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For those signed up for the Swype beta for Android, today greets you with another update to the super-awesome virtual keyboard. The update includes support for German and Portuguese as well as the addition of a few new gestures such as auto-space suppression (swipe from spacebar to backspace). Word prediction has been enhanced and prediction for words with clashing gestures such as ‘want’ and ‘wasn’t’ have been improved on top of numerous small tweaks and bug fixes.

It is recommended those currently using Swype uninstall both the application and its installer package before downloading the new version here. You will need to login using your e-mail and password from your original registration to receive the update.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. How does this affect us DX users with Swype pre-installed?

  2. I love it (still) but I am disappointed by the lack of a microphone to enable speech. C’mon Swype guys!

  3. What am I supposed to do when Swype comes pre installed on my vibrant. I don’t see a way to uninstall to update the app. Some help please?

  4. FYI – according to the Swype forums, if you have a device that comes preinstalled with Swype such as the Samsung Galaxy S (whatever flavor), you have to wait for the carrier to release an OTA update. You cannot update it yourself (I tried).

  5. @JoAnn: The official word on the lack of a voice input button on Swype is that they plan on adding it in the future but apparently (and I’ve noticed this with the standard keyboard) voice input is only available in some contexts and adding it across the board breaks things. That is basically the only shortcoming with an otherwise amazing application, and I’m looking forward to them adding the voice input option.

  6. Still no microphone button? Also needs an option where you can edit/delete custom words

  7. i want this on my evo badly. Is the beta still closed or can anyone get me a link so i can put swype on my Evo?

  8. It needs the mic button. The standard keyboard has it so it seems as though it should be able to work in some way.

    Droid 1

  9. There was a version that came on the vibrant beta firmware that is reported to have a mic input.

  10. Why the hell isn’t Swype available on the market again.

  11. Yep I love Swype but will never use it (even if it was pre-installed on my device) above stock or Vlingo until they put that mic button there. I would purchase Swype straight away if that was implemented.

  12. Idk what it is but this updated version is horrible. It lags and real skippy like. Picks up in the middle of my swypes. I’ll try to uninstall and reinstall.

  13. Oh crap…….forgot what I used for my password….any way to retrieve?

  14. You can delete custom words already… Swype it out then hit swype key twice.

    Xda might have an updated leak apk

  15. I Know Everybody Wants The Mic On The Swype Keyboard, But If You Guys Are Using Handcent SMS, The App Comes With A “Speak Option” When You Press The Menu Button.

  16. Ok, thanks a lot guys! Now im swype-less. I uninstalled it, the installer too, like you said. and now Swype is telling me that IM NOT ON A ANDROID PHONE!?!?!? and the old beta wont download anymore. Evo on 2.2. you just ruined my day Phandroid.

  17. Anyone know how much space you need (not on the SD card) in order to install Swype? I am down to 20Mb and it says I need to free up more space before I can install it. This is the only problem I have had with the Nexus One…

  18. Can anyone confirm if the current (old) beta is expiring? I don’t care to update soon unless it expires. Swype is already perfect for me as is.

    @PHADE how do you even type like that??

  19. How do I install this apk file after downloading it?

  20. ok i figured out what was wrong. doesnt seem like the swype installer downloads using skyfire. i changed the page to “load as android” yet it still wouldnt download. i eventually used the Internet program and everything is now ok.

  21. Mine keeps saying “Download Of The Package Failed” when I’m in the installer. So frustrating.

  22. when I log in, it says “Download of package failed” wtf?

  23. check that. had to re-install installer. downloading now.

  24. @Snuggles

    Question 1: Yes, The Old Beta Will Expire. It’s Stated Before You Download The “Swype Installer”

    Question 2: I Only Type Like This Online (Habit), I Don’t Use “Proper Case” In Real Life, Eg: School Work, Office Work, Letters, Etc.

  25. Not working it says “Download of package failed” wtf?

  26. Pooh. Same prob here, evo 2.2. Getting “not an android phone” when going to swype link. back to stock input, ack!

  27. bah, fixed but not sure which fixed it, did the wrong thing and changed 2 things: set to mobile mode, and made built in browser the default browser.

    evo 2.2 users with issues, try each to get to work.

  28. @jefftiki

    Go To Your Internet-> Press Menu -> More -> Settings

    Check “Mobile View”


  29. Keep getting “Download of the package failed.” error while installing. Tried reinstalling the installer like Mathew said. Still no luck :(

  30. @PHADE
    Why Would You Type Like That? It Looks Ridiculous. I WOULD RATHER READ ALL CAPS!

  31. I got the email yesterday afternoon and installed it last night.

    (.) (.)
    / \

  32. this is weird after my update to froyo on my DX my swype keyboard is white and only english and spanish available BUT I do have the mic button :)

  33. @WicketStyx

    Like I Said, It’s A Habit! I Didn’t Come to Phandroid To Make My Typing The Topic Of Discussion. I Came Here To Give A Few Pointers On Swype.

    PS: If Anybody Is Still Waiting For An Email From Swype. You Can Just Go To From Your Android, Login With Your Credentials And Download, But FIRST Make Sure You Have UnInstalled BOTH Your Current Swype AND The Swype Installer AND That You Have “Mobile View” Checked In Your Internet Settings.

  34. For those wanting voice to text using Swype:

    Download the “swype-evo-tts.apk” zip file and follow the instructions listed in the forums. Works great on my Dinc!

  35. I think the main feature left out of this article is the fact that you can now quickly switch between languages by swiping from the Swype key to the Q.

    This is huge for me since I send a lot of text messages in both English and Spanish. Now I can finally have a truly bi-lingual phone (when it comes to SMS) that can replace my dear Samsung UpStage. :)

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