Still Not Convinced on the Samsung Fascinate’s September 9th Date? Shame On You


Following the Samsung Fascinate’s entry into Verizon’s warehouse manifests yesterday, evidence began pouring out regarding the device’s launch date. A Verizon and Samsung Fascinate-sponsored MTV event would first tip us off to an early September date, with further internal evidence pointing to a September 9th launch, to be precise. Android Central‘s been tipped with a shot of Verizon’s prepaid phone offerings coming up. None other than the Samsung Fascinate is listed with the date “9/9/2010” in parentheses next to it.


As Best Buy’s set to begin their pre-order period for the device this weekend, we can’t imagine that this date is too far from the truth. Anyone have any objections?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. One has to wonder if it will come with 2.2 and the GPS fix since its only about 3 months late to the party.

  2. Is it just me Matt, or did you write this exact same comment on BGR and then this site bc no one upvoted it on BGR?


    Also, the fascinate isn’t three months late to the party. Captivate and Vibrant were not released in May.

  3. @aDubson- you’re right..i was unaware these sites are one in the same..that by posting here its like posting there..thanks for setting me straight.

    They were released the middle of July so by the time this phone comes out it will only be two weeks before its 3 months.

    Hence the “only about 3 months”

    or were you so concerned with me commenting on TWO SEPERATE web sites that you forgot how to count?


  4. I don’t care what comes out this year.this baby has a graphic card that will hold its ground for about a full year. I also haven’t heard of an upcoming phone with a super amoled

  5. @Matt

    Your arguement is invalid.
    You are wrong.
    Also, if the Epic releases only one week before the “3 months late to El feista” fascinate wouldn’t it also be 3 months late to the party? I mean by your guerilla math it is. And while we’re fudging numbers to accommodate your opinion isn’t the fascinate also 4 months late?
    I’m confused bc I can’t count. Is 10 weeks closer to 12 or 8?

  6. One last thing Matt… say whatever you want about me… my math, my lameness…
    Posting the same comment everywhere is spectacularly lame. you need to find validation for yourself outdoors among people you can see.

  7. LED flash included. highest quadrant score of any phone. 2100+ quadrant scores.

  8. YEAH!!! Just pre-ordered my Samsung Fascinate from Best Buy.

  9. Pre-ordered the Fascinate, very excited except for the fact that it is 9/8/2010 and BestBuy still hasn’t received a single Fascinate Unit.

    Hope they get them in the AM

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