Motorola Updates Upgrade Timeline, The Wait Continues


Motorola – one of the better manufacturers when it comes to transparency in their upgrade plans – has once again updated their chart to reflect the latest ETA on upgrades for several of their phone. We’re still waiting for Eclair to hit the CLIQ and CLIQ XT, but it shouldn’t be a long wait now as it’s still slated for a Q3/Early Q4 launch. The Devour, on the other hand, simply won’t be given the same update love as it’s now been phased out of Verizon’s lineup almost completely.


One device that had everyone worried was the Motorola Milestone – with Motorola being more hum on this than their state-side offerings, but it too will see Android 2.2 as its American counterpart Droid.

[via Motorola]

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Droid 2 Receives Minor OTA Update

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  1. Why not just put some advanced work into Froyo? Oh wait I guess if everything didn’t have to have Motoblur you wouldn’t have to screw with it would you?
    Motoblur sure is the next generation of OS guys.

  2. @mudrock1000
    the milestone doesn’t have motoblur, moto just hates it’s European consumers and has left us staving without news for months, only to tell us that the update they’ve already released for the droid in the US will take another 3 months before they START rolling out updates, and given their speedy service so far this probably means that most countries won’t get it til well into 2011, and a good way into the gingerbread release cycle. Not to mention the poor LatAm and Asian customers who are still waiting for confirmation that a device which was market as flash ready will even receive the update that makes that actually possible. Check out http://www.facebook.com/motorolaeurope if you want to see the rage this new schedule has generated.

  3. Transparency ? Tell that to Backflip/Dext owners, end of Q4 for Milestone.

    Sorry, but Motorola is a sinking ship in Europe, they are one bunch of a incompetent people. If there wouldn’t have been a promise of Flash for Milestone at launch, i guess we wouldn’t see 2.2 on Milestone.

    Motorola should abandon everything except USA, as they are unable to support those regions. Hell, i’m still waiting for 2.1 fix, as they are still waiting on “operators” (by the way, one guy contacted mobile operators in UK and no one knows about it).

  4. I am not sure why everyone wants 2.2 so badly! I have 2.2 on my Mot Droid 1 and although there are some improvements, it has made me more frustrated!! The touch screen is not as responsive as it was with 2.1, there is often a 5-10 second delay before I can see any icons on the screen (but there are now 5 screens! Sarcasm intended!). The phone dialer takes MUCH longer to dial now (but at least my contact list can be sorted by last name, not just first name). I really loved my Mot Droid with 2.1 and now the slugishness is really making me quickly change my opinion. These updates should be held off until they are really ready for the consumer. (I waited for the OTA update, I have not rooted my phone)

  5. No differant here in US. This company can not keep up with their promise. They have to take the blur away than at least we can do our own upgrades.

  6. The only reason I bought the Cliq knowing that it was running an outdated OS was because there were promises that it would get upgraded to 1.6. I was okay with waiting a little bit longer so I could get 2.x. April passed, then May, then June, then July…then another delay. But that’s okay! Q3/Early Q4 is right around the corner…
    Wishing I’d just waited and bought something from HTC. I hate not being able to get the latest and greatest apps because they won’t work with 1.5.
    At this rate, by the time Cliq owners ever get this update all the other phones will be running Android 5.0 which turns their phones into death rays and toasters…

  7. motoblur sucks, thats why the good motorola phones don’t have it, i.e. droid, droid x, droid 2. cliq? cliq xt? t-mobile, ha

  8. “We’re still waiting for Eclair to hit the CLIQ and CLIQ XT, but it shouldn’t be a long wait now as it’s still slated for a Q3/Early Q4 launch.”

    It will have been nearly one year since the launch of the CLIQ before it receives an Android update. Also, it’s only getting 2.1. Other phones are already getting 2.2. Too little, too late. MotoFAIL!

  9. Aaron, that is one update more than DEXT.

  10. I have been waiting for this update for months! this is getting ridiculous but when the update comes out it better be damn good!!!

  11. SOOO Glad I ditched the Cliq! I had that thing (actually 4 of them as they kept having problems) for 7 months, all the while hearing that the 2.1 update was “almost here.” What a joke.

  12. @Marc and yet those of us with rooted phones don’t have those problems.

  13. ….unless you are a Dext owner in Europe who was lied to by moto Europe. Well I guess they’ve sold enough so can now reveal what a shabby fraud of a company they are.

  14. yeah this news made me break and uploaded the 2.1 leak on my cliq yesterday… its pretty sweet and easy as hell to do. has a couple of bugs but its definetly better than the pos 1.5

  15. it just sucks if i knew this 6 months ill be able to get the vibrant for free i just hate motorola F4444 t-mobil im going to veryzon

  16. I don’t care about 2.x…I’d be tickled pink just to have 1.6. If I’d realized that my Backflip would be a step back from my old 1.6 G1 I never would have switched to AT&T. Stupid ignorant sales people.

  17. MOTOROLA IS SERIOUSLY A FAILURE! IT SHOULD WORK ON DESTROYING ITSELF. OH WAIT IT has by being liars, pathetic laggers, and USELESS on every aspect of its company!!! I am going to throw away my motorola CLIQ and now im going to recommend people to not buy MOTOROLA products.

  18. Open source is great. Mini computers/tablet like phones (DX&Evo) are amzing little pieces of tech. They have consolidated a dozen useful devices into one central functional hub of amazing entertainment and supreme connectivity.
    First: companies need to realize they have a responsibility to the consumer to give them what they are buying. When u buy android u buy longevity in the form of evolution. Companies, give us at least one updated OS before abandoning the device, cuz a customer paid a load of money and signed on to that device for 1-2 years. Be responsible.
    Two: consumer, its okay to be upset and frustrated@ somethings. But go about expression in a productive manner. 2.2 on OG droid is faster and more efficient. Clear your cache, history, call logs, and old unnecessary txts. U will be amazed at the difference especially when first upgrading from 2.1-2.2 i have helped a lot of my friends w/this” its slow now!” Issue, that worked every time. U need to know that u have to know what u are doing. These devices are power houses. That is the greatest streangth and if u allow it, the greatest weakness.
    Question, should google just make all the handsets google experience phones? Then the manufacturers will be forces to market and provide superior hardware. While google is solely accountable for the software. Minus apps of course. Then htc can manage and sell sense on the app market as well as blur and touch wiz, sold market apps from the companies. That way android is android. Not android perverted and bloated……??
    All in all everyone needs to accept a bit more responsibility, educate yourselves when buying a hi end phone. Cuz its not a cell phone anymore. It is a device capable of transmitting cell phone calls, and SO much more.

  19. Sad day :( i have been promised at least a 2.1 update on the devour. even on the official moto forums mods and admins have sttd it will be upgraded. now its just been phased out entirely. i understand that it hasnt sold well but really how hard can it be to to just push an update so a fraction of motorola owners dont just jump ship to samsung or htc whenever we can.

  20. This morning: Milestone 2.2 in Q4!

    This afternoon: Milestone 2.2 in Q1 2011!

    Really? What gives?

  21. I’m ready to give motorola the finger and go get a Vibrant from Samsung. Its amazing and makes my Cliq look like and old crap heap.

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