Latin American Backlash Forces Motorola to Re-Evaluate Upgrade Plans for Milestone


Who ever said online petitions and rallies couldn’t get anything done? Yesterday, we reported on the upgrade to Android 2.2 for Motorola’s Latin American Milestone owners. The status then? They simply would not get an upgrade to Android 2.2. Immediately, the Latin American community started on a campaign (which – on Twitter – can be followed using the hashtag #motofail) to get Motorola to reconsider their plans. What’s the status today?


“Upgrade to Android 2.2 under evaluation”

Translated from Portuguese  Twitter:

“To realize the call made by you guys [we] decided to reassess the possibility of upgrading the Milestone w / Android 2.2”

“We are working together with our partners and thus q we have news, you guys will be the first to know!”

This doesn’t mean that Android 2.2 is definitely coming to the Milestone in that part of the world, but it’s a great first step that was seemingly only driven by the overwhelming response from the community this affected. If you think one of these hardware vendors are giving you the shaft on an upgrade that you feel should be headed your way, then this story should encourage you to speak up about it: you might just get what you ask for.

[via Planeta Android]

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  1. Reassess DOESN’T mean its going to happen!

  2. “…This doesn’t mean that Android 2.2 is definitely coming to the Milestone in that part of the world…”

  3. Andre, you fail at reading skillz.

  4. As much as it’s been nice having my Milestone, I’m 80% sure I won’t buy another Moto Android. Too much disappointment for this particular geek.

  5. I guess Motorola figured that the customers who bought their top phone over the last several months would be *happy* to learn they wouldn’t be getting any updates. Especially knowing that the engineering was already being done for Milestones in other parts of the world, and they wouldn’t be getting the update for essentially no reason whatsoever.

    It must have been so surprising to hear otherwise!

    Motofail is right.

  6. Why all milestone users we feel the same?
    I have to grant only 2 things to motorola, they got me into the android world and they’ve made me realize I will never ever again will choose motorola over HTC as I did.
    I’ve made the stupidest decision when I decided to buy a milestone over a nexus one.
    Live to learn, now motofail can drown themselves.

  7. I think this is actually a good thing in general because it shows that the public’s expectations for these phones is very different than phones past and manufacturers need ot treat them diofferently.

    If a phone is not discontinued (aka you can pick it up at a store) it should kept up to date with software. Period. The version nightmare that Android is dealing with right now is due to this archaic hardware model of not upgrading once the product is out the door unless it has a fatal flaw.

    Today’s phones are PCs. No one buys a Dell and expects Windows Update to be locked out so that they can never get patches in place until Dell approves them.

    I hope this is the beginning of a change in how things are appoached in the future.

  8. Simply hit “milestone free bootloader“ and you will see how moto is good at ignoring their customers
    “never again moto“ has become comon knowledge amongst android fans
    Ask a dext owner if he is considering getting another motio, you will see that he won’t
    Have a look at http://www.facebook.com/motorolaeurope and you will see how unpopular moto has become du to their not freeing their devices bootloader and not fullfilling their promesses
    I was a happy owner of a milestone but let it go since I have to beg for 2.1 and froyo is expected Q1 2011 ????!!!!
    And the bootloader lock prevents use of custom roms
    So … Never again moto until they release unlocked devices
    Hope this helps …

  9. Upgrade or die. “Cry of brasilian independece”

  10. We want all devices upgrade. Dext quench Backflip Flipout entre outros

  11. Latin america users will start a agitation on twitter today at 10am (brasiliam time – GMT-3) to attract attention of a international press. If us don’t get our target we will disturb the motorola sales on latin america.

    ps: sorry by my english mistakes

  12. I want upgrade to Quench too.

  13. I hope so, they should take their time to make it work fine, but they have to update it, if they dont, that means they will not be gettin latin american users.

  14. Motorola is pretty much killing their non-US market. Why would any profit oriented company do that is unknown to me, but Motorola is master in this area.

    Have fun Moto in USA, welcome HTC (waiting for Vision, until then i must use my rebooting Moto Milestone :( ).

  15. @tongz I by no means am saying that Motorola is a good company, but you actually wish you had purchased an HTC product instead? I agree, Motorola has poor support with its upgrades but at least it doesn’t have hardware problems like a lot of the Incredibles do. I have owned the Milestone in the past and own the Incredible now and I was much happier with the Milestone as far as quality is concerned. The Incredible has grounding issues, battery issues, and display issues (some devices show the color pink where there should be pure white). I for one will never be buying another HTC product and was planning on upgrading to the latest Motorola Android device available when I am eligible for an upgrade.

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