Samsung Fascinate Launching September 9th, Training Documents Leak



The inventory shots we got ahold of this morning were only the beginning of what has turned into a deluge of info on the Samsung Fascinate for Verizon. Not only have internal training documents been secured, but we also have a leak that gives us our first solid release date for the phone. If it sticks, we should be seeing the Fascinate at Verizon on September 9th.

The training documentation (head over to the BGR source link to peruse them) doesn’t reveal much that we already didn’t know about the Verizon version of the Galaxy S, but it does confirm a pretty decent stack of bloatware to come loaded on the handset, including Bing search, NFL Mobile, Blockbuster, Skype, Amazon Kindle, and a suite of VCast apps.

With the stellar lineup of Droid handsets VZW currently features it is hard to imagine many choosing the Fascinate over any that are currently available, but it is no doubt a decent choice if not only for the Super AMOLED display and blazing Hummingbird processor. With its release it will complete the roll out of the Galaxy S to all major carriers, though we still expect to see it on a few regional service providers as well.

[via Android Central, BGR]

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  1. Bing? No google Nav? VZ nav instead? no google maps??? (Static Bing Maps only?)

    less ram

    what the fuck is Verizon doing to this thing

  2. Was speaking to a VZW rep this morning about an issue with my Droid and she mentioned that she was currently a BB user but that her contract is up next month and she is getting the “new Samsung” Android device when her contract is up.

  3. YES! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  4. way better than a late october release that was leaked earlier… hopefully this one is legit and i can finally burn my flip phone

  5. Finally…alright…don’t kid around. I’ve been waiting for this post for a long time. This is the phone I want period. Screw the Motophones! No offense to those owners but I’m all in for this phone.

  6. @Hydro Download Google Maps from the marketplace if it’s not on the phone…. ram is most likely incorrect since lately the VZW docs have been showing the inccorect RAM for the Droid X and the Droid 2 I believe. So Verizon isn’t doing anything to the phone that you can’t correct yourself, since the ram is 512MB.

  7. @hydro
    on the documents it shows you can download google maps from the market so dont worry about that and i agree with zach ram must be wrong because it is wrong on the droid x also

  8. ROTFL!!! Release on 9/9? That’s the EXACT date I’m eligible for upgrade from my 1-year Eris contract. Coincidence? I think not. In any case, despite the many flaws, I would still choose this over the Motorola phones in a heartbeat. While some may have a hard time imagining anyone choosing this over a Droid, I for one (as I’ve said before) simply do not like the design of the Motorola phones, nor do I like the custom UI on them. Plus, the X is just too big for me, and the D2 has a physical keyboard, which I hate. I did have my heart set on the Incredible, but the battery life is atrocious, and I’m getting tired of Sense UI, so tired, in fact, that I just flashed a custom non-Sense (no pun intended) Froyo ROM on my Eris. Btw, this got me MUCH better battery life. The Galaxy S phones are already getting root treatment, so I’m sure the deed will be done on the Fascinate quite quickly, allowing for easy cleanup of the bloatware, and the restoration of the proper Google app suite.

  9. Gee that’s only a few days after my DX is supposed to ship. I feel like I have a decision to make now.

  10. “With the stellar lineup of Droid handsets VZW currently features it is hard to imagine many choosing the Fascinate over any that are currently available”

    That’s your opinion. I eschew the Droids for this. Better screen and camera. Faster.

  11. @Brad
    Ive been eligible since 8/24 so cant wait for it to be released

  12. Let’s hope that Verizon will release their version of the Galaxy S with functional GPS.

  13. Since this is likely set up exactly the same as the other Galaxy S phone, rooting is going to be easy enough for a 3 year old to be able to do, and getting rid of bloatware will likely require a single pass through the directory with a renaming of the offending apk files to some other extension. Hopefully this will come up with a built in lag fix, that us Captivate owners can rip out for ourselves.

  14. operators should stop selling voice plans and offer only data plans lol, google voice is enough for most people.

  15. You do realize that google voice on your phone still uses a voice line, right?

  16. U.S Cellular is also getting a version of the Galaxy S. On describing carriers, You should have put “National” and not “Major”, as USCC is a “Major” carrier, in fact, they are they 6th largest carrier in the U.S.

  17. @Hydro, read the article and document on BGR. Get the facts straight before bitchin’ about it.

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