Google Files for ‘Speedbook’ Trademark, Name for Chrome OS Tablet or Something Else?



It’s no mystery that Google is hard at work bringing their Chrome OS tablet to market — all indications are that big G is pushing for a Black Friday release later this year — and a recent trademark filing may shed a bit of light on what they plan to call it (or at least are considering to call it). If you can put much stock in things like trademark filings, we may be hearing a lot about a Google ‘Speedbook’ come the holiday season. Now the ‘book’ part of that almost suggests that this name would be reserved for something more akin to a Chrome OS netbook, but it wouldn’t be totally off for a tablet.

Of course, the filing could be for something entirely different, or it may even be for something Android-related such as the Motorola tablet Google has been collaborating on (though this seems unlikely, especially since a Verizon release almost guarantees a DROID branding). We could speculate all day, but really we are more concerned with how Chrome OS tablet plans affect Google’s commitment to Android as a tablet OS in the long run.

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  1. I’ve been extremely interested in a tablet pc that isn’t from apple. This market seems like it is about to heat up. I used to think that tablet pc’s were a dumb idea, but they are essentially smart phones without the phone, and I may NEED to pick one up. How do I lie to the wife and coax her into letting me buy a Google Tablet?

  2. @Tom, you don’t lie… you buy her one now and covet it, and then ask for one for Xmas. ;)

  3. Can it be the name of the e-Book Reader application? I’m comparing it to iBook.

  4. I’ve also been desperately seeking a tablet device that isn’t Apple branded. I have nothing against Apple like most of the other guys on here but I just don’t like the face that everything nowadays that’s Apple-branded runs the iOS. I liked it for the iPhone, but for an mp3 player and a tablet and now the rumored iMac Touch? I need something more like… a computer.

  5. An architect by profession, display of 1366×768 will work wonders for locating dimensions etc in CAD and showing walkthroughs to my clients. Also, longer battery life will encourage better usage. Not sure how costly will the 3g spectrum be. And mark-resistant screen guard!

    And if could be worn life a watch!-)

  6. There is no option to delete my comment. Sorry it may be an Chrome OS tablet.

  7. Also in addition to my post so no one gets confused.
    I am an android user ever since I’ve been using smartphones. G1 on launch day, early upgrade to the MyTouch 3G, and now awaiting my new upgrade. Debating between waiting for the G2/HTC Glacier or just getting the Vibrant now.

  8. Google finally feeding us a tablet. Over all i prefer just stock android so am hoping this device leads to something great like a 3.0. I been waiting for google to come out with a tablet like i dont hate the ipad i like it but apple is a dick wade for not putting flash player or a front facing camera. So i hope goolge gives us a tab like no other.

  9. ive already started moving money into my savings account in anticipation for the google tablet

  10. Maybe I’m too old school (or just too old), but I’d just like to see a Chrome OS netbook with a conventional keyboard.

  11. They might be sued by Facebook. It was in the news today that Facebook has filed a lawsuit against a website named “Teachbook”, which is an “online community for teachers to come together and share lesson plans, and get advice from fellow educators.”

    Apparently anything with “book” in the name is riding on Facebook’s coattails.

  12. Like most of the upstairs comments I have been keeping my ear to the ground for a good Android tablet. My wife has a Nook and loves it but I’d like something that I could also run MLB At Bat, the Nook app, etc. on and make it a multi-purpose device.

    If I had such a tablet I’d probably stop using my laptop for portable computing.

  13. read that online also, Jwthrush. Buuuuut the case isnt over yet. Facebook hasn’t won.. You can “sue” all ya want, it only matters if you win the case.

  14. What does the Chrome OS look like? Is it basically Android with “cloud” computing? Are they interchangeable as far as functionality and apps, or are they two separate animals entirely? I am confused. It seems other people are, too.

  15. @whytecell

    Indeed. I just think it’s all ridiculous.

  16. i think google must use name “NEXUS FLAMES” for google tablet.

    1. nexus one (for phone).
    2. nexus flames (for tablet).

    that name will be killer all the way.

  17. I don’t understand, will this be a Google table with a Verizon branded version, or will this be a Google/Verizon tablet period, until such time as their contract ends like the iPhone with Att?

  18. speedbook is nice, but is not a cool sounding name.

  19. NetBook or Tablet PC?

  20. Google tablet…could be coolish…@Tom…you grab your balls and buy it that’s what you do.

  21. LOL @ Mensahwatts….dude a happy marriage consists of someone (mostly me) not always getting everything they absolutely want….hence I can’t grab my balls buy it. You must not be happily married! :)

  22. Interesting. I thought that Google would run with the samsung Tab and run off of that. i know that there is a huge market for such a thing and many of the people want one.

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