What is Motorola Doing on the Oprah Show Today?



I’m sure a huge chunk of the Android fanbase watches Oprah on a daily basis, so this cross-promotion seems like a no brainer (could you sense the sarcasm). Motorola will appear on today’s John Travolta-centric episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show to help kick off her final season of jerking tears out of housewives and we’re not really sure what they could be up to. We highly doubt the unveiling of some as-of-yet unknown Android phone or tablet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the audience walked with some brand new Moto handsets.

By now it is clear that Oprah loves Android. Or that is what I am going to say, anyway. What do you think could possibly be in store for viewers of today’s Oprah show? Admit it, male readers of Phandroid, you are going to tune in. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. They are going to announce a Windows 7 phone announcement and give everyone in the audience a phone?

    I like that idea myself. Its very Oprah-esk.



  3. Windows Phone 7? Sifs, look at the android logo down bottom. I reckon they will be giving a Droid 2 to everyone in the audience, sorta like when Oprah gave away all those cars. D:

  4. @monster…hahahhaa

  5. They’re going to announce the Motorola Defy.

  6. Oprah: You get a Droid X, you get a Droid X, you, you, and you, and you get a Droid X and everyone watching at home should be getting Android 2.2 OTA on their Droid X right now!

  7. Haha, zero percent chance I will be tuning in.

  8. Oprah: Look under your seats!

    Audience: :D

    Oprah: Everyone in the audience gets a free Motorola Cliq

    Audience: >:(

  9. Everyone gets a motorooooollllllaaaa… you get moto, you get moto, you get moto…

  10. They’re announcing the new Motoroprah phone!

  11. I wouldn’t watch it even if shit flew threw my tv and into my lap. That’s why we have smartphones we don’t need to watch just read

  12. Of course it couldn’t be possible that you can like Oprah and be into tech! (triple reverse sarcasm) Well, I am an android fan and an Oprah fan. So this is perfect for me if it’s a new Android phone! Hopefully, there will be a chance for people at home to win a phone because I can’t get a new one until next year. Question, if you don’t care or hate Oprah, why post? (Hmmm)I’m sure there will be other ways to find out about new phones. Perhaps from one of the zillion tech blogs out there.

  13. it’s the MOto Defy. Posted on Engadget.

    can you guys smell Oprah’s free android phones…lol

  14. You know maybe the point is that Motorola wants to aim squarely at the NON-tech savvy through their marketing campaign. Not to imply that Oprah-watchers are tech-illiterate, but it’s definitely not a show that panders to a techy/geeky audience. Since smartphones are still kind of a “tech elite” thing, maybe Moto’s trying to make an effort to get a broader appeal, that I think only the iPhone has. In fact, if Motorola can start getting people to say “smartphone” instead of “iPhone” when they mean “smartphone” that would be big progress for them.

    Or maybe Motorola’s licensed Opera so they can redistribute as their branded “Oprah” browser on Motoblur handsets.

  15. The Android Army Can Use All the Promotion it Can Get!

    The Android Army Wants You!

    Resistance is Futile (Just ask Oprah)!

    Prepare to be Assimilated!

    I just wonder how many iPhone owners will be in the audience, if they do a give phone away! And what would they do with an Android phone? Would they use it, put it on e-bay or give it away?

    Also, does she give away a 1-2yr cell subscription and data plan?

    Someone post the answers here because I can not get Oprah on my T.V. (I have the Oprah and Lifetime filters on) ;P

  16. “I’m sure a huge chunk of the Android fanbase watches Oprah on a daily basis” LOL

  17. True that Jason.

  18. UNFORTUNATELY it’s NOT the new 10″ Motorola Tablet, rather the Defy on T-Mobile! HOW is this the “One last chance to do something really big”? CRAP! http://mediacenter.motorola.com/content/detail.aspx?ReleaseID=13292&NewsAreaId=2

  19. I figured it was the Charm…

  20. Everything the “O” endorses- the sales go through the roof. Just ask Amazon. They just wait for her “Favorite Things” show or her Book Club selection so that they can sell, sell, sell! So, I’d say its more about revenue than debut. A kiss by the “O” factor can take you from relative obscurity to the White House. The “O” factor, like any other gift works best for those to whom she bestows it rather than herself. For example the “O” factor did not work for her that day that she was not allowed into the Hermes shop. However, since she was at that time trying to purchase a gift for Tina Turner (a minimum $4500 purchase) and she could have decided to refuse to buy for any of her other hundreds of friends, the President of Hermes America was dispatched to render a public apology (on her show of course) even though the incident did not take place at his stores, nor even in this country! Ah the power of “O”…

  21. Well Phandroid I am sure most male android fans don’t watch Oprah

  22. What’s an “Oprah”?

  23. If Android gets a powerful endorser in Oprah, why not? It can only help the public’s exposure and knowledge of Android, and show that Android smartphones are not intimidating nor too techie for an “ordinary” person to use.

  24. I miss techTV…(cries).

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