Canadian Motorola Milestone Won’t See Froyo Until Q1 2011



When Motorola updated their upgrade timeline to reflect the latest plans for their handsets, the Canadian Milestone was left without a solid timeframe provided. While some might argue that they’d rather have no timeframe at all than one that continues to shift, the chart was again updated today to give a better sense of when the Milestone will see Froyo. And my friends, it isn’t looking like it will be any time soon.

Even though Android 2.2 has been officially released for the Motorola Droid, the Milestone (which for all intents and purposes is the same phone) looks like it won’t see Froyo until the first quarter of 2011. That is at least a solid 3-4 months of waiting at this point, and any added delays serve to only push that date back. Of course, Moto may just be erring on the side of caution and providing a much later date so as to make sure they meet the deadline. There is always room for the update to be moved up, though that is pretty unheard of in the world of Android upgrades. It’s enough to convince you to root your phone, isn’t it?

[via DroidLife]

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  1. i raged pretty hard

  2. My phone was rooted, but then there was the 2.1 point update, which unrooted it.

    At this point, I’m definitely going to install a custom ROM. Not gonna wait for Motorolla for 2.2

  3. You can’t apply a custom rom to a milestone so the root element is void for this argument. Bloody moto!

  4. I’m just happy they are going to do the upgrade. I can wait a few more months for it.

    Having said that, this is the last Motorola phone for me until they change the policy on the boot loader.

    Just got my wife the Samsung Galaxy S on Bell. What an amazing screen.

  5. @Kevin Krause: and what would you achieve with rooting ? Nothing, nada, zero. You would be still at 2.1.

    And with these moves, Motorola slowly kills itself out of non-USA market. Good job Motorola, you just dig out yourself from the grave, but it seems you are in hurry to get back.

  6. I still don’t understand Canadian Teleco’s hate on Android.

    Bell’s first ever Android phone (Original Galaxy) never saw past 1.5
    Telus’ first Android phone (HTC Hero) is still on 1.5 and isn’t getting 2.1 till who know when while Hero owner in the US have had 2.1 for over 2 months now…
    Rogers the biggest fail of the three never got 1.6 on the Dream/G1 and only got 2.1 on the Magic after being haggled and harassed, and have 7 other devices (LG Eve, Motorola QUENCH, Sony Ericson Xperia X10, Sony Ericson Xperia X10 Mini, Motorola Flipout, LG Loop, Samsung Galaxy Spica) Running 1.6 and lower.

    You know that stat on the Android site with the pie charts showing how many users on each OS version, well Canada must be a GREAT contributor to those number for devices 1.6 and below.

  7. @zed

    You are very uninformed that is for sure. Custom roms have been running on the milestone for a while we just don’t have custom kernels.


    there is a link to a 2.2 rom. I have been running this since original release no problems.

  8. I had a Milestone for 3 months, I sold it 3 weeks ago due to the terrible support Moto has for Canada, bought a Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant i9000M, unlocked it and never looked back Screw Moto, the Milestone was the only phone I ever had that could turn itself on when it was shut of for a meeting. I will never ever look at a Motorola phone again.

  9. Well this officially seals my decision to never own a Motorola phone ever again. I could live with a locked boot loader provided we received prompt upgrades to the latest releases. But 2011? No way.

  10. I actually bitched loud enough to Moto that they refunded me for my Milestone and paid me back fort my Nexus One.

  11. Theres only one word to describe this…

  12. I’ve got a Telus Milestone on at&t and this is just ridiculous
    The milestone is going to craigslist and ill pickup a captivate asap. Last moto phone ever.

  13. Froyo would be nice to have on the Milestone sooner rather than later but we are coming to the Android 3.0 Gingerbread brick wall anyway. Will have to get a new phone to check that out. With the pace of technological advances in phones these days it will be hard to keep up software and hardware wise. I would really like to see a version of the HTC Evo or the Droid X here in Canada. We’ll have to see what comes out next.

  14. @Brendan Murphy: and such “ROM” is as pointless as it can be. What is the point in having 2.2, without speed of 2.2 (JIT) ?

  15. What a coincidence, the US Incredible will probably see froyo sometime after that, assuming verizon hasn’t forgotten about it by then.

  16. phandroid, the milestone has a LOCKED BOOTLOADER. Meaning you can’t flash custom roms onto the device.

    Motorola have really fucked us on this one. I’m all for letting them update when ever they want, but locking the bootloader is a disgrace. We’ve been protesting since the very beginning about this and motorola just ignore us. I really wish people like phandroid and other tech sites would pick up on this, it would make people think twice about buying a moto android phone in Europe or Canada. Currently if you do, you are at their mercy. The bootloader is yet to be cracked.

  17. To add to my above comment, for this reason I am never ever buying a motorola device again.

  18. The Milestone is my third consecutive Moto phone. Unless they smarten up there will not be a fourth. I will NOT buy another phone with a locked boot loader. Especially since leaving updates in the hands of Moto and Telus hasn’t really worked out well…

  19. @Brendan Murphy
    Except that the following do not work:
    -aGPS, and because of this, it takes over a minute for standard GPS to lock
    -Focus on camera
    -Video mode on camera
    -Random radio drops(loss of voice/data services)

    Granted these problems do not affect everyone, but it does exist, which is why I don’t run it fulltime.

    Actually, Quadrant scores are 3-4x faster on this custom 2.2 build(MotoFrenzy).

  20. What a joke. This will be my first and last Motorola phone. T

  21. OMG… now we get some news but coming out on next year?? how come droid gets the update so fast and milestone has to wait for another half a year…. damn.. milestone will be my FIRST AND LAST moto product that i will EVER BUY!! THANK YOU MOTO

  22. Motorola thinks they’re Apple now. The locked bootloader is such BS. Everyone should stop buying Motorola phones even if they’re better than the Droid X.

    Motorola…Android is OPEN SOURCE. You’re really going against the spirit of OPEN SOURCE!!!

    A locked bootloader and no timely update from them. FU MOTOROLA!!!!!

    I will definitely stay away from your products.

  23. AUGH. Screw this shit.. I’ve been waiting forEVER for this update. I’m constantly shutting down & rebooting because of memory issues. I can’t DL any of the big games on the market because I’ve got so much useless bloatware that I can’t get rid of, and a virtually EMPTY SD card that I can’t put any apps on. EPIC GARBAGE. My phone has all the means to be an amazing piece of hardware, but they just..won’t.. LET IT. It’s like they promised me an athlete, but cut off his legs and arms *just* prior to shipping. Now he’s a stump. My phone is a stump. Screw u, Moto. Never again.

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