Droid X Back-Ordered Until 9/22



Just like the HTC Droid Incredible that came before it, Verizon’s highly hyped Motorola Droid X is also seeing stock deficiencies pushing back the ship date of the hot handset. If you place an order today online your Droid X will be shipped by 9/22. Not a huge delay, and the “will be shipped by” part leaves open the possibility you could get yours sooner, but it may be best not to hold your breath. You might want to check with your local store if you are in the market to pick up the X, as several local shops in at least the Baltimore area prominently display that they indeed have the phone in stock.

Also, a second Droid has been spotted on the “Certified Pre-Owned” list, but just like the Droid X the HTC Droid Incredible reads as currently out of stock. Again, the savings really don’t make a case for buying a pre-owned phone, but hey, who are we to say?

[via DroidLife]

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  1. If this is true then why did my friend walk into the Verizon store on Thursday last week and they shipped her phone on Monday?

  2. I’m switching from T-Mobile because I’m sick of no 3G where I live.

    When I checked the VZW Web site last week, it said the Droid X would ship by 9/20.

    When I ordered my phone at the Verizon store on Saturday, the associate who helped me said that it would probably be a few days after that before my phone shipped, because a few days had passed since they were saying 9/20.

    My phone shipped yesterday, 9/13, and is scheduled for delivery tomorrow, 9/15. Don’t know if I got lucky or what, but I’m sure pleased.

  3. When I ordered my DX last month, they said it would ship by August 26th, however, I got my DX on the 19th – a whole week ahead of schedule.

    I think their “Ship By” dates are largely CYA and maybe a little bit of marketing hype.

  4. I’m just glad the droid 2 wasn’t sold out. Love the Droid 2.

  5. I ordered one on 9/8. It said it wold ship 9/20. It actually shipped 9/14.

  6. I ordered my DX yesterday and the shipped by date said 9/22. It shipped and will be here by Thursday.

  7. I ordered my DX on Thursday, it was delivered Morning, leading me to believe it was ready for delivery on Sunday. A solid 3 days later. I’d call this fast even if they had ’em stock piled. Me very happy now…..bye bye BlackBerry

  8. Ordered my DX today. Store Person said up to three weeks for delivery but has heard of local people getting them earlier. Its my first smart phone so I’m a little impatient. The wife walked out of the store with the Fascinate and is loving it.

  9. wait what the, i had no idea they were shipping out so early

    mine has a ship by date of the 20th, if what you all are saying is true, mine my ship tomorrow or something

  10. Just ordered the DROID X online just now. Hopefully, like you guys said, they will ship before then. I’ve been to over 25 stores, and none of them have stock. Overnight shipping by 3PM, you guys think it will get here before Friday?

  11. Man, I ordered mine on 9/3 and I’m just getting it tomorrow, wish I was getting as quick as some as the other people here.

  12. I want to order my DX but I just looked at the ship by date on Verizon’s website and the date changed from yesterday. Its now saying 9/23 =( Do you guys think if I went ahead and ordered mine today I MIGHT get it by the 23rd? I’m gonna have to get in at the store since no one will be home to sign the package…once again =( hate mail-in rebates

  13. I ordered mine on Saturday Sept 11 and recieved it only a few minutes ago Sept. 15th. I am quite happy with the turnover time.

  14. Well I went ahead and ordered mine. Hopefully mine will be in ahead of schedule.

    my DX just came in
    and i’m not actually sure if it just came in, or came in yesterday since i didn’t check my campus mailbox yesterday, and i was given absolutely no notice in terms of tracking numbers

    so it came in a full 5-6 days early with no warning.

  16. The Verizon Wireless site now says shipping on 9/23. I ordered mine on the 13th. Hope it doesn’t take that long.

  17. Got my notice My DX shipped today. I will get it on the 21st

  18. I ordered online yesterday and get mine tomorrow AWESOME!

  19. Got mine today!

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