Motorola Defy Announced for T-Mobile, Debuts Today on Oprah



Well that answers that question. The Motorola Defy was announced today for T-Mobile, bringing its rugged build and Android 2.1 to the network. The Defy features a 3.7-inch WVGA screen with the Gorilla Glass treatment to prevent scratching or breaking. The phone is also resistant to water and dust resistant making this a perfect fit for Android users who have a case of the butterfingers or find themselves making calls while wading in the surf of their local beach.

The Defy was originally announced back at IFA, but at that point in time there was no word on if and when we would see it on an American carrier. The phone will be formally introduced on today’s episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Motorola Debuts DEFY™ on the Farewell Season Premiere of “The Oprah Winfrey Show”
Exclusively for T-Mobile USA, Motorola DEFY is Equipped to Withstand All That Life Throws Your Way

September 13, 2010

LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. — September 13, 2010 — Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) unveiled the Motorola DEFY™ enhanced with MOTOBLUR™ on today’s 25th season premiere of “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” Slim and pocket-able, this smartphone powered by Android™, which is planned for exclusive U.S. availability to customers of T-Mobile USA, comes equipped with a 3.7-inch high-resolution and scratch-resistant touch screen display that provides edge-to-edge views of your favorite websites, photos and videos.

“DEFY is designed to handle everything that life throws your way,” said Bill Ogle chief marketing officer, Motorola Mobility, Inc. “With all the features consumers expect in a smartphone, DEFY packs Web browsing, entertainment and messaging capabilities as well as an exterior design that can withstand the stresses of everyday life.”

Motorola DEFY is scratch and water resistant as well as dust proof, protecting you from life’s little challenges such as a sudden rain shower to a drop in the sand. Pre-installed on the DEFY, CrystalTalk® PLUS vanquishes noisy environments with two microphones that intelligently filter out background noise and amplify your voice so you don’t have to shout.

“DEFY is essentially a connection hub wrapped in a layer of protection,” said Paul Cole, vice president, product management, T-Mobile USA. “The unique and innovative form-factor of the DEFY provides you with the confidence to truly take your phone anywhere.”

An Adobe® Flash® Lite®-enabled Web browser and 3.7-inch WVGA screen allow you to view more of the Web than standard browsers. Choose from thousands of applications, widgets and games on Android Market™ and enjoy access to Google™ services including Google Search™, Google Maps™ and Gmail™.

With a durable form-factor and 5-megapixel camera featuring a flash, digital zoom and auto focus, the Motorola DEFY is the trusty companion to capture memories at the next family reunion or vacation. Part of the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), DEFY enables you to stream, store and share content with compatible devices around the home such as HDTVs, game consoles and PCs. Also, the Connected Music Player provides the option to display lyrics to your songs and enables you to discover, buy and download music, right from your phone.


Motorola DEFY with MOTOBLUR is expected to be available exclusively to T-Mobile USA customers in time for the holidays. For more information on Motorola DEFY with MOTOBLUR, please visit here. To view images please visit here.

About Motorola
Motorola is known around the world for innovation in communications and is focused on advancing the way the world connects. From broadband communications infrastructure, enterprise mobility and public safety solutions to mobile and wireline digital communication devices that provide compelling experiences, Motorola is leading the next wave of innovations that enable people, enterprises and governments to be more connected and more mobile. Motorola (NYSE: MOT) had sales of US $22 billion in 2009. For more information, please visit www.motorola.com.

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  1. Since the T-mobile leaked roadmap had 2 Motorola phones coming out at almost the same time, I’m pretty sure it will be this phone but with a keyboard. These two new phones should replace the Cliq and Cliq XT.

  2. If it was 2.2 and not Motorola I’d consider getting one for my daughter.

  3. You couldn’t pay me to buy a Motorola phone after the way they treated the Cliq and Cliq XT users. I will go out of my way to purchase from Motorola’s competitors from now on.

    – Former Cliq XT owner

  4. I’d never get a Motorola phone again. I had a Cliq – worst phone experience ever. Did it ever get the update to 2.1? After my 4th replacement I left TMO all together. HTC EVO FTW

  5. I’ve never owned a Motorola (besides a Razr) but seeing how my little brother can’t get many apps on his cliq xt that I can on my N1 and seeing many people complain about the updates, I’m never going the Moto way. HTC all the way until Sony Ericsson comes up with a great phone like the k750i and K800i (with Android of course).

  6. this looks nice for my teen daughter, who breaks every freakin thing she has.

  7. They need to make a highend version of this without blur…

  8. Motorola + Verizon = success
    Motorola + other carriers = fail
    Preferential treatment much?

    (I still love my Droid)

  9. @bradford I think and most people would agree
    Motorola – Stock Android = FAIL

  10. Im going to say this not to start a fight but no one cares what phone you buy or if you are going to buy any other phone but motorola no one cares. So I dont understand why people come on these sites just to state they wont buy moto products makes no sense. We are not the moto company we do not care just a waste of space. I figure this either add somehitng productive or shut up pretty simple

  11. @ jdog i completely disagree, moto -stock android is fast and without the blur and sense bloatware. plus im not 13 and dont need my phone to look like a toy. but moto on other carriers – fail.otherwise Verizon and moto are leading the way( not to discredit the evo. which is sick)

  12. Most people would not know Stock Android from moto-blur if it bit them. Most people just want a functional phone that makes it easy to get the things that they want to do done. Most of the people that I run into with Android devices, do not even know how to put or remove icons, short cuts, folder and widgets to and from their home screens, much less how to customizes with replacement home screens!

    Stock Android only offers the very basics in terms of functionality out-of-the-box, meaning that users need to know how to get, install, configure and use 3rd party apps. Or all you will be able to do is make calls, answer Gmail, text message, surf the web and make Google calendar appointments. (And that is primarily only if you know what you are doing!)

    Having a user friendly skin installed, with functional social apps and widgets really does help Android neophytes get SOME functionality out of these arguably complex devices as they learn more of the ins-and outs of Android. I think that these skins should be completely optional an removable for the more advanced of us, however, that could potentially create more support issues down the road.

    I do NOT think that ANY Android phone should be left behind on the OS upgrade, path as long as it has the hardware to support the upgrade (at least to Android 2.x) and why there is not simply common base code, across all relevant products, from a given manufacture with modified code layers for the Hardware Drivers and Carrier specific software.

  13. Cliq and Cliq XT are STILL running android 1.5 and are missing out on lots of apps that don’t appear in the market unless you’re on Android 1.6 and above.

  14. @bRIAN A manufacturer will change if they see their customers leaving them for the competition. Which would you rather do, go out of business or change your ways?

  15. If you don’t like the Blur home screen, I’m pretty sure you can install ADWLauncher an cd customize to your heart’s content. Yes, Blur sucks and Motorola is known for locked boot loaders and slow upgrades. But one must grant that the rugged Android is new and exciting territory.

  16. Let’s hope this isn’t a fail like the Cliq and Cliq XT. Hopefully MotoBlur users get froyo (NEVER!). Lol But come November I’m giving up my Motorola Cliq and going with the G2 or MyTouch HD

  17. Its jus a Droid X wit MotoBlur not BullShxt-Blur. And it has all touch no physical buttons

  18. Oprah said it and announced it, it’s a huge hit. Buy stock ASAP

  19. To me it looks more like the Milestone XT720 with a more rugged body, no side hump, and less megapixels.

  20. How could the Defy be announced at IFA if Motorola didn’t even have a stand there? I’m pretty sure I would’ve heard about that announcement, as I was there.

  21. i love my Cliq and this phone looks just like it just without the keyboard. i was goin to go get the newer Cliq but im going to wait for this phone to hit stores

  22. Bottom line: In my perception Moto is a 3rd tier company. Wouldn’t be seen with any of their devices.
    HTC, Apple and Sammy will run them back into bankruptcy by early 2011.

  23. I’d go for this with a quality keyboard and raw android froyo if it has memory and processor worthy of current purchase. But then I wish the screen was a tad bigger.

  24. Too bad it’s a motorola phone
    Cliq owner and hating it.

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