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Google Shopper is a combination of several products and services (from Google Goggles to Google shopping search) into a neat and tidy package that helps you find great deals on the things you purchase. The initial release wasn’t without its problems, and the app hasn’t necessarily caught on as the go-to barcode scanning and shopping application on Android. That means the time is ripe for Google to release a beefier version of the app to provide some fixes and improvements for an all around better experience.

You can still search by scanning the cover of a book, a barcode, or using voice commands, but now results come with better sorting options, related suggestions, and product videos via YouTube. Fixes get the camera functions working up to speed and allow for quicker scanning of items. That should definitely flesh out the Shopper experience. Any one out there using Shopper currently? Do these latest fixes tempt you to give it a try (or a second try in some cases)?


[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Does it work in the UK yet? I seem to remember that the old version would only give prices on the US market, and in US Dollars.

  2. i will try it. we will see.

  3. They need to tie this recognition technology in with an inventory app.

  4. Yep, it works in the UK, I use it now and again to check prices.

  5. The updated shopper app doesn’t even recognize the barcode on this page…….

  6. Can’t find it in the marketplace.

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