Froyo for Droid Incredible Set to Roll Out Tomorrow [UPDATE: Verizon Support Documentation Now Showing Android 2.2]



No wonder Verizon was quick to debunk the rumor that Froyo for the HTC Droid Incredible wouldn’t be coming out September 1st. DroidLife has gotten their hands on a bit of evidence that in plain English states the update should be rolling out tomorrow. So if you were at your wits end and ready to root and install the latest leaked build of the update, you might want to hold off just a bit longer. Yeah, this isn’t a guarantee, dates are always subject to change so up until we see evidence of Android 2.2 hitting the Incredible we will hold our reservations.

[Update]: It looks like this is as real as it gets. Verizon’s support site is now hosting two PDF files showing the Android 2.2 update as imminent for the Droid Incredible. You can check out the Benefits of Software Update and Software Update Instructions for more info.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I TOLD YOU!!!!

  2. Thank god! Preloaded VZ navigator! The long nightmare is over!

  3. YES I love VZ Navigator! :)


  5. I’ll be the skeptic. I’ll believe it when I see it. But if true… HALLELUJAH!

  6. no update yet….still hoping we got a good lead here!

  7. I think I might actually be most excited for the rotate right ability with the screen.

  8. Hahaha, yeah right. I’ll believe it when I’ve got update.zip in my hands.

    Though I’ve got to say, Verizon forcing vz navigator on its android userbase does seem pretty believable. Well one thing is for certain, if VZ Nav shows up on my phone, I will root it solely to get rid of it.

    Verizon, if you have to force an app on your user base, chances are, its not a very good app. Hell, even if it was a good app, you don’t force something on your customers. This is not the iphone, android users do not put up with corporate BS. if you cripple our phone, we will root and heal it. If you dump bloat ware on us, we will destroy it.

  9. FINALLY! I was so tired of waiting for this awesome phone to get the update it should have had a long time ago.

  10. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ zzzzzzzzzzzz ZZZZZZZZ Rumors make me sleepy.

  11. The best news is that right rotation for me 2.1 has been great.

  12. Why would anyone want to pay $10 a month for VZNavigator when we have Google maps? There had to be a catch to getting upgraded to 2.2

  13. Thank god, I’ve been looking for a turn-by-turn navigation that costs money instead of the free one on my phone.

  14. Will believe it when the update hits my phone……

  15. @Joechexmix: VZNavigator alerts you of upcoming traffic and accidents. Unless there’s a setting I missed on Google Maps, I have to admit VZNavigator is worth the money for me. I drive 100 miles on interstate highways every day for work and would LOVE that feature. Maybe I need to dig more on Google Maps?

  16. @ DJ Lance Rock: There is a Traffic layer built right into Google Maps. Based on my experiences it has been pretty accurate, way more accurate than on my Garmin.

  17. Why would you want VZNavigator? If you have the traffic layer on it shows you the current traffic on the roads and then you can pick an alternate route.

  18. @DJ Lance Rock

    Menu->More->Labs->Traffic with Labels:)

    It is just a beta feature, but there it is. Don’t forget to turn the layer on:)

    P.S.: Apparently there’s yet another accident on the road just outside my apartment, as it’s all jammed up again. Only bad thing about Florida..nobody can drive here.

  19. Even Verizon’s own site for the Incredible is now listing 2.2 and it’s features as standard features, so it has to be close.


  20. Awesome, thanks all for the info re: traffic layer!

  21. this is the real deal boys, yeeha!


  23. Has anyone had problems with the speaker on the Incredible crackling at times when ringing?

  24. :D finally!

  25. Its about time!!

  26. @NyNative Sorry, no I have not. Mine has worked fine. :-)


    @ChevyG1, ROFL

  28. anybody know if this update might also have the rumored new boot screen?

  29. OK SOOOOO…. with the new ability to orient your screen to the right as well as the left, does that open up the possibility to more easily develop a charging cradle? Or does that make a difference? Just thinking out loud here.

  30. We can turn right! we aren’t the anti Zoolander anymore!

  31. Just updated mine using the ruu off of shipped roms. Works great !

  32. Droid X still the bridesmaid. Waiting, waiting, waiting . . .

  33. Hey…when the update happens for Dinc, do you think the adobe flash 10.1 well work on dolphin HD browser? Anyone!

  34. The Flash in Dophin would be a good question for a Moto Droid or Droid 2 owner. They have access to both Dolphin and Flash 10.1 .

  35. Yep speaker problem here, just started.

  36. Well if my speaker is shot its the only thing that has gone wrong with the Incredible since first day of release. Still kinda weird that it happened after a bunch of updates for apps came through.

  37. Also have the speaker problem. Just got sent a new phone due to it. I thought it was a blown speaker but maybe it was actually software related? Seemed to only be when it was ringing…

  38. I can now play Evony on my phone (at work).

  39. This is legit. Saw the update release page at work earlier, the update slick is the same one that an htc rep showed me.

  40. whoever has access to this and takes the same angled picture at the exact same position is the best. someone start searching facebook for someone who takes pictures like this guy so we can find out who our hero is!

  41. I also noticed my speaker is crackly, voices do not sound clear now. Other people are experiencing this? I thought I was going to have to take my phone in today…

  42. i reformatted still having speaker issues, vzw store here i come!

  43. Anyone got froyo yet?

  44. 0745 (EST)…. No FroYo yet. The wait begins… ;p

  45. Nothing yet in Austin Texas

  46. I got Froyo. :D Thanks verizon!!

  47. Nothing in Wisconsin at 7:15am

  48. Nothing in Tallahassee as of 8:15am

  49. Nada so far (CT)

  50. No love in Cleveland at 8:26 am

  51. As of 8:30 AM nothing in Cincinnati :(

  52. @Chuck… Which state?

  53. I bet chuck got it an he dosent even have a dinc he prly just screwing with us

  54. probably another confused mototard cross posting :D

  55. Nothing here in Arlington, VA. Come on Verizon make us all happy today.

  56. Nothing here in Rochester NY.

  57. NYC nothing yet..

  58. nothing in Denver, CO as of 6:49am

  59. Nothing in STL…I just want the Hot Spot feature because my iPad is very lonely out of WIFI area.

  60. Just talked to a verizon tech. He said they started rolling out the update for the incredible this morning. So we should get it within a couple of days.

  61. Nothing here in Hope, AR.

  62. Nothing in Buffalo NY yet, let’s go Verizon!

  63. so Question??? Do all the rollouts for a given day go out at once? In other words, if we don’t already have it, does that mean that we wont get it today or we still may get it later today? Just curious?!i

  64. Nothing yet in Houston, TX

  65. I’m wondering if it’s by region, or by possibly when you purchased your Dinc

  66. Nothing in Baltimore MD

  67. Nothing here in PA yet (9:15AM EST)

  68. as of 9:15am Est

  69. Nothing Virginia 9:23am

  70. Nothing here in Minneapolis,MN @ 8:22. I was a pre order too.

  71. no froyo in South Dakota yet. Now my question is will they there be a way to manually do the upgrade today? If you look at Verizon’s Software Update: DROID INCREDIBLE is says “Verizon Wireless and HTC encourage you to download this update today.” so either they are pushing it to all phones today which I haven’t really heard of them doing in one day time period. But I could be wrong they may push it to everyone by end of day.

  72. In case anyone DOESN’T know, you can manually dial the following on your phone to force it to look for updates to both Firmware (the upgrade) AND for general app updates:

    (dial the word CHECKIN, which equates to 2432546

    Watch, the joke is on us and this is all an elaborate hoax…Froyo will wind up coming to the DInc around Xmas!

  73. Gotta laugh…. It’ll be phased-in over time, just like every other phone with every other carrier – It’s not like everyone in the world is gonna wake up and find their Incredible has been updated. ;-) It could happen for some of you today, or tomorrow, or next week or, heck, maybe even the week after. :-)

    Personally, my Incredible is running just fine with 2.1; so when I get it, I get it, and that’ll be fine with me. ;-)

  74. I did the CHECKIN call as Allan suggested… check in successful… no update as of 9:30 in Cinci :(

  75. Did CHECKIN here in MD. Checkin succuss. No update, though. Thanks, Allan!

  76. Anxiously awaiting update hee in NH.


  77. at 9:45am…

  78. Nothing yet (alabama)

  79. Bob,
    Allan now has complete control over your phone and all of your data. Congratulations!

    Nothing here in Tampa, FL. I bought mine at 9:05am the day it was released, if that means anything to the order of purchase roll out theory.

    I think we need to let the Verizonoids get into work, login to their machines, get a cup of coffee or six, have a Danish, and they they might hit the “Push Update” button for a random group at about lunch time, wherever they are based out of. Hopefully somewhere in the eastern time zone.

    To you “I.m happy with 2.1” people, GOOD. I’m happy with it too, but this is fun and the rest of us are excited to get it. We’re not here looking for a lecture from you. Drop it and move on. We don’t have to know everything you think or every opinion you have.

    As far as the theory of roll out in waves, well, the total number of DIncs out there is probably roughly the equivilent of one wave of a Driod roll out. Come one. I think they had about 300 on hand the day of release…. They can roll out to all of us at once….

  80. No froyo in Dallas, TX yet. 8:57am wait for it, wait for it, wait for it…

  81. Fooled again.

  82. HAhahahaha my heart stopped for a second when I started reading Dan’s comment after doing the checkin.

  83. Why in the heck are they taking up space with VZNavigator? I hope that bastard CityID crap is gone.

  84. Give them some time to drink their coffee, gossip, laugh at us a bit, and then it will come.
    Dog Whisperer:
    “Positive Energy”

  85. I hope that theory of roll out waves is correct since I also got mine on launch day.

  86. They must have bankers hours.

  87. Someone on AC posted this link to the official product page, showing that the DInc now has 2.2 That has to be a good sign, right?


  88. If their tech center, or whomever does the roll outs, is on the west coast, “You must be patient Daniel-son.”

    Any record or idea of the timing of other roll outs? What time did they start for Droids, etc.?

    Another thought, if the roll out is coming from/through HTC, they probably are west coast.

  89. Yes, Bob – I now have complete control of your phone.
    I have witnessed the naughty web pages you are browsing to, as well.


    Nothing as of 10:11 EST in PA.

  90. Nothing yet in NYC. 10:21am.

  91. Nothing in SouthWestern PA, and I got my Droid in the mail a day before it was Launched…..

  92. Nothing here in Wyoming!
    (This is a joke, mind you)

  93. Do I really need to post that I have not gotten 2.2 in Minneapolis yet (9:47 am). I will head to a verizon store over lunch and ask how to get the update (I don’t expect much, but I am going that way anyway – The Chipotle is right next to the verizon store).

  94. ooooo….chipotle….

  95. http://twitter.com/VZWSUPPORT
    Reporting “The Update Is Now Available”

    11:29AM EST Pennsylvania – No updates for me yet.

  96. nothing…..10:34 ct

  97. HTC should have created a custom app for this update, one that works like a deli-counter at the supermarket!
    Everyone installs it, pushes a giant button and you get a popup that says “NOW SERVING CUSTOMER #362. YOU ARE #784”.

    LOL that’d be hilarious. At least you wouldn’t be a nerd like me hitting REFRESH in my browser every 5 seconds for news updates.

  98. VZW support on Twitter says its out. Not in NC right now though. They need to get it in gear ASAP!

  99. Incredibill,
    Don’t waste your time. I just left a Vz Wireless store, also next to a a Chipotle in Clearwater, and they said the stores don’t expect to have it for a week. He did say it is coming OTA today. They didn’t have the Droid update until a week afterthe OTA.

  100. Allan: I DO like your idea for the “Deli Counter” – Would sure make things interesting…. :-)

  101. Its funny that they say its out but nobody seems to have it.

  102. Nothing yet in Pennsylvania – 1:28PM Est

  103. I’ll bet money they pushed Pacific Time and then had a **** storm of problems.

  104. Nothing here 3:30pm eastern time

  105. Too many early ROMs and RUU’s have been out that appear to be clean and fully functional. I don’t think they ran into problems. It’s just taking time. They’re running Droid, Dinc, Moto X, etc. updates everywhere (not Froyo to all, just waves of the updates we know about already). They are running a lot at once. It will come. Patience.

  106. Verizon debunked the september 1st rumor and says they are updateing the phones software today but all things aside we probably wont start seeing it till the 1st

  107. Nothing like a little Froyo to greet you when you get up, LOVE IT!

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