HTC Androids LIVE in London


Phandroid has long-time Android lover, loyal AndroidForums member, and here-and-there Phandroid contributor (Carl Channon) live on-the-scene in London to report on the HTC Android event in London today. We’ll feed you some info below as we get it (newest at top).

  • End of show
  • Vodafone will have the exclusive in certain countries
  • Available starting from October 2010 on Vodafone
  • Programmable keys on the QWERTY allowing you to press the button to your desired action
  • Keyboard has hinge instead of slide
  • Working with adobe to integrate flash and dolby for sound
  • Carl says, “I think its really clean looking”
  • HTC Desire HD has a 4.3-inch bigger than life display, 8MP camera, dual flash
  • We got forums up at the HTC Desire Z forum and HTC Desire HD Forum – visit them!
  • HTC Desire Z and HD Officially announced!
  • “Self-Destruct” button online deleting all your data
  • You can personalize your lock screen message
  • Built in tracker through website to track phone if you’ve misplaced it
  • Reject calls by turning phone on face (doesn’t this already silence it?)
  • announced (but not yet live)
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  1. it ask for login credentials, you need to be a member?

  2. What if the phone is already on it’s face?

  3. You probably won’t need to be a member when it actually goes live – it does say in the text that the site isn’t live yet.

  4. Will there be a HTC Desire Z that is equivalent to the G2 that I can buy unlocked completely? (No T-mobile Bull, but still usable on the network? all the same bands)

  5. Vodafone????? Aaarrrrgghhh!!! What about us original T-Mobile UK G1 owners?? Vodafone are overpriced with terrible data contracts. Looks like I’ll have to opt for an original Desire when my contract’s up in 6 weeks time. Damn!! :(

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