OpenFeint PlayTime Does Cross-Platform Multiplayer Gaming for Android and iOS


Aurora Feint is poised to bust multiplayer mobile gaming wide open with the announcement of PlayTime on their OpenFeint gaming network. Aside from the ability to school both your Android owning friends and iOS owning friends in the same game, PlayTime brings matchmaking, game servers, and real-time voice chat so your excited pwnage can be vocally expressed to all far and wide.


OpenFeint PlayTime isn’t the first cross-platform multiplayer solution for mobile devices, but it aims to be the most comprehensive with a large selection of titles and top notch services. Aurora Feint has been making big waves with their iPhone offerings and the Android side of things seems to be ramping up nicely, but gaming on Android still needs a swift kick in the rear before it really takes off.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I can’t believe nobody has commented on this..It sounds pretty awesome and not being able to play against other real players is one of the reason I don’t bother to game on my phone.

  2. Try Homerun Battle 3D by COM2US. You can play against other players online, including against Iphone players. It’s a really sweet game if you are into hitting a baseball 500ft. It has great graphics, sound and depth. You can get the free version to try it out or buy the full version for additional features.

  3. i love how we are only on version 2.x of android and version 4.x of iphone, and we already have cross-platform gaming. yet is been how long since the xbox and PS launched and still no crossplatform there…..

    M$ and $ony need to wake up, crossplatform gaming is the future. play nice or get left in the dust

  4. Yeah I like the idea.

  5. Its a good idea but we will see.

  6. A change to kick some iOS butt? I’m in!

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