[Update: New RUU Works Fine] Rumored Froyo Date for Incredible Debunked, But Another Leak Surfaces?


As many of you in the comments alluded to, its best to only get excited about an upgrade until at actually starts happening as the rumored September 1st date for the Droid Incredible’s upgrade to Android 2.2 has already been debunked by Verizon. Still, it appears that a new RUU for the upgrade is floating about, but we haven’t heard any reports of this being legit just yet.


You can find the .exe file for that RUU here if you’re not afraid to try it on for size. While this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Froyo being leaked for the Incredible, it is the first time we’ve seen an actual RUU leaked (it being an RUU file means you don’t have to be rooted to apply it, as you did the previously leaked build). If anyone has the guts to get this downloaded and installed onto their Incredible, be sure to let us know how it went in the comments section below.

[Update]: I do not have a Droid Incredible myself, as one of the commenters had hoped, but I do have a friend that was desperately ready to get stepped up to Froyo and I had him download and apply the file. It worked. What more do I need to say? Go get it!

[via Android Central]

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  1. Since I’m too poor to afford the risk of bricking my phone, i’ll wait to find out if this new Rom is good or not. If it is, I’m going for it. Big red has disappointed me enough waiting for the OTA.

  2. Can someone put up easy to follow instructions once they try this? I would do it right now, but am too much a novice at this. I did the 2.0 to 2.1 upgrade on my old Droid when that came out but was nervous as hell at the time.

  3. Well installing a RUU is very simple… plug the phone to your PC…run the executable follow the install steps (couple of clicks)

  4. (I forgot the phone needs to be in HTC Sync mode)

  5. It doesn’t even need to be in HTC Sync mode, Pitrick – at least, it didn’t for the Desire RUU.

  6. Okay, so in theory, if you do this RUU, once these simple steps are complete, you should have everything that is boasted about 2.2? The jit compiler? 720p? blue tooth capability?

  7. Doesn’t anyone at Phandroid have a Dinc they can test this on? One of the reasons I come to this site is for actual information, not false rumors, lies, and potential ways to destroy my phone. Come on Q, pull out a new Dinc, run the RUU and tell us what happens.

  8. I really hope someone is brave enough to try this. I agree with Mr. T, I can’t afford to brick my phone.

  9. Just completed my update and everything seems to be working well. My device was a stock (un-rooted) device. The procedure took about 10 minutes and the image was updated from 1.22.605.2 to 3.21.605.1. I just recreated my accounts and I am restoring my application and will provide more detail later. So far so good! Very smooth install! Here is a little more info from the “About Phone” screen….

    Android Version: 2.2

    Baseband Version:

    Kernel Version:

    Build Number: 3.21.605.1 CL23131334 release-keys

    Software Number:

    Browser Version:
    WebKit 3.1

    PRI Version:

    PRL Version:

    ERI Version:

  10. I waited for VZW to miss the august date and got tires of waiting for them to roll group out for the incredible, so I did it myself!

    Rooted, upgraded radio, and skyraider vanilla plus a few other tweak like optical joystick wake-up and I have a “new” phone. I love it. In some ways I miss sense bit not enough to install it yet.

    I don’t know about this RUU, but rhere are definitely FroYo options available for the incredible. as far as i am concerned I gave VZW their chance and they just dragged their feet.

  11. Oh and with skyraider and the new raddio:
    720p video (mpeg4) plus h264 for lower res
    Performance between Droid x and nexus one 2.2, according to benchmark (score 1192)
    I forget what else

  12. @jtochterman,
    I assume the info you have posted is for this leaked RUU?

  13. I have a silly question, if you update via the RUU what happens when the OTA update finally comes out? Do you still get it automatically or do you have to revert/downgrade to be able to get it? If you have to revert how do you do that?

    Verizon just needs to announce when they plan to push the OTA and let people know if they need to change the date.

  14. and for ROOTED user…..will they lose root after this RUU?

  15. For the record I was sent this RUU leak and it is working perfectly fine! Make sure u have HTC Sync on your comp and your Good to Rock and Roll!

  16. So does the phone need to be rooted or not to apply this update? I don’t want to root but would like the 2.2 update.

  17. Trust Me its solid

  18. I believe you Ryn but I just wonder about taking the RUU off if I need to for any reason.

  19. @Havoc70,
    Yes, this information is for this RUU.

    No root is required.

    Always assume an update WILL cause you to lose root. If you have root, I would suggest using any of the 2.2 custom ROMs that are available. There are some good ones available (some better than stock).

    Anyone having problems running the RUU and had gotten an error after plugging in the USB cable, just do what @Ryn Storm suggested (install HTC Sync on PC)




  22. @Ryn Storm and @jtochterman: You have a link to HTC Sync? Where do I find this? Thanks.

  23. @jtochterman
    : many thanks

  24. Rofl PhillyPhan must know what he’s talking about, it’s in all caps! I’ve become numb to anyone forecasting froyo on our phones. Link an official Verizon source, or don’t waste our time.

  25. @blittz….sorry for the all caps…check out the latest posting…may i say, i told you so?!?!?

  26. @n4m: Thank you, sir!

  27. @jtochterman said new RUU has Baseband Version: Is there anyway to get that if I already have skyraider on mine with the 2.05???

  28. @PhillyPhan I would love to belive you, but the use of ALL CAPS, encouraging everyone to “GET EXCITED FOR OTA 2.2!!!”, and the fact that VZWSupport on Twitter is both saying that they 1) Have no information on a release date and 2) Will void your warranty if you use the RUU, tells me that You’re full of fudge, and that VZW does in fact know what’s going on around them and would have told us if there were an update going out this week. That said.. I’m seriously considering using this RUU.

  29. HTC Sync (from April, 2010 even) is NOT the new Froyo that we are waiting for.

  30. @Blittz This help? http://support.vzw.com/pdf/system_update/incredible.pdf

    Doesn’t have the date, but the upgrade paperwork is on the site

  31. I tried the RUU and it gives me an error that it cannot connect and to check the USB connection. I tried doing it several times in HTC Sync mode and disk drive mode.

  32. However, the pdf’s from http://support.vzw.com/system_update/htc_incredible.html ARE promising. Although there is still no date mentioned, but ok maybe I’m a little less numb.

  33. lol quit posting while I’m typing :)

  34. I ran the RUU and everything works great. I just purchased this phone 2 days ago, and after running the RUU, I wish it would have come this way. It was much easier to use and things worked great. A lot of subtle features including all of those already talked about.

  35. OTA coming tomorrow: http://support.vzw.com/system_update/htc_incredible.html The link had PDF files for install as well as the announcement.

  36. Got this from HTC via e-mail.

    Unfortunately, there is no estimated time for availability of any ROM update. Please check the HTC America website for any software updates that may be released, http://www.htc.com/us. Just click on the support link then choose your device. The leaked version was released on one of our servers and was deleted as soon as we were made aware of it. I do apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

  37. Hmmm… the build and baseband version #’s in that Verizon Support document match those given by jtochterman… leads me to believe it’s the final build that we’ll receive OTA.

    I wonder if their system will detect that you’ve already got it when you they try to push the OTA, and make a note on your account that you’ve voided your warranty?

  38. Used it, and got 720p video, and Mobile Hotspot!

  39. Where exactly does it state it will void the warranty if you install the RUU? I ran it, and it never mentioned anything like that. And if it matches the exact build of the VWireless release then why would it matter?

  40. Can someone actually send me to a good known resource for rooting my incredible, and if any one has tried tethering and know if they are being charged to use it or if it’s free…mahalo

  41. oh one more thing is there a step by step information on how to do this rooting thing…i’m not a techi…just want to use my phone to it’s full potential…is there any do’s or don’t when i do this…much mahalo’s

  42. Does the above listed RUU upgrade to Froyo 2.2 with the sence interface or vanilla?

  43. @WadeB go to http://twitter.com/vzwsupport and scroll down to read the replies to questions. They stated the following @coreno If you use the leaked version, your warranty will voided. *CH

    Now what I want to know is whether the official OTA will wipe all of our installed apps out like this leaked version apparently does?

  44. Interesting. Taking from:
    38. NinjaRicky00 wrote on August 26, 2010
    Got this from HTC via e-mail. Unfortunately, there is no estimated time for availability of any ROM update. Please check the HTC America website for any software updates that may be released, http://www.htc.com/us. Just click on the support link then choose your device. The leaked version was released on one of our servers and was deleted as soon as we were made aware of it. I do apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.
    Sounds like the leak is entirely legit, and straight from Verizon itself…just earlier than they “planned”.
    @ainokea This thread is actually about a leaked RUU, and has nothing to do with root. Root is not needed for it, and you may even lose root when applying the RUU. There are methods to prevent this though.
    For all your root questions, try: http://androidforums.com/incredible-all-things-root/
    @Tim It is the same version that Verizon will be handing out: So yes, it has HTC Sense.

  45. No need. It’s a legit signed RUU, no root needed. Forget waiting. I know Quentyn, he wouldn’t post this unless it was tested and solid. im his ginny pig!

    Ryn Storm

  46. Htc Sync is right on Htc’s website and no

  47. Meh…I’ve been running 2.2 on the 2.15 radio for weeks now, and everything’s been rock solid. 720p, Wi-Fi tether, etc…nothing new to me. This RUU (and the upcoming official update) offer me nothing that hasn’t been on my phone for weeks now, other than “official” support. But xda is all the support I need!

  48. @usn.mustanger….. where do I go about getting what you got…. I’d the tethering free…. or is there a charge… thanks

  49. @ zemererick…thanks for the info…question is your phone rooted and if so what did you use and how easy is it to do…thanks

  50. Anybody know why I keep getting error 170. I installed the Android SDK usb driver.

  51. Downloaded ruu, connected usb, updated. Wow. Couldn’t have been easier. 2.2 – making bluetooth voice activated calls like I should have been months ago. Tnx!

  52. I downloaded and used this update. It works great!!!! I love Froyo!!

  53. @ #53 Mark…were there any steps involved when you did that…or did you just run it…what about tethering does it work?

  54. @Ainokea I’m still stock. Currently downloading the RUU, but because I’m currently tethered to my phone for internet…it’s kinda slow:( As such, I’m not the person to ask about rooting itself. The forum section I linked should have all of your answers. I coulda sworn one of the latest roots though was a 1 click app.

  55. @Ainokea Just run it.(From your PC, with the phone connected. Just make sure to backup anything you want to keep. It will erase everything.) It has step by step details, that really is just pressing next:) You can see the “Detail Instructions” here:


  56. @55. ainokea
    “Everything” works. The steps I took were: download ruu file, attach Incredible to my laptop via USB (while running HTC Sync), ran the ruu file – it detected the phone and did the upgrade. Took about 5 or 6 minutes. That’s it. I then reinstalled my apps and put my contacts back in. Been using bluetooth voice activated calls all day. “Everything” else works great. I’m blown away. I looked at the specs for the verizon release. This is the same build. Why did I use HTC Sync?? Don’t know – just didn’t want to take any chances and figured it would install all the right drivers if they were needed. I don’t use HTC Sync or Outlook. It may not have been necesary. :) And to be honest – if this didn’t work I was going to send it back to Verizon. I’m tired of all the promises. I have a MotoRazr that is what – 5 years old?? It can make a voice activated blue tooth calls. If Android can’t do it – I’m back to blackberry. That’s just ridiculous. It’s illegal here to use cell phones in your car. I spend 5 hours a day in the car. You do the math. I am a happy guy!

  57. Hey Mark,

    How did you go about updating your contacts?

  58. Thanks Mark

  59. Tired of waiting and very impatient… so I flashed the RUU file as well and all is great! it was a simple process.

  60. @Seth The Backup Assistant will handle that. Do a backup before updating, and during the initial setup when 2.2 first loads it will ask you if you want to set up Backup Assistant. Once you’ve put in your pin, it’ll pull your contacts from the backup:)

  61. I finally got the RUU update to work I tried many times to connect using the HTC sync drivers but would be diconnected in the middle of the process. While wondering around my office in disappoinment I saw the Incrediable disk that came with the phone from Verizion well them there drivers workeed great and now I am enjoying THE FROYO love myself only issue so far is flash not up to speed but all else works great

  62. Does anyone know if this is, in fact, the official build or will the OTA be any different. Will we still receive OTA notification… if not is there a way to revert back…? Or a reason?

  63. does anyone know if there is arabic font included on this rom

    you can go to this web site from your incr and see if you can see arabic font?
    or you can send me pic for your incr with one of these site



  64. wow i just did this and it was simple…the apps…the speed…Full froyo!!! no problems so far if i encounter any i will let you know…i was not and never have rooted btw..270 degree screen rotation is so convienient…all features listed on VZ this RUU has…my phone works fine worked the nerve up to do it and it was painfree…nerves gone FROYO here!

  65. I don’t know about you guys but phone is slower with this running. screen orientation takes longer, nothing scrolls as smoothly. Not worth the added features imo. How I undo this crap?

  66. Does anyone know first, has the Incredible OTA Froyo been completed? Also, does the FINAL build number vary between manufacturers and carriers?

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