Sep 2nd, 2010


Even though the LG Optimus Pad was more or less outed by the company earlier this week, it looks like a more formal and detailed launch may be taking place later in the month. Invites are being sent out for an LG event to take place September 14th with the Optimus tag attached. Also featured is a picture of a device that may or may not be the Optimus Pad (it doesn’t exactly mirror the same picture from the week’s earlier unveiling). The event could also be focused on the launch of LG’s new Android-based phones, or it could be something equally as interesting but ultimately outside the score of Phandroid in a line of Windows 7 devices.

The possibilities are out there, and nothing would surprise me. A recently leaked shot of a new LG Android and other buzz suggests new phones are definitely on the way, but in the face of the Galaxy Tab and Motorola’s expected slab the Optimus Pad might just be what we get. Any guesses?

[via Pocket-Lint]

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