This Ad Isn’t Coy about Android’s Desire to Core Apple



There is no denying Google’s desire to crush Apple in the smartphone market, but their jabs at the fruit-themed company tend to be a bit more subtle. That isn’t the case with this third-party advertisement found in Grenada, Mississippi, which takes the gloves off and approaches the Apple vs. Android debate with the fervor of a forum fan boy. Gives me an idea for an Android-themed Apple core remover. Somebody go ahead and make that up, but be sure to cut me a royalty check.

[via Android Central]

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  1. Love it!

  2. I live in Mississippi, it is from the regional carrier Cellular South. They advertise the htc as cutting edge and the milestone, which they just started offering, as new…but unbeknownst to them it’s only new to cell south, lol. well, they try, they really do but fall short a lot..we just got the 2.1 update a few weeks ago…we might have the galaxy s by Christmas….they do have wonderfully cheap all inclusive unlimited plans, as well as excellent local and nationwide coverage, just a little behind the times is all…

  3. Reminds me of that ad from Blackberry a couple of years ago.

  4. Bloody awesome!!!!

  5. @Bill

    I live in Jackson, MS and I’m currently with AT&T have been for over 6 years and I’m waiting for Cellular South to hurry up and get the Galaxy S so I can come back to Cellular South. I wish they’d hurry the hell up!!

  6. I just hope cell south doesn’t take long to get the 2.2 and following updates too long for the upcoming Galaxy S and who knows when they’ll get 2.2 for the milestone

  7. Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    /looks at my iPhone in disain.

  8. Thats from Cellular south , They are a MS based company… They really have been agressive the last Year or so. They beat Verizon and Sprint to Market with the Blackberry Pearl Flips and Then They beat them to market again with the Hero…. I have my phone and my wifes phone on their Total unlmited plan for 120 bucks for BOTH phones.( 60 a line)

  9. unlimited plans minus MMS.. I don’t know why they don’t add MMS in that plan

  10. true…MMS is like 5 bucks more per phone line… SO it would be like 65 a line for us to have MMS.

  11. I saw a similar ad on a billboard in Memphis, TN on Union Ave. Makes me giggle each time I drive by it!

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