New Nexus One FRG33 Froyo Build Leaks



It looks like Google might be gearing up for a house-keeping update to the Nexus one to further tweak and refine Android 2.2 on the device. A new build of Froyo for the N1 has leaked, this one dubbed FRG33 and bringing along speed enhancements and the new radio found in the Korean release of the Nexus One. Not present are the newer Google experience apps that were found in the recent leak of the T-Mobile Froyo test build.

If you want to have a go at the latest version XDA’s forums would be place to check. Those that have already loaded it up on their handsets say that the build does feel a bit zippier than before. Let us know what you think!

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. I’m going to wait for more info. My nex is running fine right now.no risk on this one since so far it looks like nothing really major

  2. Pretty sure this has already started popping up in new builds of Baked Snack and other modified ROMs.

  3. Would be nice if it fixed voice search not being able to connect with items already built in like the clock and music.

  4. Does anyone know if this might bring native HD video recording to the nexus one? If not, why not? It is in custom roms…

  5. My Nexus is plenty fast, not worth the risk of screwing up the phone for this

  6. My N1 works find, not going to risk messing it up.

  7. Only problem I’m having with my N1 is lack of room in the onboard memory department.
    That and Swype keeps freezing up.
    I deleted a bunch of downloaded apps today and freed up 128mb so I will see if that fixes the Swype freezing problems.
    If not I will have to delete it and re-install it again.
    I had to do that already when 2.2 came out.
    I wonder how many more updates the N1 can handle, 3.0 Gingerbread, 3.5 Honeycomb ?
    If I knew it would get 3.5 I certainly wouldnt be buying the G2.


  8. @going_home I only have 24mb of free space on my Nexus and Swype doesn’t freeze up on me. I’m glad that 2.2 had apps to sd because I’m pretty sure I have another 50mb on there.

  9. Why would you buy the G2 if you want Honeycomb? The G2 doesnt even meet the required specs for Gingerbread. Just a pathetic 800mhz CPU

  10. the update didnt work for me, it returned a status 7 error… is this a att only rom?

  11. @El Guapo

    The CPU in the G2 is the next gen version of the Snapdragon, paired with the Adreno 205 GPU (4x faster than the Nexus One’s Adreno 200). The processor is also 45nm architecture vs. the N1’s 65nm, so it should get much better battery life. Finally, Google debunked the rumored minimum requirements for Gingerbread. You don’t have to have a 1ghz processor to run it. The G2 will be able to run it without issue.

  12. what’s to risk? nandroid backup and if you find it not good, restore.
    it won’t brick your phone (just make sure you have enough battery) :)

  13. Third letter in build is the key. FRF is Froyo. If it really is a Google FRG build then that would make it a GINGERBREAD build and NOT a Froyo build. Not sure I trust the source though.

  14. Definitely not downloading something that’s not coming from the google android download servers…

  15. stop being a bunch whiny girl and a download the update. It works fine

  16. Anybody (at Phandroid) ask Google about this? If so, what’s the response. Even a “no comment,” would tell us something. But, hopefully someone could be found who could say (even off the record) “Yeah, we were still fiddling with some Froyo improvements and they got almost stable enough to package together as a release. At the moment, there are still some issues with access to the Market and that is why it has not been pushed out. Obviously, our main focus here is now on 3.0 which will be coming first to owners of the great Nexus One.” **** That quote is all just fantasy on my part, folks **** But, come on, Phandroid, do a little journalism.

  17. I updated to build FRG33 and I find it is a bit faster. I was previously running FRF91, and found that my menus are much smoother than before and my start up is a bit faster.
    If you want to try out plain froyo rather than a custom ROM, give FRG33 a shot.

    Also, the G is not denoting Gingerbread. It is part of the build number. FR = froyo F91 is the build number So in this case, FR = froyo G33 = build number.

    They’re just working their way through the alphabet.

    I’m sure that once Gingerbread is out they’ll have it more like GN or GB or something. Can’t wait for it though!

  18. Also regarding the market access problem, the FRG33 from MoDaCo has a FRF91 fingerprint so the market place will work on their ROM.

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