LG E720 Gets Spied: It Might Look Like the Galaxy S in Appearance, but the Similarities End There



Still searching for their first Android hit, LG appears to be taking some cues from the form factor of the Samsung Galaxy S with their latest handset to be pictured. The LG E720 is said to be an Android 2.2 device with a 3.2-inch display and a midrange Qualcomm MSM7227 processor. A 5MP camera rounds out the trifecta of top-billed specs. As you can probably tell, this phone might fool you at first glance, but it barely holds a candle to the power of the S.

Perhaps most interesting is the slightly different aesthetic approach here, which pulls off a much sleeker look than what we may normally expect from LG’s handset department. No word on when the phone will see daylight or at what cost.

[android.com.pl via Engadget]

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  1. yeah, not everyone wants top of the line. it’s a good marketing move by LG. A nice solid cheap phone for the average joe.

  2. agreed with 1st post. looks like it could be a good average joe phone… good job Lucky Goldstar

  3. Greetings from android.com.pl !

  4. although this is being a low-end phone, i fail to see any advantages over the htc phones at that level (Legend, etc), plus htc got the Sense UI…

  5. Why won’t LG come out with a decent device with at least a 3.7 or 4.0″ screen? I’m tired of my 3.2″ screen (Moment), I want a larger screen to view sites, articles, emails, etc! Until they come to the party with a decent sized screen, they’re not going to have a hit.

  6. After using my 4″ display Vibrant, I’ll never go back to anything less. I used to think the iPhone 4 had a great looking display when I first saw it. But after using my Vibrant for a few weeks now, I looked at my friend’s iPhone 4 again and it simply looked unimpressive and outdated. The age of the 4″+ phones has come…if you don’t step onto the band wagon, you’ll fall far behind. Chew on that one…apple.

  7. LG needs to bring some of their better phones to the states.

  8. @Contraus

    Why stop there? Why not just get the Dell Streak? It’s coming out with 2.1 here very shortly.

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