Froyo Not Headed for South American Motorolas


The other day, we forgot to mention the status of the upgrade to Android 2.2 for our Latin Motorola Milestone-owning brethren (as well as the upgrade to 2.1 for the DEXT and BACKFLIP). If you felt sorry for the Canadians not seeing Froyo until 2011, then there simply is no good news to be had here: those in Mexico and Latin America will not see Froyo – ever. We’re not sure how Motorola goes through the process of choosing which regions get which updates for which phones and when, but it looks like their mind is made up on this one.

[via TalkAndroid]


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Looks like they lost the dartboard test…

  2. Also, brazilian motorola customers are using twitter to complain about the lack of upgrade.
    Search for the hashtag #motofail and please help us on this!
    Rumors say that motorola is about to rethink its position, thanks to the twitter mobilization.

  3. they decide based on which handsets are most profitable and they update those first

  4. muy triste

  5. If this was on the US there would be over 100 comments already..

  6. And if this was posted in a brazilian website there would have been 100 comments as well

  7. I always thought mexico was part of Latin America… it’s North America, but also Latin America.

  8. Hey LatAm guys, get involved: http://bit.ly/aNH0n2

  9. There was a massive users protest in Brazil, flooding Motorola’s twitter and facebook account, and also the call center.

    After that, Motorola changed the Latin America Millestone update status to “Under evaluation” again… let’s wait now.

    Please, spread the word and help us, Latin America Motorola owners! There’s an “official” MotoFail twitter: twitter.com/motofail_br and a blog (in portuguese): http://planetaandroid.blogspot.com

  10. FUck motorola

  11. LOL… Brazilian flood. They mass invade phones, twitter and facebook accounts at will.

    I guess sometimes it’s useful!

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