Aug 27th, 2010

Earlier today we got a look at the new Google Voice widget for Android 2.2 that would come bundled into the firmware of the T-Mobile G2. It turns out that was just the setting portion of the widget, which will also display the text of recently-transcribed voicemail. One of our readers was kind enough to boot up the leaked Froyo ROM for the G2 and snap some screenies of what we can expect come September 29th. It isn’t anything necessarily earth shattering considering that it looks the same as any other vanilla Android 2.2 we have seen — as it should — but there are a few additions worth mentioning.


You will see that while HTC Sense is not present on the device, HTC Calibrate is still present. We also get a look at the standard TMo apps that will come on the device. This should give Android-purists that love HTC hardware something to get truly excited about. Feel free to peruse the images below at your own leisure.


[thanks to Jason for grabbing these and sending them in!]

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