get a voice plan with at least a $29.99 data pack in order to take advantage of the offer.

The Motorola Devour was Verizon’s first Android handset to carry Motoblur (really the only if you take into account that the version on the Droid X has never been officially advertised as Blur) and features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. It is also reaching or at its end-of-life at Verizon, so now and free might be your last chance to grab this one.

[via Verizon]

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  1. Me, me me. I should win because I’m more sincere. :) Seriously, pick me.

  2. Now if they would only be so kind as to put 2.1 on the damned thing I would say it’s a good deal. Because Motorola has relegated the Devour to Android 1.6 for eternity they can go scratch.

  3. Beware of Motorola (Devour) and Samsung (Behold II). Both have shown their unwillingness to upgrade firmwares so while those Epics and Droid X’s/2’s look beautiful now, stay tuned when they come up with those excuses as to why Android 3.0/3.5 can’t be put on there in the future and you’re stuck with less OS’s. Mark my word!

  4. Why would Megan Fox attach her name to such a shitty product. It’s stuck at 1.6 forever!

  5. I would only want it if VZW was to pay me $29.95 a month.

  6. Still overpriced

  7. Here’s the deal you pay me and I’ll use it. lol

  8. Worst phone ever. Had two replacements with the exact same problems, power cycling, poor usb port, locking up etc. Finally this week they gave us a Droid as a replacement.

  9. Hopefully they clear out the inventory so then I can “break” this thing and get insurance to replace it with ANYTHING other than the devour. The only saving grace is if the droid x gets custom roms and then someone figures out a way to port it. Vzw/moto really let me down with their lack of support for this phone

  10. this phone was always a pitiful joke, why would we want a free one?!

  11. What a god aweful device. Free is BS, they couldnt pay me to use this horrible phone for even a week.

  12. i work for big red in a corporate capacity. the devour has one of the highest return rates of any verizon smartphone out there (not far behind the kin). and, this is taking into consideration the very few that are ever even sold. it would be far smarter to pay $50 more for an ally if you’re looking for a value-priced android smartphone.

  13. ive been wanting this phone for about a year now.. im in love with it…

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