HTC Merge Gets GCF Approval



The mystery of the HTC Merge/ADR6325 may be one step closer to solved. The phone which we first brought to you as a mere inventory listing in Verizon’s database and then later saw updated to the Merge name has just passed through the approval process of the GCF with quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support and single band UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA at 2100MHz. And lo and behold, the ADR6325 model number is attached to the listing, confirming that while the listing is for a device with bands supported around Asia and Europe it should be the same device headed to Verizon and already holding a place in its inventory.

The listing doesn’t do much to shed light on the device that we have speculated would be a mid-range replacement to a device like the Droid Eris, though other sources are tossing around slightly more ambitious specs such as a 1GHz processor and 10MP camera. At this point it could be anything, however, as all that we have to go off of is a name and model number and wireless bands. But given that the device is going through its approval processes now, we should expect more information to start emerging quickly. Hey, maybe we’ll even get an FCC listing with full pictures!

[via Softpedia]

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  1. I wish it was LTE :(

  2. Isn’t this that vzw world phone a near clone of the g2 minus trackpad,hspa+,and smaller keyboard.

  3. Its a GSM phone. Its not on Verizon, thats CDMA

  4. Unless its LTE….somethings wrong….

  5. Aahh…I forgot it might be a World phone. Sim Card

  6. I’m getting sick and tired of Verizon getting all the goodies. I hate AT&T!

  7. AT&T probably doesn’t feel they need Android phones because they have the iPhone.

  8. Well I hope and pray T-Mobile will pick it up. they may make a killing with this phone running HSPA+ and the G2 running HSPA+. but they suck at picking phones. I wish there was a way I can send them an email to let them kno wat we all want in a phone!

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