T-Mobile G2 September 29 Release Confirmed



The September 29th date has been tossed around a bit for the release of the T-Mobile G2, and while many put faith behind it little was brought forward in terms of evidence. Now TMoNews has gotten their hands on some internal documentation that all-out confirms the HTC Vanguard — better known as the G2 — is lated to hit stores that day. It doesn’t get much clearer than a calendar marked with the day in question as “handset to launch.” Word is also coming out that a pre-order may begin as soon as September 1st, though that isn’t confirmed one way or another.

[via TMoNews]

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  1. Finally something in stone. Im already prepped 2 rip the sim card outta my mt3gs for this bad boy

  2. Btw first

  3. Hm mm need a new phone to replace my cliq since no update yet! Late Q3/early Q4..

  4. It doesn’t explicitly say “G2” on that calender so no it’s not “confirmed” at all. Nice try though and pay more attention to what you really have next time.

  5. If it doesn’t say G2 launch, I’m pretty sure something will launch.

  6. TmoNews has the full story and pictures. The phone being released that day is labeled Vanguard.

  7. News is news & sometimes, its rumors…relax & enjoy the ride. I appreciate Phandroid & ALL their info, regardless of possible speculation-this is why we stay tuned, for the excitement-what a difference an Android year, can make! Keep it up, Phandroid!

  8. That could be ANYONE’s calendar. I have September 29th marked on my calendar… doesn’t mean T-Mobile is launching the G2 on that day. Also, if it is a T-mobile corporate calendar, they have nothing planned for the entire month of October. I find that suspicious.

  9. And if this phone indeed is the G2, then it will feature MSM7230 processor which comes with a powerful GPU – Adreno 205. This baby will be almost as powerful as Samsung’s Hummingbird GPU!

    This article summarizes different GPUs from Qualcomm quite nicely: http://smartphonebenchmarks.com/forum/index.php?/topic/61-what-is-adreno-205-and-how-does-it-compare-to-other-gpus/page__pid__65#entry65

    Personally? I am waiting for a phone with the dual-core version of this processor with this GPU. :)

  10. Makes sense. Just about 23 months since the release of the G1. Also, vanilla Android. If it’s true, way to go, TMo!

  11. Not bad… its packin a nice little processor

  12. Where in that calendar do you. see HTC vanguard all I see it say is handset to launch and plus the top says October

  13. @moi — it says “29-Sep” right above it as well.

  14. its ok moi must not celebrate halloween since everyone else knows it is on october 31st, or he never seen a calendar before

  15. Question – Has it been confirmed anywhere that the G2 is the “Glacier” – or no? Is it possible that there is going to be another release later on near the holiday’s for Tmobile that is this ‘glacier’? Does anyone know any details on this?

  16. so does this have anything to do with project emerald? in the road map vanguard was suppose to comeout late sept but if you see, “emerald” is farther along. ANY IDEAS?

  17. I can feel my pocket getting lighter by the day

  18. The CDMA version of HTC Desire Z, this phone looks like it will one of the best QWERTY keyboard smart phones!!..

  19. The CDMA version of HTC Desire Z, this phone looks like it will one of the best QWERTY keyboard smart phones!!..

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