Galaxy Tab to Be Offered on Contract With Vodafone? More Details Leaked


As we inch closer to an expected official revelation at IFA next month, more details and rumors regarding the Samsung Galaxy Tab have eeked out. Today, we learn that the device may be headed to Vodafone on contract, if this inventory shot that Engadget scraped up is anything to go by. No pricing details were revealed through the shot, but the device is in there.


Additionally, Samsung Hub‘s source suggests that it’s going to be offered for a lot more carriers alongside Vodafone: Orange, O2, AT&T, T-Mobile (US), and SK Telecom, only to name a few. New details also reveal the inclusion of Swype, SRS and DivX support, and an eReader application. The processor and GPU are the same being used in today’s Galaxy S smartphones, as well, with all the other bells and whistles we once expected: a front-facing camera, 7-inch screen, WSVGA resolution, 3G-enabled, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and FM Radio. There are still no details to be had regarding the display type, but we’re sure we’ll learn more about that soon enough.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This is exciting, but I’d love to see an non-3G (Wifi-only) version as well!

  2. Mike, I second that sentiment. I want one off contract that I can maybe tether to my phone. Of course, that assumes we can get around the Ad Hoc problem with most android devices!

  3. God, would I love to see a real, unskinned, wifi-only android tablet.

    A man can dream…

  4. Battery still run out fast same as in Galaxy-S??? It won’t be useful for travel. Thanks.

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