$99 MyTouch With Oprah’s Promo Code


Told ya so… it is now official. On Monday we reported that Oprah Winfrey was launching a promotional offer for the MyTouch 3G as part of her 24th season kickoff party. We were right! Use the promotional code KICKOFF24 and you’ll get a $100 discount on the MyTouch 3G, making it only $99.99 after contract/rebate!

The show was recorded on the 9th and will air today, September 10th, so tune in to catch your dose of Oprah Droidfrey:


I’m a bit surprised her face isn’t plastered on the site but let’s not be picky! We’re already hearing back from Phandroids who have tested the Promo code and had it work so feel free to take advantage of the opportunity ASAP – I believe it expires on September 24th. But with an avalanche of Androids possibly being announced tomorrow, you may want to wait a few days and sleep on it – there should be plenty to choose from soon.

But for $99? You’ll be hard pressed to find another option in the same sport let alone ballpark.

Rob Jackson
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  1. That’s a lotta 9’s in your url. By the way, this comment form displays rather ugly under Firefox in OSX. I hope I can take advantage of this offer. Cash is tight…

  2. If only i waited a month more..oh well 199.99 wasnt so bad for a great phone

  3. Has anyone tried to get some sort of refund for purchasing it recently at full price?

  4. I ordered the phone for my wife. ok its for me and she gets the G1. woot new hackable phone!

  5. Hopefully this will force the VZW Android phones to come in at a reasonable price.

  6. Ah man… this complicates things worst than what they were. I was all set mentally on definitely switching to Sprint for the Hero, but money’s tight and this deal is very tempting. What to do, what to do? BTW – the comment section is messed up in Firefox on OSX.

  7. Who cares about othe phones… Hero is my Hero!! ^_^

  8. The “Leave a comment” section is also broken in FireFox 3.5.2 running on Windows XP SP3.

    The “Website” label looks like its right justified text in the “Mail” text box and the “Website” text box is indented to the right and hanging over part of the comment text box.

  9. Yeah, bought mytouch last monday, just call 611, told them the code, they credited my account $100, so wound up buying another mytouch for the sis.

  10. I bought my mytouch about a week after it cke out, they said thre was nothing they could do retroactively to the price of the phone–“It’s a special thing that Oprah’s doing”

  11. The HTC Magic is only $29 after contract for Rogers in Canada. I guess that is one good thing they have going, their data plans for it are certainly not a good thing!

  12. Not a bad deal; but you have to use T mobile!

  13. ya, commenting form is messed up for FF + MAC OS X…

    o well, I’m waiting for Moto Morrison and VZW Sholes…

  14. Sometimes you just gotta talk to the right person at t-mobile to get results

  15. this may just push me to buy now instead of waiting till Christmas time…comment form also messed up in FF 3.5.2 on windows but it works in IE8… what are you guys trying to tell us? jk

  16. Will this discount work on people who are still on 2 year contract?

    Meaning I can get a mytouch for $399 now. Can I get the discount and get it for $299?

  17. Where was she when T-Mobile launched MyTouch. TMobile over priced it anyways. I need my 100 bucks back TMobile ………..

  18. So, $100 USD with T-Mobile, or $80 CDN with Rogers. Am I the only one surprised to see US pricing lagging behind Canadian pricing for once?

  19. It appears someone is copying you, Rob, word for word:


    They weren’t even nice enough to give you credit. Unless you copied them (unlikely).

  20. Got MyTouch on Sept 1st and called 611 like the person above. They were super nice but, tilde me they couldn’t give me the 100.00 discount because of too many days in between my activation and promo date. However, because of my inconvenience they gave me a $25 credit. Better than a sharp stick in the eye.

  21. Considering it says “We’re already hearing back from Phandroids…” that leaves little doubt who coppied who.

  22. Does this only apply on-line? Or can I use this promo code at a store, say at Costco? I bought mine the day it came out, and they have a 90 day price guarantee.

  23. At first I was really excited about this offer but after reading the review at CNET I think I’ll probably let it pass. Being a (PPC) Mac user I don’t care about the lack of Outlook contacts and calendar synching, and I do my photo editing on my Mac not the phone, but no file manager? No flash or mirror for the camera, and yellow tinted images? All new apps go in 512MB of RAM and can’t be put on the memory card? The non-standard headset jack shares the same port as charging and USB file transfer?

    Rooting the myTouch requires Windoze or at least an x86 like machine, voids the warranty, could brick the phone, kills OTA updates, and can only address some of the design flaws.

    Sorry but in those regards my Moto ZN5 trumps the myTouch. Sure it’s not a smartphone but what’s the point of a smart phone with so many glaring design flaws? I really want to like the myTouch but HTC and T-Mo missed the mark with this one.

  24. Has anyone tried to get this deal when upgrading? I did the chat with an agent and aside from being a jerk the guy told me that the promotion was not valid for upgrades. I then called the number listed to the right of the ad where it says for upgrades please call. The lady told me I could use it on an upgrade but I’m not really confident with her answer because when I first asked her about it she had no idea that promotion was going on. I am eligible for my full upgrade discount on the 24th, the last day of the promo, and if I can get $100 off that would be awesome. Thanks.

  25. ok I officially hate timo.

    I was all excited about switching from Sprint to Timo for android phones, bought the damn thing on the first day and have been loyal and supportive to them because they were the ones who helped out with android.

    Now, Sprint is offering Hero for a cheaper price AND is offering unlimited mobile to mobile for 69

    Timo really burned its android early adopters.

    Not Cool. I just called them and they are not willing to credit anyones account

  26. @Russ, you’re full of it. Bought mine last week, called TMO just now they said they are not giving ANY CREDITS based on the promo. I need to return the phone tomorrow (within my 14 day return period) and buy another one online to get the $100 discount.

    TMO pisses me off. I’ve been a customer for years. If you bought the phone within the 14 day period they should just give you the credit. How about all the folks they screwed over who bought this phone in the past month. That’s such BS and bad PR. This makes Apple look like the good guys, when they refunded customers when they reduced price of the iPhone.

  27. Who the f— releases a brand new high-end phone and then offers a 50% discount the next month? Someone who wants to piss off their customers, that’s who.


  28. Why do people buy phones right when they come out? Everyone knows that prices are falling a few weeks after electronics comes out.

  29. For everyone complaining about paying more for their myTouch 3G, it’s called an early adopter fee. If you buy a new phone shortly after it’s released, you’re probably going to pay more than if you wait a while. Remember the iPhone? People paid top dollar to have the latest and greatest smart phone, shortly after that Apple lowered the price. That’s the way it always has been and that’s the way it probably always will be.

  30. @Tina- sure, but not 50% after 30 days, and not without offering a credit. That’s just bad business. Early adopters expect to pay higher prices, but that’s because they don’t want to wait six months. I would bet most of them would’ve waited 30 days to get it at 50% off. I just happened to get lucky with my timing, I bought mine on the day my contract was up, 9/3. But I would have purchased it on 8/5 if I could have. I returned it today to the TMO store, then went home to order it online. The TMO site didn’t recognize my return so I called and ordered it. Funny thing is, they are charging the full amount then giving my a $100 credit, which is exactly what they declined to do on my existing phone yesterday!

    From 2007:

    “…Third, even though we are making the right decision to lower the price of iPhone, and even though the technology road is bumpy, we need to do a better job taking care of our early iPhone customers as we aggressively go after new ones with a lower price. Our early customers trusted us, and we must live up to that trust with our actions in moments like these.

    Therefore, we have decided to offer every iPhone customer who purchased an iPhone from either Apple or AT&T, and who is not receiving a rebate or any other consideration, a $100 store credit towards the purchase of any product at an Apple Retail Store or the Apple Online Store. Details are still being worked out and will be posted on Apple’s website next week. Stay tuned.

    We want to do the right thing for our valued iPhone customers. We apologize for disappointing some of you, and we are doing our best to live up to your high expectations of Apple.

    Steve Jobs
    Apple CEO”

    So much for trusting tmo.

  31. From Phandroid.com: “The timing would be impeccable… just as women around the nation are tuning into Oprah, hearing the MyTouch promotion and rushing to take advantage of the offer, T-Mobile SHOULD be announcing the upcoming launch of their 3rd Android Phone – the Motorola Morrison – at the Mobilize 2009 Conference. We all know that existing products/phones tend to get discounted as newer, more desirable alternatives arrive.”

    There’s a ton of new smart phones coming to market, a lot of which are Android. It’s just market forces at work. I’m sorry that you paid $200, but that was the chance you took by buying early. It happens to all of us at one time or another, at least it wasn’t a $3,000 drop on the car you just bought.

  32. <>

    So true. At least I was lucky enough to be able to return it and re-order for $99!

  33. How mad I am.. I paid $200 for mine I got it when it first came out I was tired of my G1 because I wanted a better looking and now for $99 jeez

  34. Did you expect them to keep it at $200 forever? Th deal only lasts until september 24, so it’s not even like it is a permanent drop…

  35. I just called the customer care number listed to the right on the site. The lady said you can use the $100 off on upgrades AS LONG AS you upgrade over the phone. She said it won’t work online. That’s fine with me. I’m eligible for a full upgrade this Tuesday. So you can bet I’m getting a MT3G!

  36. Same experience here: Bough for 249-50MIR=199 at Costco one day before the Oprah discount. Considering that Costco is a discout business, and typically offer goods at very competitive prices, they were extremely unhelpful when faced with the 1-day-half-price problem – customer service was not really service.
    Even worse: Their “free” car charger has the wrong USB connector!
    Not good: Their “free” bluetooth set is VERY cheap + low quality.
    Another interesting observation: When I bought the mytough, Costco had a whole pallet of (surrogate) phones sitting in the aisle. Two days later, the palet was gone.
    The sales persons said they did not know why. Also not helpful.

    My conclusion: return the phone and keep using my good-old Treo.

    If good money cannot buy a good product at Tmobile, the competitor(s) win. Discounts are not everything, but any customer with the above experience will be VERY disappointed…to say the least…

    Also means that the iPhone still has the edge in the PDA market – but only for those who are willing to buy into a monopoly business deal;-)

  37. just picked up my mytouch on 9/18, called in today 9/21, and got credited $100.00!

    hooray for tmobile!

    for those of you debating between phone carriers / phones, id recommend TMO…they always seem to put ME first! I remember some time ago, i went over on minutes for the month, so i called customer service who gave me additional minutes so i that i wouldnt have to pay overages! they always do me well, and for that i need to spread the word.

  38. I’m trying to do this now and it’s not working. Did they end it early? Wth.

  39. Tried yesterday online and didn’t see a place to enter a promo code… called today and they said it ended yesterday. Everything I saw about this said it went through 9/24 but said they ran out early…AGGRIVATING!!

  40. They met their quota for the offer, so yeah it ended early. It was until the 24th or “while supplies last” which is a really poor choice of phrase seeing as how the “supply” never really runs out.

    Too bad, I was trying to buy one today…But now I think I’ll just wait for the Hero or Galaxy to come to the US as a gsm, as I don’t think the mytouch is worth two hundred bucks.

  41. I have two more installments left to pay on my my touch, l bought it in August. Tomorrow they are sending me a new phone because l have problems all the time. Anyway my question is can l still get the discount? My phone was an upgrade. Thank you

  42. I read through a few of these comments and a lot of people are comparing MyTouch and Hero, or switching to Sprint for the Hero lol but what they don’t know is that if you “root” a MyTouch you can add the Hero rom!! I have successfully done it and it is awesome!! =] Just youtube or google it…

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