Sep 2nd, 2010

verizon logo

Just as leaked documents suggested earlier in the week, Verizon has officially announced the arrival of pre-paid data plans for their 3G devices, including BlackBerry and Android smartphones. The new deal provides unlimited data at a contract-free rate of $30 per month. For feature phones they are also making available a $10/25 MB per month plan.

The list of devices covers every Android device on VZW, if I’m not mistaken. The Droids 1, 2, X, Eris, and Incredible are all eligible, as well as the LG Ally and Motorola Devour. No mention is made of the Samsung Fascinate, though the same leaked information that originally brought wind of this news mentions it among devices that are available for the plan.

The new rates are available today at Verizon stores and will be making their way to online purchases on September 28th. $30 a month for unlimited isn’t bad considering there is no contract involved, but the lumps of cash required to purchase one of the above devices from Verizon sans commitment isn’t exactly reeling in the savings.

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