Galaxy Tab Will Cost €699 [Update: Pricing Confirmed, Pre-Order Starts for Oct. 11 Release]



[UPDATE]: While Samsung has issued comment saying prices floating around as of now are just speculation, the suggested retail pricing in Sweden suggests otherwise, where the Galaxy Tab is valued at SEK 9,000 or $1,240 including value added tax of 20 percent. Further corroborating the pricing is a pre-order now available through Expansys listing the device at £679.99 and dropping on October 11th.

Along with today’s announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Tab came no mention of specific pricing. We are assuming that sort of thing will mostly be left to subsidies and the various carriers stocking the Tab, but there is a bit of a rumor flying around about the supposed off-contract price of the model in Europe. The pricing is said to be €699 for the 16GB model and €799 for the 32GB version. In terms of hard earned American dollars that is about $900 or $1000 depending on the amount of storage you go with.

As said before, if this pricing holds true carrier subsidies will be sure to cut a good chunk of that price tag out, but it will also means anyone who wishes to use the tablet as a WiFi only device with no cellular connectivity is going to have to drop a pretty penny.  The Galaxy Tab has a lot of good things going for it, but if this rumor turns out to be true it could be a deal breaker for some. What say you? Would you pony up that kind of cash for Samsung’s Android tablet?

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  1. Hellz no.

  2. quick and simple No.

  3. I was going to put my iPad on ebay, but if its that price im keeping the ipad. Thats too much.

  4. Joke price surely, cut it in half and then we’re talking.

  5. Uh….yeah, uhhhm. No.

    No way in hell would I spend that kind of money what I would spend for a nice laptop or desktop. This is what people were saying the iPad was going to be originally priced at and look at what it cost folks. What is Samsung thinking?

    I was hoping for a WIFI option (I am not spending money for another data plan when I have an EVO that I can tether to) and wireless in my home or at the local bookstore or Starbucks. I was thinking sub-$400.

    This would be bad. Very, very bad.

    Norton Ink tablet, where are you?

  6. If this is the price, Samsung will kill the Tab

  7. That is ridiculous. Especially when you calculate the cost of materials and the FREE OS! I would love one but I will go with iPad all day long if this is even close to the price.

  8. Its sad I knew they were getting to full of themselves when they said they didn’t need stock Android, I had a bad feeling this thing was going to cost to much. From what someone said on Engadget they wouldn’t offer a cheaper WiFi version because Google doesn’t allow devices that don’t have 3G access to the market. If Google doesn’t change those rules than Android will never have a true iPad competitor, I do understand that they are new to the whole tablet market but if they don’t act fast they might as well forget it. I have a bad feeling that Google is holding back good tablets because they want to have Chrome OS on them but the hell with Chrome OS they need Android.

  9. No. Effing. Way. That would kill the product on its first day.

  10. That would be way too much, especially if they are trying to compete with the iPad. I would say about $400 for the 16gb would be the tops, but I would prefer to see the 32gb for about that price.

    Perception is a big factor here and if people see a bigger screen for the same or lower price they will go with the iPad.

  11. Keep in mind it has a front and rear camera. Verizon and other carriers worldwide are probably going to offer this baby on a 2-year contract. I for one am glad it is expensive, shows that Samsung are finally using high quality parts in their phone. If they want to compete with Apple, that is exactly what they are going to have to do. Specs are not everything, build quality is very important for any expensive toy.

  12. Sorry not phone, tablets. Hoping this would translate to phones.

  13. I don’t see who would.

  14. Never in my life would I pay that much for a tablet. Ever.

  15. Oh hell no. Smaller screen and half the battery of an ipad but twice the price?

  16. i hope this is true, then i can stop worrying about getting one.. no way in a frozen over hell would i buy this for that much money.. considering i would be getting wifi only device.. agree with everyone, the start will be the end if this price is correct.. Steve Jobs is the only one that can convince idiots to pay this much for a device..

  17. LOL ya cause Samsung makes high quality hardware hahaha. The idea that they would charge more for Apple when they are one of the few companies with more hardware failures then Apple is hilarious. Time to wait for a company with talent to build a tablet that makes sense.

  18. I hope this is a joke. I’m not much of Mac fan, but I’d absolutely buy an iPad before paying $1k for a tablet. For $1,000 you can afford a quad-core i7 64-bit PC.

  19. NO!!

  20. So…. will any of these big companies put out an android pad that will be under $200? I’d rather get a laptop than spend a crapload of money on a device that uses a phone OS.

  21. I concur with everyone. My fear was that the price would be far too high, and when I saw there would be no WiFi only version, my heart sank. There is no chance I am giving more money to a cellular carrier needlessly. No WiFi-only model at a decent price point, no deal.

    Those new Archos tablets looks quite nice, though, don’t they? :-)

  22. Training with Verizon started with an hour and a half discussing how are we gonna sell this product with the price(hardware) and the data pricing… IPAD won… :-(

  23. Oh WOW! I sold my 64gb iPad for this and it will COST ME MORE FUCKING MONEY!!! HELL NO! All I want is a fucking tablet that I can have full internet capability. I already have the freaking Samsung Vibrant to make phone fucking calls. Lower the price and TRY to compete with Apple you dumb as fucking idiot!!!

  24. Welp, there goes that idea. I mean its good but definitely not $1000 good. They’ve lost their mind. I’ll pay $600 max (unsubsidized)

  25. I mean seriously are they TRYING to boost iPad sales?

  26. Love Android & want a tablet… but that’s highway robbery! You’d have to be a fool to buy it, lots more of these gadgets are on the way.

  27. Not in this life time bub! The day a Tablet costs more then a high end gaming computer is the day the Tablet market dies.

  28. NO!! Only at half of that price! They are crazy…

  29. Hell no sammy.

    Repeat, Hell no. I really had planned a good surprise gift for my nephew.

  30. Forget it. Even $400 would be a little too much of consideration, but with this price tag – forget it.

  31. Keep in mind (especially with electronics) you cant just convert the Euro price to US price based on exchange rates.
    Based on the Euro price presented in this article, I would guess were looking at $750 or $800 here in the US.

  32. If that were the price of FOUR Galaxy Tabs… I’d be in.

  33. They must be just plain stupid. I’ll stick with my more versatile netbook, thanks.

  34. A complete joke. Can’t see myself spending even $400 for a half sized tablet. Don’t need another 3G device so I would want only wireless anyway and 7 inches isn’t anywhere near big enough to wacth movies or use the web.

  35. I just want to make another comment because of how stupid this is:

    Jesus for a 7″ I was thinking it would be like $250-$300, maybe $400 so they could sell millions of em’. At this price, they’ll be lucky if they sell any.

    Apple is the company we’re rallying against here, and this is making them look good. F___ Samsung, you can keep your shit.

  36. FAIL!

  37. samsung fail/face palm/wtf

  38. Keep in mind that this is the Euro rate. The US price has yet to be revealed. I can say that if this device’s entry level version (16 gig, wifi only) is anywhere north of 349 (299 preferable), then it will face low sales numbers. What they need now is mass adoption vs short term profit gains.

  39. That’s a deal breaker ladies.

    I’d priced it at $299 in my heart.

  40. $1000 for a medium featured tablet? No thanks.

    I’d rather buy an iPad…

  41. That’s just fake and gay! holy mole 680£ you got to be sh***** me. I was so happy about this! if this price is true then Hello Ipad! Samsung I’ll give you 500£ tops.

  42. You can’t just convert the currency and get the actual price, wait for the official pricing.

    Still, that is expensive and I hope that other places will be cheaper.

  43. if that is going to the retail price..that’s HExl No!! waay tooo high for the markdown price!! dang!!

  44. Damnit Rob! The price is not confirmed in the US! Your pulling our leg here. Please re-write that header back to RUMOR! Thanks!

  45. HELLZ TO THE NO! Wayyy Too Expensive!

  46. holy crap! they better cut that price in half… no one in the US (in their right mind) would buy that.

  47. Nope. If it costs more than 500 dollars there is zero chance of me buying it. I’m actually going to drop a grand on a laptop that makes this look like a calculator from the early 90s.

    What is Samsung thinking?

  48. Oh yeah and regardless of price, if there is no wifi version, I won’t buy it at all.

  49. EXPENSIVE!!!!!! And its only a 7 incher with an LCD screen….

  50. Was that supposed to read 699 pesos?

  51. come on guys.. news about this price is a jokes.. this all is a jokes.. not true.. i sure about that.

    wake up guys, wake up!!.. it’s just a jokes from samsung.

  52. I want to make a call using this. And I mean holding it up to my ear and talking loudly while in a crowded public place. Can you imagine the looks haha. I get a lot of guff over my EVO being big. On a serious note I would buy this with a plan if it was 350 or less and would use it as my main mobile although I would have to break out the Bluetooth headset. But I would still put it to my ear and talk sometimes just for effect haha.

  53. Duude, that is absolutely ridonkulous. They can rub that G.Tab on their chest at those prices.They better go back to the drawing board with that shit.

  54. i have update from my friend, the 16gb version is $299 and 32gb version is $399.

    that is update from my friend.

    maybe that can help.. thanks

  55. @Droid.ab
    Just who exactly is your friend to be in a position to say that?

  56. The price of two 16GB iPads?
    Not for me thanks :(

  57. @scoobie..

    just wait and bleed.. update from my friend is true or not.

    i remember when samsung say ” i’ll 1/2 price for ipad”. between 16gb or 32gb version.

    wait and bleed of a days

  58. Personally I’d rather get the iPad than pay that price (and I hate all things Apple), but I’d actually rather wait for some of the new Tegra 2 tablets we have been seeing things about recently. Those seem like they will be getting about the same if not better performance than Samsung’s hummingbird processors. Add the fact that Nvidia is making the Tegras and I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled something like full OpenGL 3.0 (or 4.0, but that is doubtful since desktops are just starting to see this) support on the chip. So I’d say just wait it out and see what happens in the mean time.

  59. EPIC FAIL. I was seriously considering ditching the iPad for this (and I am actually an Apple fanboy until I switched to EVO). But at that price, are you kidding me? I never thought a company would bring out hardware that is MORE EXPENSIVE than Apple. Is it April 1st??

  60. Downer. Can’t afford it.

  61. thanks Samsung, you have proved my decision of buying an iPad was right.

  62. Wow that’s expensive.

    So the only way it will be “affordable” is with carrier subsidies. Meaning, any buyers will have to spend another $90 per month on a full cell phone data plan for this new device. Samsung has got to know that most potential buyers of a device like this are already spending $90 per month + on a smart phone data plan.

    At that price, I cannot see the Tab even taking a single percent of the iPad’s market share. Too bad, it looks like a neat device.

    Chop the price in half, dump the cellular radio chip and I’d be very interested.

  63. A grand? what are they smoking…. yeah F this. even subsidized your looking at at least $300-400 by the carrier.

    I’ll wait for the (rumored) Google tablet with chrome OS

  64. FAIL!

    But thanks Samsung, now I can rest my case for not buying this Galaxy Tab.

  65. Does anyone have any info on how much it will cost in Hong Kong?


  67. I was thinking about getting two of these but not any more unless I skip my mortgage & car payments and go hungry for a month. Well, by then I’ll either be homeless, jobless without a car or dead not having eaten for a month!!. Yikes

  68. If you’ve watched any of the Samsung interviews they’ve made it clear the MSRP will be similar or a little less then the Ipad.

    Remember the Samsung model. Set MSPR sell it to carriers and retailers who discount it and sell it.

    €700 is about the street price for an unlocked no plan Iphone here. If that’s the MSRP then the Tab will be less then an Iphone and likely similar price to the Galaxy S. Or €550 with no contract. Why would anybody expect it to be less then a S?

  69. I used to think because the OS is free Android products would be cheaper,but it certainly isn’t the case.I guess they want to fleece us all. Sorry i’ll pass.

  70. @DannyDarko
    Rubbing them on their chests gave me a good lol.

    Anyway, screw that price. Unless Verizon’s going to sell it to me at a BIG discount ($400 or more) because I HAVE to take their contract, apparently, this is a big no-go.

  71. Sure, I’d do it…..if they give me 1 more for free!

  72. Who are they trying to rip off here?

    Goodbye $am$ung!

    Hello Toshiba Folio 100!

  73. I’m really disappointed about the price tag.
    What is Samsung thinking? This is insane. It’s almost offending.
    Are the lost their sense of reality, or completely depending on subsidiaries?
    This will turn out to be a huge flop in Europe. Only very few people will make another expensive contract with huge monthly costs for a tablet. It’s a gimmick. You don’t need it, you just want to have one for the coolness. But with this price?

    The situation in Europe: You go to a normal electronic store. A huge presenter is having 4 iPads, and the employee is all about selling you one of those because the commissions are huge for selling one. And then, with all the brainwash from that person, you see the prices. You can get one without 3G. It says €499 16GB! Okay, we need to compare the 3G. It’s €599 16GB! But you know You’ll get 32GB for €699 and 64(!)GB for $799.

    Are Samsung just dumb or what? How dare to offer their late 7″ tablet for €799 with 32GB when the big boy is already out for many moons and offering 64GB and a 9.7″ screen and thousands of apps perfectly optimized for their device?

    I’m an Android lover and an Apple hater, and this is why this drives me furious. This will harm Android in Europe. I’m really upset about this.
    The Samsung Tablet needs to be much, much cheaper than an iPad with the same RAM and without contract to get a grip on the nearly departed train of tablets. Now Apple can wave Android-tablets bye-bye if there is no other Android-tablet on the IFA that gains the interest of the media very soon.

    Everyone was talking about the Samsung-Tablet and now the all gonna laugh about it. Thanks, Samsung.

  74. Watch these things sit on the shelves.
    Anyone buying one of thses things at that price is crazy or a lottery winner.

  75. Comedy prices = BIG FAT FAIL!!!

  76. I was all set to buy it, but this prices me out of the market. No way! I’m willing to go up to £500 max. In the UK, Vodafone are the carrier for the Tab – Vodafone, who impose a 500mb data limit and charge when one goes over. So thanks, but no thanks! If I could buy it unlocked for £450-£500 and use T-Mobile, I’d replace my phone with this (+bluetooth headset). But the choice of Vodafone or an exorbitant price means I am not going to go there. Simples.

  77. Forget you buddy, thanks for nothing *sniff*

  78. Absolutely not even considering this tablet at that price.

    Android tablet makers, listen and listen hard. You have two opportunities for increasing your userbase because people who gravitate to Android generally consider Apple to be: a) Expensive and b) Too tightly locked down.

    So what does the competition do? Produces devices MORE expensive than Apple and also follow the same carrier lock-down route.

    EPIC FAIL. I have a nice HTC Desire but Android will lose me if the competition can’t beat Apple at their game.

  79. relax. the galaxy s was on amazon for €650 before it was released. when you actually were able to buy it, it was only €450 … so this would leave the galaxy tab @ ~€480 or ~$620. still pricey but who needs a tab anyway when we got the fabulous galaxy s ;)

  80. Ridiculous pricing. People need to be convinced they want one of these things at all, so there’s no way they’ll be happy to chuck that kind of money at a gadget that offers nothing more than a convenient way of doing stuff you can already do on your phone and laptop.

    Even as a total Android and gadget addict, there is no way I’ll spend that kind of money on a tablet.

    Well done Samsung, you just ensured that the first serious Android tablet to market will be a total failure. I await the laughter and mockery of iPad owners.

  81. i believe they’ve bumped their heads; that’s crazy! Absolutely Not!

  82. I’d still rather have this than a ipood, its far better than the ipood. I would’nt piss on a shitty ipood.

  83. Yeah, they really screwed up the pricing on this one. Most people want a device like this unlocked. In Samsung’s press conference, they stated that they’re working with the carriers on this device, meaning, they’re going to jack up the price to discourage consumers from buying it unlocked, then let the carrier offer a good subsidy to encourage us to purchase on a contract. I want a device like this unlocked without contract. Nobody wants to have 2 monthly bills for practically the same device. I see this tablet as a niche device, but the pricing can be much more competitive and comparative to the iPad. Having a Wifi only version would be nice too.

    Looking at the Viewsonic 7″ and I’ll wait to see what Google and Motorola are going to cook up for us later this year…

  84. I wouldn’t worry about the price being quoted. This is a psychological game. I do the same for my clients. Now that you’ve been conditioned to believe that the price will be €699 and instead its released at €499 you’ll be thinking “wow, cheaper than I though” and you go buy one. Whereas if they told you €499 initially you’d be saying that it was too high and would want it lowered. Until the product is actually available to buy all prices are speculation.

  85. Dear Samsung,

    [bleep][bleep][bleep] NO [bleep][bleep]WAY! And [bleep] your [bleep][bleep][bleep] mother too.

    Sammie, you have to realize the Android fans are nowhere near as price blind as Apple fans… and then to charge double what an iPad costs?! Are you kidding me?

    Maybe the subsidized price will be more attractive. Smartphones cost approximately $600 yet carriers get them in customers hands for about $200. So, basically a 1/3 of the unlocked price. Some quick and horrible math and $900-$1000 / 3 = $300-$333.33 (I’ll even spot you up to $350). I suppose I can live with that.

    I’m just going chalk this up to either a rumor that was run away with as an actual report, a typo or some other mistake, or maybe you’re just testing the waters, you know… toss a high number out there and see what the number the interested customers throw back at you.


    Some Who Once Said They’d Never Consider An iPad

  86. Hoped for <£500

    What a waste of time, iPad suddenly looks like good value.

  87. Surely this price is wrong?! No one in their right mind would pay this. Spec. looks ok but not outstanding and The Samsung brand certainly does not carry anywhere near the clout of Apple (who are able to charge crazy prices). So we can only assume someone must have got the figures wrong. Else it’s a dead duck.

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