SCVNGR and AT&T Running Promotion that Could Score You $50 off the Samsung Captivate



In a case of irony at its best, AT&T is teaming up with SCVNGR to use its geo-location services to provide discounts for the Samsung Captivate, a phone notoriously noted for the GPS problems that plague it. The promotion is using SCVNGR’s challenge system to provide rewards to users who complete certain AT&T-centric check-ins. Earning two points will earn you a gift card netting you a free ring tone. Five points gets you 20 percent off accessories. At 15 points you will earn yourself a nice fat $50 off of the purchase of a new Samsung Captivate.

And it isn’t just consumers who might benefit from this deal. SCVNGR is walking away with an undisclosed chunk of change and a good boost in promotion for a service that has struggled slightly to make itself relevant in a world full of geo-location services. Their challenge system has added a fun twist to the traditional check-in and features like social check-ins for groups do add some much needed value, but with big names like Foursquare and more recently Facebook competing in the location game it is an uphill battle to say the least.

Still this recent team-up with AT&T shows that location-based promotions definitely show potential to be the next big wave. The Captivate promo is currently only being run in stores scattered about the midwest United States, but look for similar deals to emerge coast to coast and around the world in the near future.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. Creepy cause now SCVNGR shows up on the front page of the market now.

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