Aug 27th, 2010

Who ever said online petitions and rallies couldn’t get anything done? Yesterday, we reported on the upgrade to Android 2.2 for Motorola’s Latin American Milestone owners. The status then? They simply would not get an upgrade to Android 2.2. Immediately, the Latin American community started on a campaign (which – on Twitter – can be followed using the hashtag #motofail) to get Motorola to reconsider their plans. What’s the status today?


“Upgrade to Android 2.2 under evaluation”

Translated from Portuguese  Twitter:

“To realize the call made by you guys [we] decided to reassess the possibility of upgrading the Milestone w / Android 2.2”

“We are working together with our partners and thus q we have news, you guys will be the first to know!”

This doesn’t mean that Android 2.2 is definitely coming to the Milestone in that part of the world, but it’s a great first step that was seemingly only driven by the overwhelming response from the community this affected. If you think one of these hardware vendors are giving you the shaft on an upgrade that you feel should be headed your way, then this story should encourage you to speak up about it: you might just get what you ask for.

[via Planeta Android]

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