Aug 26th, 2010


The inventory shots we got ahold of this morning were only the beginning of what has turned into a deluge of info on the Samsung Fascinate for Verizon. Not only have internal training documents been secured, but we also have a leak that gives us our first solid release date for the phone. If it sticks, we should be seeing the Fascinate at Verizon on September 9th.

The training documentation (head over to the BGR source link to peruse them) doesn’t reveal much that we already didn’t know about the Verizon version of the Galaxy S, but it does confirm a pretty decent stack of bloatware to come loaded on the handset, including Bing search, NFL Mobile, Blockbuster, Skype, Amazon Kindle, and a suite of VCast apps.

With the stellar lineup of Droid handsets VZW currently features it is hard to imagine many choosing the Fascinate over any that are currently available, but it is no doubt a decent choice if not only for the Super AMOLED display and blazing Hummingbird processor. With its release it will complete the roll out of the Galaxy S to all major carriers, though we still expect to see it on a few regional service providers as well.

[via Android Central, BGR]

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