T-Mobile G2 September 29th?


These end of the month launches are becoming quite the trend for a few of these carriers. The latest rumors from TmoNews‘ trusted source suggest that the newly-announced HSPA+ compatible T-Mobile G2 will be seeing a late September launch with the phone probably seeing the light of day on September 29th, specifically.

t-mobile g2

We’ve heard September before, but it’s the first time any word of an actual date has eeked out. According to their source, a presale will also precede the its launch, though no word on how far in advance the presale would go live. Yay? Nay? The date definitely fits within that September/Late Summer window, but just remember that summer “officially” ends on or around September 22nd (depending on astronomical hooplah and all that jazz) as that’s the time frame T-Mobile officially gave us when they made their grand HSPA+ device announcement on Twitter a while back.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. What if tmo gives the annoncement in australi the they have an extra day

  2. T-Mobile has 3G coverage? Could have fooled me ;) :D

  3. Well unless you have tmobile and live in a relevant city of course you would say that Mike C.

  4. Anyone know whether this is for US T-Mob, UK or both?

  5. UK already has their G2 apparently… this is US

  6. Hopefully the rumored specs aren’t true (3.7inch screen, w/5 row keyboard and an 800mhz processor – NOT A DUAL CORE)

  7. @Rob .. supposedly they’re releasing similar versions in the UK

    G2 will be the HTC Desire Z
    Mytouch HD will be the HTC Desire HD

  8. I feel they should have stuck with the G1 Blaze name because two phones have been referred to as the G2, the Mytouch & the Hero

  9. T-Mobile is still alive and kicking? What gives? Merge with Sprint already…I want a WiMax/HSPA+ hybrid…could be pretty sweet.

  10. Does the G2 g0na have a keyboard ?

  11. If anything, sprint will be consumed by T-Mobile not the other way round.

  12. Sprint & T-Mobile? What, no more “Google will take over T-Mobile USA” rumors?

  13. i will be so upset if its an 800mhz phone, 1ghz or better, its time to stop with the mhz phones

  14. @shawn1224 I don’t think this will have a keyboard. It looks like it will have a bigger screen than a 3.7 inch. The nexus one had 1GHz processor. There’s no way this will have less than that.

  15. @ Cory it will have a keyboard which is why its the true successor to the G1

  16. @SoKal26
    CDMA and GSM are different technologies.. If either company buys the other they would have to continue running the other for quite a bit until all the customers on the opposing technology were transitioned to one or the other.. either that or continue to run both.. otherwise you have a lot of customers with phones that no longer work.. that would go over well.. Although AT&T managed to do it waay back, it was when they were much smaller and phones that were $500 were a lot rarer.. I personally would rather see Sprint converted to GSM, and for all their phones to offer dual support for the 3G frequencies of both the US and Europe.. and as long as I am wishing, to offer data roaming with Europe that is not insane.

  17. find this sooooo anoying being my g1 broke a mnth r so back and had to get a cliq ……so now cant upgrade for awhile so thanks for keeping it a secret buttholes!may have to change service now

  18. It has a 800mhz Qualcomm MSM 7230 processor with a full keyboard and 3.7in. touch screen. 4GB ROM, 512 MB RAM memory. 5 megapixel camera w/ auto focus and flash. Up to 400 minutes talk time for WCDMA and up to 590 minutes of talk time for GSM. T-mobile has a teaser site where you can check the phone out its http://www.htc.com/us/products/t-mobile-g2?refcd=GO000000110258510s_t_mobile_g2&tsacr=GO5302650970&gclid=CJL0qIaBmKQCFQIHbAodXUsMFw#tech-specs I hope this rumored release date is true LOL I have an upgrade available.

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