Official Rollout for Flash on the Motorola Droid Starts Today


Droids everywhere have been getting their upgrade to Android 2.2 lately, but until now, Flash for the device wasn’t available. Just as we expected, Verizon’s officially rolling out the last piece to the delicious Froyo puzzle that you guys have been waiting for. The upgrade should go through very quickly and after you’ve gotten stepped up to the absolute latest, be sure to search for “Adobe” in the Android market to find the Flash 10.1 player.

Verizon Wireless has begun pushing an update  today to the DROID by Motorola (introduced November 2009) that will  allow customers to download Adobe Flash 10.1 via Android Market. Flash Player 10.1 provides access to millions of sites  with rich content including animations, casual games, videos, rich internet  applications, audio and much more.


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  1. I wonder how long it will take me to get this one. I’m not worried. I am very pleased with froyo as it is. This is just a bonus. But this will make an already great device even better. I am really pleased with Motorola lately, and this will influence my next device choice next year.

  2. Folks running roms have had this for ages, and some of you fools still wonder why unlocked bootloaders are important.

  3. Not as excited as I once was for this. The added exchange support in Froyo has been great, but my cell reception is noticeably worse. Places where I was at 4 bars are now 1 or 2. I’m dropping calls all over the place in my home. I don’t think I’ll normally have a signal to support video. :(

  4. I’m pretty sure this update will include plenty of bug fixes.

  5. *sigh*
    Wasn’t flash support advertised as being a month or two away when the droid was launched last year?!

  6. I already have the FRG01B build, but when this comes out(FRG22D) will we still be able to do a manual install on it or since it is not a new OS and is just an “add-on” patch do we have to wait for the OTA and cannot perform a manual install of the update?

  7. I hope this update includes some bug fixes. I am MUCH less excited about Android after the problems I’ve had with 2.2. And, YES, flash support was promised within a month or so after the Nov 09 launch.

  8. Skyfire is still the way to go for me. Flash is a whopping 12mb download, which is way to big for my appetite.

  9. I could have SWORN I saw Flash a few months ago on an Adroid device in a store. That was one of the things I thought would be SO great about ditching my iPhone. And, alas, no Flash on my Droid X. Disappointed.

  10. Where the hell is it. I just went to the market and there’s no Flash there! Looks like someones source is false!

  11. I swear they should fix all of the annoying bugs especially in the gallery. And I hope I receive froyo as soon by this weekend!

  12. @brian
    You have to get the update before you will find it in the market. Just so we’re clear, there’s two updates for the droid1 for froyo. The first upgraded your phone from 2.1 to 2.2. This update will make the build FRG22D. If your phone is olny version FRG01B, you won’t see flash in the marketplace. If you don’t know what version you have, do this: settings>about phone. It’ll be on that list of items towards the bottom.

  13. Well I have build FRG22D and Flash is a no show for me in the market. I tried manual searches and looked at all apps by Adobe with no luck. Any ideas?

  14. Well wondering when I will get the FRG22D ????????????? I called verizon and I think the person who answered the phone was wrong because she said ” oh just take your ph to the store and they can update it for you”. Any input on that statement????

  15. I recieved the OTA update today 9/2 in order to enable flash. Went to the market and no flash. Whats up?

  16. @Bob what build number is it? Of its the frg22d u should get flash if its the frg01b then flash dosent come with frg01b froyo build

  17. @bob check again, I had the same problem this morning, but was able to find it literally minutes ago.

  18. Just got my frg22d this morning when i woke up, flash is available and seems to be working well

  19. Got the second update this morning when iwoke o woke up I was looking through all my email notifications ans text messages and stuff from Facebook next tgijf I know I see a “system update available” but I wasent as excited as the last update. Anyways is pretty cool just makes the videos on youtube lagg a little and it seems a lot faster than frg01b

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