Samsung Fascinate Pre-Order Starts This Weekend at Best Buy



It looks like our earlier suspicions of a Samsung Fascinate launch drawing near were true: Best Buy‘s all set to start offering the phone for pre-order this weekend. While this isn’t an official Verizon undertaking, we’re pretty sure Best Buy wouldn’t initiate something like this without solid confirmation that the device will be out within the next few weeks (with the last we heard being September 9th, if you haven’t been keeping up. If that’s not enough, perhaps these internal training guides will hold you over until Verizon is ready to make their own official announcement.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I dont know why they have to ruin this phone by not having google run it. This was going to my perfect phone all they needed to do is give it google and forn t faceing camera all set is that so hard to ask for? Can anyone give that to me? Looks Like I will wait until another phone comes out and I am still ify on this one because of all the problems the wave was getting like deleting your homescreen apps, not having enough ram, and lack of customization.

  2. @Brian: Rooting should solve half your issues with the phone. I’d be interested to see how useful a front facing camera is at 3g speeds. Evo, iPhone and Epic have it but they’re all 4g phones. As for the ram, that baffles me as well. Someone on another site’s thread didn’t seem to think it was a big deal and that the speed of the ram on the Fascinate and Epic are actually faster than the other carriers’ Galaxy phones.

    If anyone goes to Best Buy, please post the pre-sale amount – thanks!

  3. I called the south Philly location and they were clueless. Never even heard of the Fascinate. Pathetic.

  4. @Mike The iphone isn’t 4g. The front facing camera uses facetime, which is only available through wifi. There is an app that can use the front facing camera over 3g as well. Sprint is the only ones who have 4g at the moment.

  5. @Brian They will have google on it as well as bing.

  6. @Brian and Mike….The speed of the RAM is perfectly fine. It’s the speed of the ROM that is causing the issues. The problems stem from the way Samsung set up the NAND memory. The Fascinate and the Epic will not suffer from this and neither will the Captivate and the Vibrant once they get the updated firmware that is currently being tested by Samsung.

    Just for you information, the iPhone 4 is not 4G!

    Personally, I would never buy a phone with a front facing camera. I don’t video chat and therefore I don’t want the added cost. FFC will go by the waist side in a year after everyone realizes it was just a short lived fad.

  7. The iphone4 is not 4g! the 4 means fourth generation iphone..not 4th generation data.

  8. Yeah, I’m with you Brian. If I want a phone that runs with the Bing search engine, I would buy a Windows Mobile phone. I buy Android products because I like Google’s products.

    I was going to buy this in November. Now…probably not. I don’t need Verizon’s bloatware on it.

  9. @Jesster: Thanks for the info on the ROM. And you’re right on the iPhone – I had my facts confused. I agree – front facing camera is one of those “nice-to-have” features but I surely don’t consider not having it a dealbreaker. I’m way more interested in the super amoled screen and the blazing graphics processor in the sammy.

  10. @ObsceneJesster: “go by the waist side” = “go by the way side”. LMFAO

  11. @Mike

    Noob. iPhone is not 4G but rather crappy AT&T 3G.

  12. Just put my Fascinate on hold at Best Buy. They did not have a price yet for the phone.

  13. @Lewis
    Dude all the Androids are powered by Google. Fascinate is just set up to run Bing all you have to do is delet it and put your google on it. I feel the same way you do i hate bing but i’ve been waiting for ever for this phone.

    @Everyone Else
    Just put phone on hold at Best Buy. the guys there told me that the phone will be 199 after mail in so for them its 199 besause they dont do the mail in thing.

  14. Dose anyone know if the fascinate will have the page deleting thing like the Captivate dose. where you can select how many home screens you want and so on. I Read around and it says that it wont. I really like that feature

  15. @Manny….I highly doubt it won’t have that feature being it’s built into TouchWiz.

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