Samsung Galaxy Tab is Rooted


Wait, this thing just got unveiled to the public yesterday and already someone’s been able to root the Samsung Galaxy Tab? The work was put in by Tim of Sera-Apps, but he hasn’t released any details as he thinks the rootability (no, it’s not in the dictionary) of the device he was handling is due to it being an early build. Once folks start getting their hands on the final retail version of the Tab I’m sure we’ll see this story revisited. Until then, just enjoy this nice shot of Super User politely asking for root access.

[via AndroidGuys]

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Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. It was rooted the moment the pricetag was announced unfortunately.

  2. @zetsurin LOL

  3. People on Androidguys were saying they would pay that high price, F that.

  4. Yeah I have to admit if those prices were real, that’s going to dampen 90% of my enthusiasm. I probably wasn’t going to buy one at $600, definitely not now.

  5. So much for an iPad killer! With those prices no one will touch these!!

  6. I agree entirely. I had assumed that the Tab would run from about $500 – $650 in order to compete with the iPad… in which case I would CONSIDERED purchasing one. I would have definitely purchased one at that price if it had a larger screen.

    However, at the announced price, I really feel like Samsung is removing the Tab as a strong iPad killer candidate. I find this to be very disappointing because I was hoping that the launch of the Galaxy Tab would signal the start of a beautiful new era in which Android tablets were a’plenty and us Phandroids could run and frolic through lush fields, shiny new tablets glinting in the midday sun. Or something like that.

  7. They will have to be cheaper than that to sell well..

  8. Christ! I was just saying yesterday that I wouldn’t buy a tab unless it could be rooted.

    Unfortunately, just because it can be rooted doesn’t mean I’ll live on the streets to buy one.

  9. Too bad it’s expansive.

  10. I’m not in the least bit surprised. I figured that it would be rooted almost immediately.

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