Sep 2nd, 2010


We can put the rumor stick down now as those “unofficially official” press shots of the T-Mobile G2 have been used by T-Mobile in their latest T-Mobile Scoop article. “The wait is just about to end” they say, and we’d believe them. Leaks, rumors, and information are pouring in faster than we can process it all, and September has long been dubbed “the month” for their first HSPA+ device.

The phone is wrapped by a nice, red scorpion confirming everyone’s suspicion that this will have an 800MHz Scorpion processor instead of the 1GHz Snapdragon we were expecting (it’s possible that the chip is actually as fast as a 1GHz Snapdragon – if not faster. Qualcomm’s boasting improved performance efficiency alongside improved battery usage for the line of chipsets it’s based on, and we also know the Scorpion’s using a more capable GPU than we’ve seen coupled with Snapdragons.)

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