Vodafone Offering Samsung Galaxy Tab in October, First Ad Arrives


It’s not as if we haven’t heard it before, but now it’s official: Vodafone will be offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab to most of the markets within their European reach. No pricing has been discussed yet, though we can’t imagine they’ll make you pay full price to grab one up (they’ll likely be offering them on data-only tariffs).


Other major European carriers are said to be offering the device soon, as well, but we can’t confirm who they’ll be at this time. At least we know they’ll be aiming to make this device affordable through subsidy and contracts. The full press details from Vodafone are straight ahead, and be sure to check out the first official Galaxy Tab ad before sinking your teeth into that.

Vodafone and Samsung launch the Android-Powered Tablet, GALAXY Tab

Samsung GALAXY Tab provides a galaxy of possibilities on the go

Berlin, Germany, September 2nd, 2010 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in mobile technology, and Vodafone, one of the world’s largest mobile communications companies by revenue, today announced the launch of the Samsung GALAXY Tab (Model: GT-P1000). Powered by Android Operating System 2.2, the GALAXY Tab is the first tablet, ‘smart media device’ by Samsung.

The GALAXY Tab will start selling in October in the majority of Vodafone’s European markets and through several partner networks, as well as in a number of other Vodafone markets worldwide.

“Vodafone’s aim is to offer all customers new and attractive ways to enjoy mobile data, on the move, across a variety of devices,” said Patrick Chomet, Group Director of Terminals at Vodafone. “Adding tablets as part of our device range is a natural next step that gives customers an alternative way to enjoy great content and internet services. The GALAXY Tab is another showcase for Samsung’s innovation capabilities and we’re pleased to be introducing this across a number of our markets”.

DJ Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of Sales & Marketing Team of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics, said “I am very excited to introduce Samsung GALAXY Tab with Vodafone. Thanks to Vodafone’s strong promotion and co-marketing with us, Samsung GALAXY Tab can be an outstanding smart media device to lead a new media revolution. With GALAXY Tab, users enjoy full web browsing with flash 10.1 support, reading eBooks, newspapers, or magazines, and watching HD videos on the large enough 7-inch display while on the move. Furthermore, it is still compact enough to carry everywhere.”

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  1. Just gimmie one without damn 3G. I have a Galaxy S PHONE for that.

  2. I agree with you pimp. I just want a wifi one

  3. Where goes Vodafone, usually goes Verizon. But I’m waiting for better.

  4. I can’t imagine Samsung offering a crippled model with no 3G. Just turn off the 3g if you can’t stand it.

  5. I want a tablet I can buy _independent_ of any cell phone carrier.

    Will I be able to buy this at Best Buy from the _computer_ department instead of the _cell phone_ department?

  6. If Samsung doesn’t offer a cheaper model without 3G they are going to fail so hard. I know that some iPad’s have 3G but we’re not blind Apple fanboys, shit even Josh from Engadget said he never uses the 3G on his iPad anymore.

  7. Agree. Who wants a 3G tablet when you have a phone. No thanks…fail.

  8. humm…The tab needs 3G because it is an Android device and google demands Android devices to access to market from 3G connection…

  9. “google (sic) demands Android devices to access to market from 3G connection” Umm.. really? Cause I access it over WiFi nearly every day.

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