Sep 14th, 2010

What you say is what you search. Or at least that is Google’s latest tagline in promotion of their voice search capabilities for smartphones. In a new series of videos the search giant is showing off some of the various situations where voice easily outdoes text entry for searches. Voice searching is something that is in its fledgling stages of catching on, and Google has already made a larger push into voice as an input method with the release of Voice Actions for Android. It looks like Google wants to push the interaction method even more.

Maybe you have your hands tied up while working on the sink:

Or that moist hot tub is making it a bit hard to interact with your phone’s touchscreen:

The videos also include some YouTube trickery to allow you to click the very links that show up in the search results featured in the videos. So what do you think? Are any of you big users of voice search who find themselves in these sorts of situations or do you prefer good old fashion text?

[via Google Mobile Blog]