Toshiba SmartPad to be Called Folio 100, More Specs Revealed



Toshiba’s Android tablet that we first heard about last week is shaping up to be one of the best devices in the category, at least going off of a new set of specs we are hearing today. What we were calling the SmartPad now carries the branding Folio 100, and packs enough power to easily place it amongst the top of the tablet pack. The device is said to run Android 2.2, and feature a 10.1-inch, 1024×600 widescreen display. 16GB of internal storage and the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor lie within the belly of the beast. That is the same Tegra 2 we just saw score well and above the average Android in benchmark tests running within a Toshiba netbook.

You get a 1.3MP web camera for chatting and video conferencing, HDMI, USB 2.0 standard and 2.0 mini audio jack connectivity, and Opera Mobile pre-installed running Flash 10.1. A 1020mAh battery provides up to 7 hours of mixed use life.

It looks like the tablet market is making a complete U-turn from low-end garbage running outdated versions of Android to a (seeming) abundance of quality products, at least in terms of leaked and rumored specs.

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  1. Wait…1020mAh batter?? my phone has a 1500!? That just can’t be right

  2. @pimpstrong -> Depends on the voltage!

  3. That’s probably an 8.4 Volt (nominal) battery in the tablet. Your phone is 4.2 Volts (nominal). Ergo, the tablet battery is packing almost twice the energy of your phone. Energy = Volts * Amps * time. The metric Amp-hours assumes the battery Voltage is constant and known. If you want to compare battery packs by mAh ratings, you must have the same nominal Voltage (cell configuration inside the pack).

  4. interesting name, hopefully it will do better than the Palm Foleo!

  5. Folio? Didn’t we go through this already?

  6. Does it have 3G capability?

  7. Well hopefully 1024×600 becomes athe 7″ resolution standard to east the buyrden on developers.

  8. “1020mAh battery” That must be wrong, that is much less than most phones.

  9. Just noticed this was 10″ and not 7″. 1024×600 is a little too small for a 10″ notebook. 1024×768 is just barely enough for the ipad.

  10. @Dave – Jonathan (comment #2) explained it very well. It depends on how the battery is measured.

    From now on please read the comments before leaving one

  11. 1024×600 is a disappointing screen res, considering I find that res disappointing on my 8.9″ netbook

  12. @ 2 and 3 – that sounds good so i’ll go along with wit u guys said.

  13. Personally, I’ve got a 1024×576 netbook, and while I’d be pretty happy if it was higher resolution, it doesn’t seem low-resolution at all, the only problem I have with it is that some software is not written for a screen with such a small amount of vertical pixels; presumably this won’t be a problem for Android, since, so far, apps have been designed for even lower resolution (and smaller) phone screens. This device looks pretty good, but I’m just so attached to physical keyboards and the clamshell form factor that I’m just not really interested in ANY tablet.

  14. I really hope some of these tablets let you do decent pen input or actually have wacom in them.

  15. The battery should be measured in watts rather than mAh without volts.

  16. I’m waiting for the Notion Ink ADAM to be released.

  17. What! no microSD card?

  18. I’ve used this device – it has 2.2 with Flash 10.1 installed. Has wireless A, B, G, N. Has a full size SD card slot (this is Toshiba – they make SD cards, not Micro). HDMI out. USB. It even has a sim card slot. The screen is very nice and responsive and supports Multitouch. This is being announced in Germany by Toshiba Tomorrow.

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